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Feels like fall…

I began this post like I begin any post. I had pictures done, and a clear direction. It was simply going to be about how today feels like fall, and how my outfit from [MotiAme] for Acid Lily Gallery fit that feeling. Then I began writing, and realized I was doing Katya Valeska’s new challenge, The Writer’s Block. I realized that I was writing the perfect post for the prompt “the colors of me.” The funny part about this is, I fully intended to do the challenge… with a different prompt! Sometimes creativity finds us when we least expect it, so without further ado… my take on “the colors of me.”

For me, the symbolic end of summer has long been the inevitable August morning where I awake up to heavy clouds, fog and rain. The air is heavy with a chill, and autumn is nipping at summer’s heels. As a child, this day would mark the end of the bath-like warmth of the pool I spent so many hours in every day. Oh, I still swam daily (often even in the rain, when I could get away with it), but the water never again reached the same level of sun drenched warmth.

Where I live now, in the mountains nearly two miles above sea level, summer’s are a heartbeat… a few precious moments of time where the days are long and lush, verdant grasses grow untamed. Wildflowers grace the hillsides, and fields erupt in an explosion of color, like a daytime fireworks display put on by nature. I never really liked summer when I lived back east, childhood swimming aside. It was too hot, too humid… and too controlled. It turns out, I like my summers wild, and more unfettered by the footprints of mankind. Here, possibly in part because it’s such a fleeting thing, I love summer.

But by August, I feel the call of my favorite season. By August, I am ready to revel in the colors of autumn. Much as I hate to awake in the near darkness that comes with the shorter days, I am ready for them. I crave the crisp, chilled air, scented by the rich, earthy smell of wood smoke that billows from chimneys. I long for warm apple cider, and pumpkin donuts. I wait for the perfect autumn morning; the morning when I put on my heavy, terry cloth robe and stand outside on the deck as I drink hot cinnamon tea and stare up at the mountains blanketed in the season’s first snow.

Fall means “back-to-school” for many, and even as a child I reveled in this annual rite of passage. I loved back-to-school shopping. I love notebooks, binders, folders and pens… and oh, the books! Being given my textbooks on that first day of school was such a thrill.

Feels like fall

Books have long been my secret friends, full of worlds to explore and ways to experience adventures I can never have. The smell of books, old or new, sings to me of possibilities, of opportunities. So much to learn! So much to “see,” in a way uniquely my own…. because no matter how many people read the same books I do, I alone create the world and characters described on those pages when I close my eyes and dream of them.

Back to school

I love (nearly) everything about autumn. I love the cool nights and warm – but not hot – days. The nights are made for snuggling under cozy blankets, curled up to my husband, snuggled by the dog. The days are bright with the gorgeous, golden leaves of the aspen trees. The wind rustles the leaves, and the ground is covered with their gilt. The afternoon sun through the whispering leaves takes on a gem-like hue, that of citrine or topaz. The evergreens of the forest take on a deeper green next to the brilliant yellows of the aspens. Sometimes, totally at random, we get an aspen that is orange or even red… but here in the Rocky Mountains, it’s yellow that dominates the autumnal foliage season.

I am tempted at the stores by the rich reds of apples, and the warm oranges of the pumpkins. I love pumpkins, and usually buy a small painted one to keep on my desk. This is my season… these are my colors. As shades of green give way to the golden browns, lush oranges and jeweled reds of autumn, I feel my soul come alive again. There is comfort in these colors, in this gilded world that where I live, will last a mere few weeks before winter sneaks in on a cold, cross wind and covers the world in frosty snows.

These are the colors of me… and today, we woke to the symbolic end of summer I spoke of at the start of this post. That day of misty clouds and rain, and though I will be sad to see summer say goodbye, I also feel alive in a way that only happens when autumn begins. It is my season, my time… and I cannot wait to enjoy every moment.

My UglyDorothy - Acid Lily Gallery


Skin: My Uglydorothy – Berry 02 (Acid Lily Gallery)
Hair: Truth – Delta – Reds04Fade
Hairbase: Eskimo Fashion – Malaysian Lace Front Caps – unparted
Eyes: IKON – Ascension – Forest
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Glasses: Mon Tissu – Four Corners Readers – Black
Jumper: [MotiAme] – Tweed Dress – Brown w/black shirt (Acid Lily Gallery)
Leggings: coldLogic – jessop.taupe
Boots: Maitreya – Stagioni boots – Coal
Poses: Embody – Bookworm 04 (pic 1) & Bookworm 1 (pics 2 & 3)
Scene: Garden Of Dreams – Library

5 thoughts on “Feels like fall…

  1. I too love Autumn in all its richness, the first ‘cold’ spell and the changing of nature’s colors.. Your images inspire me to step back from the virtual reading and to open a good ole fashion book ๐Ÿ˜‰ ty for sharing!

      1. Oh thats a series I haven’t started yet! Currently on a historical novel binge and just started Night Song by Tricia Goyer. Its pretty intense so far and the setting is during WWII ๐Ÿ™‚

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