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Home & Garden Expo!

The Home & Garden Expo  opened this weekend, and I was thrilled to be able to get a blogger preview on Friday, as well as some generous blogger packs to review. This event consists of 16 sims, including 2 for breedables! To say it’s huge is simply an understatement. It’s a mammoth event that benefits Relay For Life. What is so cool about an event of this size is that there is something for everyone to be found on these sims! I will have several posts for the event, but you definitely should check it out firsthand because there is just so much to see and do! Seraphim did a great post that breaks down each sim nicely and that will make it easier for locate your favorite stores. However, definitely take a look beyond your usual favorites because with so many exhibitors, there are lots of new discoveries waiting to be found!

This blog is going to feature two stores I’d never heard of before… both stores had set out blogger previews and I just had to take pics of the items.

First, this sculpture from Black Tulip… it just spoke to me. It’s dramatic, moving and it’s even scripted! You can change the texture to look like iron, stone or marble. You can make it shiny. You can change the colors. It’s really awesome, and the second I saw it, I knew that I not only needed to blog it, but exactly where I wanted to take it to capture the pic. lolmac Shan’s Lost World! There is something magical about this sim. It’s dark, yet has an ethereal beauty… I’ve often taken pics there and I’m always happy with how they come out because it’s hard to mess up a shot with such an awesome setting!

Black Tulip H & G Expo_002

My second new discovery for this post is a store called Tether’s End, which sent bloggers this absolutely adorable summer home. It comes with a rezzer and is even furnished! Everything you see in these pics is included in the house. I took this little house to a sim I love called Natural Wilderness. I just knew it would fit in perfectly with the natural, fresh beauty of that sim.

Tether's End H & G Expo_001

Tether's End H & G Expo_004

Tether's End H & G Expo_002

For style credits, see my Collabor88 post, as I’m wearing the exact outfit… with one exception. The hair in these pics is new from Exile for the My Attic event! It’s mesh, really cute and only L$95!

I’ll be posting more H & G Expo pics in the next few days. The event runs through 10 pm SLT May 28th, so definitely go check it out. It might take you that long to see it all!


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