The Autumn Harvest Fairy

This is an original short story, inspired by the gorgeous Obelia fairy outfit from Evie’s Closet available at this month’s awesome round of We ❤ Role-Play. Full credits will follow the story.

There is a chill in the air that awakens me. For weeks I have slumbered, tucked away under a large tree near a pond. My people have slept near me, in tiny huts made of leaves. I peel back my covers. It’s still officially summer, but I know the days of warmth and relentless sunshine are fading fast, as the leaves have already begun to turn here in the mountains. I do not care. Autumn is my season. It is the season of my people. We are the fairies of autumn, you see. For the past eight weeks, since spring left the mountains where we dwell, we’ve lived in a sort of suspended animation. You could say hibernation, I suppose.

I stretch, and unfurl my wings which are damp with the early morning dew. I’m still sleepy, but glad it is my time. I know I must soon rouse the other fairies, as they will look to me for guidance in the busy days ahead. For now, I take to the sky, landing on a leaf of a large water lily. The beautiful orange flower is still in full bloom, but this, too, will soon end and the flower will slumber as I have these past weeks. I rest on the leaf, and eat some berries for breakfast. I sip water from the cool pond, and then just relax in the mountain morning air.

Autumn Harvest Fairy

After my breakfast, I fly up to the lily. I begin the harvesting of nectar from this special flower. My sisters and I, along with the rest of our people, will collect this nectar and turn it into a fine, shimmery powder. Some we will save, to nourish us through the long winter months. The rest we carefully package for a long journey. With the powder in special silken bags strapped around our bodies we will fly down to the plains, where crops are still growing in the waning summer sun.

Harvesting Nectar

The farmers do not know the important part we autumn faeries play in their harvest, but every season, for thousands of years, we have performed the same task. We take that shimmery, powdered nectar and sprinkle it upon the crops to help enhance the harvest. We cannot control the summer elements, of course. That job falls on the shoulders of summer faeries, who have long been known for their volatile, unpredictable tempers. The wars they fight amongst themselves are often a distraction from their duties, and the crops can suffer when this happens. It is the job of us autumn faeries to clean up the messes made by the summer faeries. With our nectar, even in the worst years we’re usually able to salvage some of the season’s crops for the people who so desperately rely on them for sustenance. This year has been a good one, based on the flora I have already observed in my little mountain hollow. Our job will not be so difficult this year, which is a big weight lifted off my shoulders. Not surprisingly, when I have to wake my fellow faeries to bad news they become rather sullen and grouchy. But there will be none of that this year, and the crops should be especially bountiful.

I take one last deep breath… I savor the scent of the lilies, I tilt my head back and soak in the early morning sunlight. I catch it shimmer on my wings, and I know the time has come. There is work to be done; for the autumn harvest is nigh upon us.

I open my mouth, and sing the song that has awoken my people for centuries upon centuries; for I am their queen, and they will awaken to my command alone.

Wake my lovers, sons and daughters
Wake my people, sisters and mother
Come and break your fast with me at the water
The autumn harvest is drawing near
Wake, my people, our time is here


Essences: Alex skin – Summer 03 – medium 01 Uber
Ploom: Koy hair – reds We ❤ Role-Play
IKON: Promise eyes – hazel
Evie’s Closet: Obelia fairy costume – yellow We ❤ Role-Play
SLink: Mesh hands – casual, Mesh feet – natural
Wicked Peach: Harvest gold nails for SLink
Cae: Duchess ring
W.Winx: Fairy pond and lily with poses
Trompe Loeil: Rivershire Watermill
Botanical: Aspen trees
Turnip’s: Skydome with autumn add on pack

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