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Cinema Quickie

This is a quickie… but full of Cinematic thrills.

This bed is from MudHoney. It’s part of the luxurious Priya line, as is the dance stool at the foot of the bed. These items can be found in the XXX theater at Cinema. The bed is available in “adult” or “PG” versions. The texture change menu allows you to change the comforter, blanket, wood, pillows and headboard colors. It’s highly customizable, and really stunningly made. This autumn skybox is from A:S:S and was a Lazy Sunday offering this past weekend. It’s a gorgeous skybox, and definitely worth checking out. The dressing screen and garment rack are also from the Priya series, and were a recent Fifty Linden Friday offering at MudHoney. Completing the MudHoney decor is the framed postcard art I love so much. It’s vintage-y and adorable.

Cinema Mudhoney

This bed is so comfy… perfect place to unwind at the end of a long day. I just grabbed my laptop and curled up in some ruffled panties from Cracked Mirror that I also snagged at Cinema. My stunning tattoo is from Collisions, and I got that at Cinema, too!

End of the day...

And now… to work on my Raid Your Closet look! Stay tuned for that, and for so much from Cinema.


Skin: Izzie’s – Fuyu – Pale
Hair: Truth – Auralee (w/o the mesh add-on) Sangria w/roots
Undies: Cracked Mirror – Ruffle Knickers*
Tattoo: Collisons – Music of the Night*
Feet: Pixel Mode – Mesh Feet

Bed: MudHoney – Priya
Stool: MudHoney – Priya Dance Stool
Rack: MudHoney – Priya Clothing Rack
Screen: MudHoney – Priya Dressing Screen
Skybox: A:S:S – Anastasia Autumn

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