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Alice Project for Hair Fair

Hey y’all! Hair Fair 2013 wraps up tomorrow. Sad, right? But the good new is, there’s still time! You can hurry over tonight or tomorrow and grab some awesome goodies. I wanted to take a minute to highlight the available hairs from Alice Project for Hair Fair 2013.

Alice Project recently released a new Create Your Own color pack option, and I have to say this is some seriously addictive and cool scripting fun. First off, there are probably like a gazillion color options. Secondly, you get five hairs that are pure white and you’re able to customize to suit your needs. Cool, right? You can also still opt for the Infinity option, but I recommend giving the Create Your Own packs a try. I am pretty sure you can spend hours playing with all the options and colors. I know this because, uhm, well… maybe I did? Shh. But how can you blame me? There are roots options, dark tips, light tips, streaks, glitter streaks, glitter dips! It’s intense!

I put the names of each hair right on my mini-collages. Bear with me… I don’t usually do collages, and I know it’s not my strength, but I felt it was the best way to show all six hairstyles. My skin is one of the three gorgeous editions of Lulu from Glam Affair for Love Donna Flora. My top is also a Love Donna Flora item, the Eva bustier in purple by Lark. My eyes are from IKON’s line. I used the same outfit/pose in all of the pics, just to keep it simple. The pose is Peekaboo 1 from Embody.

Oh, by the way… this first collage features Erika. If you click the info sign on the wall near the doorway in the Alice Project Hair Fair booth, you will get this as a gift! As if that’s not awesome enough, there are 2 slightly different versions in there. Erika V2 is a bit longer, and that’s the one I have on here.

Alice Project: Wendy & Erika

Alice Project: Mika & Melissa

Alice Project: Veronica & Megan

You will find Alice Project on Sim 4 at Hair Fair 2013. Be sure to hurry over before it all ends tomorrow!


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