Home Sweet Home

I’ve become rather addicted to SL decorating lately. This is my third house this year, but I’ve spent far more time decorating this one than any of my previous homes, so I think it might stick around a while (I say that even though I was looking at more Funky Junk houses yesterday). This house is Starlight by Funky Junk.


I adore this house… and I tried to decorate it with my favorite things in mind. Books, music, writing, tea and comfort! I am not going to give detailed descriptions of each item, simply because there are so many pieces involved. But if you click the pics to see them on flickr, and hover over them, you can see where each item is from… and if there’s a piece you love, just ask me the name! I’ll happily share. đŸ™‚

Front Door

Living Room

Breafkast Nook & Fireplace

Piano & Reading Area


Bedroom 2


I really love all of the stores I used to decorate. Lisp, Cheeky Pea, What Next, Art Dummy… they all provide things that really fit my sort of cottage, shabby chic tastes!


(Click through on the pics to see notes on flickr for each item)

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