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The shrink…

Dear Diary,

I’ve been having a rough time of it lately. Life has been hectic and full of obstacles. For the past week or so… I think I’m being stalked. I’d call the police, but the problem is, they wouldn’t believe me. I don’t believe me. Yet, I can’t deny it any longer. I’m seeing the apparition of a woman. Sigh. It does feel better writing it down. Today, I tried to talk to someone. I just wanted to have someone say I’m not crazy. I found a shrink. I mean a psychiatrist. Though, after meeting her, I question her credentials.

I was dressed in jeans and a sweater, which given the weather seemed appropriate enough. One doesn’t need to be fancy for therapy, right? I got to her office, but… much to my shock, she doesn’t actually have an office, exactly. No, she had her chair and couch set up in a misty, rainy courtyard. Thankfully, there was a break in the weather, so I didn’t get too wet. I can still picture it so clearly. I knew the apparition would be there, and that just made everything even more surreal. Oh, and did I mention the therapist’s bloody eye?


Well, then I realized she wasn’t even wearing shoes. We were outside on a rainy, cold October night and she was barefoot! This had begun to seem fishy to me. I could feel the eyes of Charlotte on the back of my head. I knew she was there, even then… oh, Charlotte is the ghost. Did I fail to mention that? I’m not sure how I know her name. It’s not like I’m talking to dead people or anything here. Not that there’d be anything wrong with it if I were, mind you. But her name just came to me one night, like a whisper on the wind. Charrrrrlotttte… it called, in a nearly seductive tone. Tonight, as I laid on that couch, I heard the same voice, whispering through the rustling branches of the trees… Luuuuucie, it called. I felt a shiver that had nothing to do with the cold or the rain. But I could tell my new therapist didn’t believe me. She looked so skeptical. I mean, really, she should’ve been able to better hide her look of “oh, this one is crazy,” don’t you think?

So, you say you see ghosts?

Anyway, Diary, someone has it out for me. Is it all a hoax by some bitter former lover? A (not-at-all funny) joke played on me by friends? Or is there really a spirit, a soul trapped between worlds, who has it out for me? Just in case anything happens, I’ll share the name of my shrink. Lyssa Sapeur. Dr. Lyssa Sapeur. She’s who you need to contact if anything happens to me.

I’m scared. I can admit it here.


On Lucie:
Skin: Lara Hurley – Jade – Pale
Hair: Truth – Marina – Sangria w/roots
Sweater: The Secret Store –
Jeans: coldLogic –

On Lyssa:
Skin: Aeva – Halo 3 – Storm
Hair: Alice Project – Tiffany (Collabor88 now!)
Bloody Eye: Miseria – Blood Tears (Cinema gift!)
Top: Auxiliary – Bunneh hoodie – black (Collabor88 now!)
Skirt: Sn@tch – Chicago Mini

Pose set: RC – Dr.Shrink Set

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