Skin Fair 2015

Now that the weekend crowds have settled a bit, this is an excellent time to check out what is one of my favorite events of the year… yep, Skin Fair 2015 is open! With two sims full of beautiful skins, this is a skin addict’s fantasy come true.

Flounce has three new faces, but my favorite was Sera. I liked the lips, as I felt they were a bit different than many you see in SL. My eyes are another find at Skin Fair. This year there are tattoo creators, makeup creators and yes, even eye creators at Skin Fair. These are from Adored. I am really fussy about eyes. I wore the same brand for years and I wound up really tired of them, so I began the hunt for something different and new. I’ve been wearing Buzzeri ever since, and I do love my Buzz eyes. But I also don’t want to be in a rut, so when I saw these I was intrigued and decided to try them. These definitely pass the Lucie Is Picky About Eyes exam, and I will absolutely be wearing them again. In fact, I’m wearing another pair from the same line in my next pic!

Sera by Flounce

Belleza is among the many more familiar stores to have a new face at this event. Tess has really pouty lips, which I always like. The gorgeous necklace I have on is from Cae for the current Fit For A Princess. Here you also see another pair of the Adored Moon eyes you can find in the Adored boot at Skin Fair. Aren’t they stunning?

Dressed in jewels

The second of these pictures was taken at Harlow Heslop’s absolutely stunning sim Blithe. You can read more about Blithe on Harlow’s blog here. For a small fee you can join the group to have rezz rights, which is absolutely awesome for us bloggers.

I will have more from Skin Fair soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, for all the details, including maps and slurls, please see this post on the official SKin Fair blog.


Pic 1:
Belleza: Tess skin – pale 05 Skin Fair 2015
Tableau Vivant: Sherilyn hair – Frizzy Hud Naturals 1 Collabor88
Adored: Moon eyes – Mid Brown Skin Fair 2015
Cae: Regal necklace Fit For A Princess
Izzie’s: Headshot – Pose 2

Pic 2:
Flounce: Sera skin – Champagne 06 Skin Fair 2015
Truth: Dulce hair – Reds
Adored: Moon eyes – Mist Skin Fair 2015
Izzie’s: Headshot – Pose 3

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My 6th rezz day…

So Saturday marked 6 years since I joined SL. It’s been quite the journey, and the past 6 years of my RL have been, at times, very turbulent. So there’s been a comfort in the constant that is SL. And I’ve made some truly amazing friends.

I’ve grieved for friends who have died in RL. I’ve cried over the end of friendships, and celebrated the birth of new ones. I’ve fought and made up with friends. I’ve co-owned two stores with my RL and SL husband, with whom I joined SL back in 2009. I’ve been an event owner, an event creator and an event owner. We own a sim. My first job was as a stripper when I was less than two weeks old, and lasted all of an hour (before Rad realized he was, in fact, jealous, lol). I’ve been a photographer, doing both studio and wedding photos, with plenty of repeat clients. And of course, I’ve been a blogger for the past almost four years, first microblogging on Flickr, and then starting this official blog in 2012. And last year I even bought my own domain. I figured I’d be bored with blogging – or even with SL entirely – by now, but that just hasn’t happened so far.

I’ve lived quite the Second Life so far… and I don’t see myself leaving any time soon. Thank you to all who have been a part of it, and to the friend who let me “borrow” her bedroom for the below picture.

Princess in waiting

I can honestly say I still love SL… I still find creativity and fun and friendship here. I am grateful and happy to have such an outlet in my life.


Glam Affair: Sia Skin – Fairy Tales – America 07 Collabor88
Tableau Vivant: Upshaw hair – Side bangs (B)
Buzzeri: Lillian eyes – Jade
Baiastice: Sarah dress w/tulle – Pearl
Cae: Entwined jewelry set
SLink: Mesh hands – casual
Bed: Ispachi – Florian bed – Rare (past Arcade item)



Uber is almost over, but you still have until the 25th to go by and grab some apocalyptic themed goods! I have to admit, I’m not usually into the apocalyptic themed stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself drawn to this round.

