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Snow Rabbit For Skin Fair 2013

I had the chance to preview this gorgeous mesh hybrid avatar from Snow Bunny. Nea will be available at Skin Fair 2013 (on Sim 1) when it opens to the public on March 15th, and runs for 17 days. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the mesh hybrid avatars, most of them involve your regular avatar body and a mesh head (often with add ons, like teeth, eyes, etc). Nea is a mesh head. It includes a very nicely detailed skin you wear to match the head perfectly. You can change the eyeshadow, lashes, lips, cheeks and eye color. You can also, as I did in the following pics, wear the alpha that doesn’t cover your eyes, allowing your traditional system layers eyes to show through. It will still alter the appearance of your eyes a little, but I thought it worked well with my Lucid eyes from IKON. There’s a very in-depth demo, and there’s also a web manual for this hybrid av, which I very strongly suggest you check out here before you buy it.

This first picture I want to share is a raw shot, except for cropping. I wanted to show you the details without any manipulation. Isn’t Nea adorable??? I am utterly in love with these eyelashes.

Snow Rabbit Nea (raw shot)

One of the reasons mesh hybrid avs are becoming popular is the range of facial expressions. Nea blinks, can close her eyes and mouth and smiles. She also squints, which is crazy cute. In this pic, with my eyes closed, you can see the gorgeous eye makeup. I chose the smoky green, which nicely matched the Field shade of the lovely Valentina E. Couture floral Romance dress I was wearing.

Wishing & Hoping

Finally, I just couldn’t resist one more gratuitous shot that emphasized the stunning lashes and overall adorable quality to this mesh face. Nea is cute personified.


More sneak peeks coming soon! Also, no slurls will be published until the event is open, so be sure to check with the official Skin Fair 2013 blog on Sunday!


Skin/Hybrid Av: Snow Rabbit – Nea – Milky White
Eyes: IKON – Lucid – Hazel
Hair: Truth – Lavinia – Blood w/roots
Dress: Valentina E. Couture – Romance Floral – Field
Shoes: Gos – Espadrilles – White w/meadow trim
Poses: Margaret Outdoor Bed from Cheeky Pea
House: What Next – Laurel Cottage

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