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Kudzu Hampton Cottage

I will pretty much always jump at the chance to blog a house, as long as I have the prims available for it. My husband likes to say that I “change houses like most people change socks.” I think that’s a bit of hyperbole, but I definitely enjoy decorating in SL. I have a lot of furniture, houses and decor and I enjoy changing things up. Besides, as I like to point out to him, when I’m busy decorating, I’m not shopping so much. 😉

This Hampton Cottage from Kudzu is a perfect home for a small family. It has two bedrooms, a bath and a big, open living room. I especially adore the master bedroom. It’s in the front of the house, and it has this awesome big window. You can see it from the outside in the below collage, which also features a picture of said bedroom. Evidence of my KittyCatS addiction is present in the bedroom, too. Oops. And those two pugs are BioBreeds pups. I love them because once they are no longer breeding, you don’t have to pay to feed them! They need a dish rezzed, but that’s all. So the pugs are Spike, named in honor of my dad (they were released on his birthday in 2011, which was just a couple of weeks after his death) and the other one is Pugnacious. He was an anniversary gift from my BFF Rosa in 2011. I decorated the room with Cheeky Pea items. Most of them are from the Georgie bedroom set. The shelf is called Vita’s Bookshelf.

Kudzu Hampton Cottage

I enjoyed decorating the big living room. I used What Next’s Charlotte Living Room to make a cozy hangout area near my Laurel Fireplace (also from What Next). On the mantle you’ll see some decor that was part of the What Next New Year’s items. For the front part, I have out my beloved Lisp piano, a table from Art Dummy, my umbrella stand from What Next and some random frames from Dreamscapes.

Hampton Cottage LR Collage

Finally, what home is complete without two cats in the yard? Well, okay so they’re really on the porch. What can I say? It’s cold out there! Meowzers is taking a nice catnap, while Strawberry Milk stands guard. The front porch is so cute and there’s plenty of room to decorate it and make it cozy. I tossed out one of my What Next Oslo chairs and my What Next welcome mat w/wellies.

2 Cats In The Yard

As always, click through to get notes on where everything is from… or you can ask me in the comments!


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