This Jack’s Bugout Shelter skybox from Consignment is really awesome… you can buy the skybox and all the furniture and accessories separately, or you can buy the entire set (which is what I did). For L$850 it was too great a deal to pass up! I already had this awesome FATEplay outfit which seemed just a perfect fit to go with my boots from Deadwool. I’m pretty beaten up, so clearly I really need that first aid kit you can see on the floor. That’s from Frogstar for the new edition of Level Up.


Glam Affair has some really fun skins out for Uber, and this is one version. My hair is Exile and also from Uber. My body bruises are from Soedara, and I found them on Marketplace.



Glam Affair: Artemis – Jamaica – The Last Days 02 Uber
Exile: The Day The World Went Away – dark reds Uber
Song: Inka eyes – Clover
Soedara: Bruised body tattoo
FATEplay: Moira outfit – Light – Dirty
SLink: mesh hands – casual
Adam n Eve: Dirt, Sand & Blood SLink appliers
A:S:S: Chipped matte SLink nails
Deadwool: Patmos boots – black Uber
Hopscotch: Sorrow pose Revised 1-3 (Pic 1)
Picture This!: Shy Chic pose 1 mirrored (Pic 2)
Consignment: Jack’s Bugout skybox – Furnished Uber
Frogstar: First Aid kit – Grungy Level Up


Happy Birthday, Collabor88!

The current round of Collabor88 celebrates three years of this awesome event. As is the custom every year, the birthday edition is HUGE! I have many things I want to share so I won’t blather on.

First up a bit of decor. All the times in this pic, save for my Turnip’s skydome and Botanical cacti, are from Collab’s birthday bash. Full credits will follow, but this beautiful build is from Scarlet Creative. There’s a version of this build without the bright colors, but I really loved them so I went for the colorful one.

Where the goddess relaxes

If you’re a skin junkie (like me), you’re in luck because there are multiple skin stores participating in Collab’s birthday round. Below you can see one of the versions of Belleza’s lovely Grace skin, available at Collabor88. My gorgeous jewels by Cae are coming soon to the next round of Fit For A Princess.

Lady In Waiting

I have been lacking in home and garden posts of late, so I decided to stage my pic in the lovely new Lima Bean home from Windsong (formerly emm*shop), with some beautiful, romantic furniture from Pixel Mode. My lovely lingerie is by Blacklace.

Long Distance Love

I will have more from Collabor88’s birthday round in the next few days… stay tuned!


Pic 1:
Scarlet Creative: Jasmine house – colorful Collabor88
8f8: Blossom Throne – Poseidon Collabor88
Second Spaces: Odyssey pillow stack, Odyssey wall art Collabor88
tarte: ceramic sun mirror Collabor88
Zigana: Odyssey dresser – forest Collabor88
Commoner: Bolt Statue Collabor88
Apple Fall: Charlotte’s Pears, Key Lamp Collabor88
Kuro: Anfisa side table Collabor88
Turnip’s: Skydome with sandy texture add on
Botanical: Prickly pears

Pics 2 & 3
Home credits:
Windsong: Lima Bean house
Pixel Mode: Josephine bed, nightstand, covered lamp
floorplan: Eiffel Tower marquee light

Fashion credits:
Belleza: Grace skin – C88 med 7 Collabor88
Truth: Freya hair – reds
IKON: Promise eyes – Scoria
Mon Cheri: Falsies lashes
Blacklace: Bellios lingerie – black & nude
Cae: Entwined set Fit For A Princess (coming soon!)
SLink: Casual hands, medium feet
L. Warwick: Luscious platform heels (for SLink) – Noir
Infiniti: Female basics pose – 45


The Autumn Harvest Fairy

This is an original short story, inspired by the gorgeous Obelia fairy outfit from Evie’s Closet available at this month’s awesome round of We ❤ Role-Play. Full credits will follow the story.

There is a chill in the air that awakens me. For weeks I have slumbered, tucked away under a large tree near a pond. My people have slept near me, in tiny huts made of leaves. I peel back my covers. It’s still officially summer, but I know the days of warmth and relentless sunshine are fading fast, as the leaves have already begun to turn here in the mountains. I do not care. Autumn is my season. It is the season of my people. We are the fairies of autumn, you see. For the past eight weeks, since spring left the mountains where we dwell, we’ve lived in a sort of suspended animation. You could say hibernation, I suppose.

