About Lucie

I joined SL in January 2009 with my RL & SL husband Radagast Lexington. We wandered SL for a while, and ultimately began a photography business called DreamCatchers Photography. To improve my skills, I created lots of alts and took pics of them. After a year, I’d created a lot of shapes and Rad had begun to make poses and Embody Shapes & Poses was born. After Embody opened, we stopped taking photography clients, and DreamCatchers closed.

After a couple of years, I was ready for a new challenge. After seven months of “microblogging” on Flickr, I decided to begin an official blog. During that time, mesh became a thing and the demand for shapes dwindled, so we closed Embody Shapes & Poses and opened a new store. Repose was part of our lives for over a year, but my husband decided he was ready to “retire” from SL work, aside from the two commercial sims we own. So I have moved on to other ventures, and I am a blogger manager for Whimsical, I do shopping guides for The Epiphany, Whimsical and The Fantasy Collective. I’m the social media manager for Cae, and I am the manager for Pose Fair. Phew. It keeps me busy, and I like that. Plus, it has meant I can be self-sufficient in SL, although I won’t lie… I’m not a huge fan of this whole having a budget thing (I used to just “steal” L from my husband’s account).

In RL, I’m Jessica… the “mother” to a very cute, spoiled and naughty dog, a wife and best friend. I’m also a writer (unpublished, for now). I’m quirky, weird, (often too) honest and I’m true to myself. I live in beautiful Colorado, at 9,000 feet.  I love road trips with my husband, taking pics (in both worlds) and animals. I’m goofy, dorky and proudly geeky. I’ve battled a lot in my RL, and I love SL because it gives me an outlet to do things that are, for various reasons, impossible in my RL. It also gives me an outlet where I can be creative and find new ways of self-expression. Whichever world we meet in, you can be assured that what I share is all me.

~Lucie Bluebird

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