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Merge of seasons…

I live in Colorado, and I’m at 9,000 feet. Seasons here are somewhat odd, often fleeting (winter aside!), and tend to overlap. I remember one year, on the last day of summer, we had ten inches of snow, and many of the aspen trees were already in full autumn gold. I actually wrote a poem. Since the poem and this blog post share a title, I thought I’d share.

On this last day of summer, brilliant golds
mix with verdant leaves on the branches of aspens
As they whisper in the cold breeze,
freshly fallen snow softly slips
to the carpet of white below the graceful boughs

At any rate, I’ve had it “snowing” at my house in SL for a few weeks already, and last week I decided it was time for that snow to accumulate. The result is autumn-meets-winter coziness. I even confess there might be a few Christmasy things about already. What can I say? I’m a sucker for decorating.

My house is the Mt. Tabor cabin, which I’ve dubbed Bluebird Cabin, from Funky Junk. I wanted a version I could use year round, and the owner of Funky Junk (Ulaa Coronet) is one of the nicest builders ever. She graciously made me a version with plain trim, as the “official” version has vivid, Christmasy green trim. My furniture and decor comes from a lot of stores, but mainly What Next & LISP. If you click through on the pictures, you can hover over them on Flickr to see notes about where each item is from. Because of the amount of furniture sets and items used, I’m not naming each specific piece, but if you see something and want to know the name, either leave me a comment here or on Flickr and I will happily share!

Without further ado… my home. In this first picture, you can see my What Next Bear Canyon camp set. I love this set so much.


One thing I really wanted in a house was enough room to have an office area… this is my living room/office area.

Living Room Collage

Fireplace Collage

Here’s another view, of my LISP shelf with a cute little teacup kitten on it. The books you see here, and in many places around my home, are from Garden Of Dreams. You get a ton of styles, and as someone who loves to read, I had to have them.

Living Room 3

This is my dining area, which is also home to my adorable LISP piano. I really wanted room for it, so while it may be an unconventional location, I was happy I could make it work!

Dining Room Collage

This house, like many of the Funky Junk homes, has a cute little loft. What makes this loft special, though, is there are French doors to an upstairs deck! I love that. I have an upstairs deck in RL and it’s pretty cool to be out on it, regardless of the seasons. I use this as a “visiting space” for my SL baby sister Isley, and you can see some of her belongings in the pics, too.

Loft Collage

This is the bedroom, which has an adorable windowseat with a built in pillow that has poses. By the way, the snow you see falling outside is actually an effect built into this home! You can turn snow on or off, without having to use an outdoor particle effect. Those are always annoying since they go inside any buildings. This way, you get snow without the indoor snow!

Bedroom Collage

Finally, here’s the back of the house. One of the things that really drew me to the house was all the porch space, front and back, as well as that upper deck.

Back Porch

If you’re looking for a great little cabin you can use year round, I definitely recommend this one! The prim snow on the outside can be removed, making this cute log home very versatile. I’ll be using this one for a long time to come!


4 thoughts on “Merge of seasons…

  1. I would buy this in a second, if this was the one that was for sale at Funky Junk. But, it isn’t. The one for sale there doesn’t have an upstairs/loft with french doors or that great back porch area ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. Natalie… there is a winter section at Funky Junk, and this house is in that section. Near the landing point there’s a TP board. Go to the Wintery area and you’ll find this one, along with the one you described and some other cute winter things. ๐Ÿ™‚

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