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HTGT Day 2

Well, you get a totally raw shot tonight. My new computer came, but it runs Windows 8 and I never even used Windows 7! I was on XP. Anyway, for some bizarre reason it’s showing a monitor that doesn’t exist as my primary monitor and not my regular monitor. The result is the it keeps insisting my pics are too low resolution to open. *insert facepalm here* We think the problem is the on board video isn’t disabled, so my IT wizard husband will figure it out tomorrow. Right now, I have a migraine (bah) and so I’m not in the mood to fight the machine.

I deviated from my default look to show you 2 awesome things. One is the new Libby shirt in Plum from E! which I snagged at the new round of FaMESHed. The other is the Izzie’s VIP group gift, the Ginevra New Year Skin. I am absolutely in love with this skin and I know I’ll be running to buy the full line as soon as it’s released. The pose is the same as the default, and since it wouldn’t show in this look, I removed my jewelry.

Today’s hair is Amelie from Wasabi Pills. I use the Dark Flame color, but I tint it because I like my reds a little more intense than the default ones from WP. Anyway, excuse the raw and uncropped pic, but uploading it directly to Flickr was the only way I’d be able to post today! And I really didn’t want to miss out on Day 2.

HTGT Day 2

Hopefully, tomorrow’s adventures in Windows 8 won’t result in a raw image!


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