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Fantasy Faire 2013!

Fantasy Faire 2013 opened this weekend, and there is so much to see. Spread out over 8 sims, this event is part of the Relay For Life juggernaut helping to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

I love fantasy. I don’t RP but I love seeing other people’s pics for it, and I am really enjoying this chance to explore another side of myself. For Fantasy Faire you have the option of being assigned to four designers, and I chose that option. This blog post features two of those assignments.

First up, the Wonderful World of Meeroos! I am familiar with Meeroos. I had them back when I was breeding everything (or so it felt). I had stopped breeding entirely, but KittyCatS had seduced me back with their Halloween 2011 releases. Now, I have a new Roo! Her name is Meara, and she is a Winecoat Roo. She has lots of kitty friends to play with, and I am going to (try to) behave myself and just have her as a little furry friend, not a breeder. We’ll see how that goes! Regardless, she has reminded me why I loved my Roos so much. First off, they make the cutest sounds. You definitely need to hear Roo sounds if you haven’t. So, so cute. They sort of… Idk, chirp? And they bounce around, too. Meeroo starter packs come in these awesome chests, that when clicked open and play fabulously fantastical music and disperse pretty shimmery blue particles. The pic below is of Meara making her debut into the world from her cute little nest.

Birth of Meara

There are also plants available to help you decorate your Roo’s home! In this second pic, you can see my tiny baby Meara snuggled up near her “stump,” which is her home… and the plants are so pretty and really add a touch of flair and drama.

Sleepy Roo

You can learn so much more about the Meeroos at their website, or by visiting their Faire store on Lumenaria, which just so happens to be my personal favorite of the beautiful Fantasy Faire sims (though it’s not easy to pick!), as seen below.


Another of my assigned stores was Ezura. I got this outfit and just kind of stared at myself for a while. I chose the purple because it is the official RFL item, but the outfit comes in many color choices, too. It’s sexy and sassy and so unlike the things I usually wear. I wasn’t really sure how to style it. Then I saw this hair from EMO-tions for Fantasy Faire and I knew I needed it. I was also sure I wanted to use my Huntress poses from Hopscotch, so that meant flat shoes… preferably boots. Lucky for me, Lassitude & Ennui released these gorgeous boots at Fantasy Faire! You’ll find Lassitude & Ennui on the Crimson Fields sim. Ezura is located on the Lotus Valley Dream sim.

Before the hunt

The headpiece is built into the hair, and I wanted you to get a better look at that, as well as this gorgeous skin from Glam Affair for Collabor88. I am actually wearing the bare version of Margot that came with makeup 04. I went to the Cosmetics Fair where you can find makeups for Margot, and this is makeup 03. EMO-tions is on the Evensong Woods sim.

Dreams of Artemis

I took both of these pics at Skye Castle, which is a lovely place to take pics. There are woods, and castles and it’s really quite beautiful and dramatic. A special thanks to my friend Jessica for recommending it to me!

Fantasy Faire is enormous, but there is a list of all the sims here. If you click on a sim name you can then see a list of every designer on that sim! This makes find things so much easier. You can also find pics of Faire finds on the official Pinterest board or in the official Flickr group. Remember, this is, above all else, a charity event, so you’re shopping for a great cause.

Skin: Glam Affair – Margot – Bare – America w/makeup 03 add on (Collabor88 & Cosmetics Fair)
Eyes: IKON – Ardent – Pewter
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Mysteria
Hair: EMO-tions – Sunburst – Fantasy Red*
Outfit: Ezura – Velnyra – Purple*
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Edenion – Black & Silver
Poses: Hopscotch – Huntress 03 (pic 1) & 02 (pic 2)

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