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Last Hurrah! Home & Garden Expo…

The Home & Garden Expo also has the Breedables Fair. The Wonderful World of Meeroos are part of that fair, and all their items are donation items.

I’ve never had a Nocturnal Roo before, and I was like… oh, she’s so wonderful weird! I named her Lite Brite. I think the “why” is pretty obvious, so I’ll spare you the explanation. The large plants are from WWOM, too. The grass is Zigana.

Lite Brite

These are my diurnal Roos, Maxwell (the little one, he’s still a baby) and Mira. Again, the large plants are WWOM and can be found at the Breedables Fair!

Mira & Maxwell

Roos are really, really cute. They make adorable sounds. They hop around, and will sometimes stand on their hind legs and ask you in local to pick them up and snuggle them. When they do that, little hearts come out of them. It totally makes me turn to mush. They’re great pixel pets, and for those inclined to breed, they reproduce pretty quickly, so definitely check them out!


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