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Part of that world…

I have to confess that to this day I love Disney’s The Little Mermaid. I was about 14 when it came out on VHS (yep, I’m totally dating myself), and I watched it pretty much once a week that summer. Or at least my favorite parts of it. So, in a way it kind of surprises me that it took me this long to be a mermaid in SL!

The Under The Sea Expo opened today! My mermaid outfit, by LunaSea, is one of many awesome items available at this unique event. My skin is Pink Fuel’s Harley 10, which is the “secret” rare at The Arcade. My hair, by Wasabi Pills, is also from The Arcade.


I shot both of these pics at the Kawaii Ville beach.

Part of that world

While I was at the Under The Sea Expo for the blogger preview, I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of pics of the adorable display the people from KittyCatS did. They are always so creative and clever, and make me laugh!

Cat Fish

I’ll have more from this event soon. Be sure to stop by & check it out!


Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley 10 RARE (The Arcade) w/peach curvy tattoo (sold @ mainstore)
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Lory – Gingerbread RARE (The Arcade)
Eyes: IKON – Ascension – Scoria
Mermaid outfit: LunaSea – Azure (Under The Sea Expo)
Mermaid AO: Fior di Perle (Under The Sea Expo)

2 thoughts on “Part of that world…

  1. I love the Little Mermaid too!! I always have the songs in my head. I love the way you set up this photograph! Thank you for such a great post xoxox

    ❤ Cortez

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