I stretch, and unfurl my wings which are damp with the early morning dew. I’m still sleepy, but glad it is my time. I know I must soon rouse the other fairies, as they will look to me for guidance in the busy days ahead. For now, I take to the sky, landing on a leaf of a large water lily. The beautiful orange flower is still in full bloom, but this, too, will soon end and the flower will slumber as I have these past weeks. I rest on the leaf, and eat some berries for breakfast. I sip water from the cool pond, and then just relax in the mountain morning air.

Autumn Harvest Fairy

After my breakfast, I fly up to the lily. I begin the harvesting of nectar from this special flower. My sisters and I, along with the rest of our people, will collect this nectar and turn it into a fine, shimmery powder. Some we will save, to nourish us through the long winter months. The rest we carefully package for a long journey. With the powder in special silken bags strapped around our bodies we will fly down to the plains, where crops are still growing in the waning summer sun.

Harvesting Nectar

The farmers do not know the important part we autumn faeries play in their harvest, but every season, for thousands of years, we have performed the same task. We take that shimmery, powdered nectar and sprinkle it upon the crops to help enhance the harvest. We cannot control the summer elements, of course. That job falls on the shoulders of summer faeries, who have long been known for their volatile, unpredictable tempers. The wars they fight amongst themselves are often a distraction from their duties, and the crops can suffer when this happens. It is the job of us autumn faeries to clean up the messes made by the summer faeries. With our nectar, even in the worst years we’re usually able to salvage some of the season’s crops for the people who so desperately rely on them for sustenance. This year has been a good one, based on the flora I have already observed in my little mountain hollow. Our job will not be so difficult this year, which is a big weight lifted off my shoulders. Not surprisingly, when I have to wake my fellow faeries to bad news they become rather sullen and grouchy. But there will be none of that this year, and the crops should be especially bountiful.

I take one last deep breath… I savor the scent of the lilies, I tilt my head back and soak in the early morning sunlight. I catch it shimmer on my wings, and I know the time has come. There is work to be done; for the autumn harvest is nigh upon us.

I open my mouth, and sing the song that has awoken my people for centuries upon centuries; for I am their queen, and they will awaken to my command alone.

Wake my lovers, sons and daughters
Wake my people, sisters and mother
Come and break your fast with me at the water
The autumn harvest is drawing near
Wake, my people, our time is here


Essences: Alex skin – Summer 03 – medium 01 Uber
Ploom: Koy hair – reds We ❤ Role-Play
IKON: Promise eyes – hazel
Evie’s Closet: Obelia fairy costume – yellow We ❤ Role-Play
SLink: Mesh hands – casual, Mesh feet – natural
Wicked Peach: Harvest gold nails for SLink
Cae: Duchess ring
W.Winx: Fairy pond and lily with poses
Trompe Loeil: Rivershire Watermill
Botanical: Aspen trees
Turnip’s: Skydome with autumn add on pack

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A pirate flag & an island girl…

I have wanted to do my SL picture version of the Kenny Chesney song Pirate Flag since I first heard the song. When Kuro released this adorable raft, I knew I had found a way to do it!

A pirate flag & an island girl

My gorgeous bathing suit is from Valentina E. Couture, and the skin is one of the new Glam Affair Summer skins for the United Fashion Project. I’m not sure how long that event lasts, so be sure to head over and demo these skins. I love the Europa tone. I’m not usually so pale, but this skin is just stunning. There are four makeups and I love all of them (more to come soon).

Glam Affair - Summer in Europa for United Fashion Project

I shot both pics on the Crossing Currents sim. If you’ve never been, you owe yourself a visit! It’s truly spectacular.


Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa 1B
Hair: Exile – This Year’s Love – Rouge
Eyes: IKON – Destiny – Maya
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Swimsuit: Valentina E. Couture – Naomi – Turquoise
Feet & Hands: SLink
Nails: Flair – Set 49
Raft: Kuro – Into The Blue


My post for Connecting 365. This is such a cool project and I am really delighted to have been part of it!

Connecting: 365 SL Lives

My Second Life and Real Life have been intertwined from the moment I was “born” in SL. In January 2009, my RL husband joined SL to get me out of YoVille (does anyone even remember YoVille?). He thought it was silly, and he’d very briefly had an SL account in 2004. It took me 4 tries to register, and I was on the verge of giving up. That’s a long story, and one I plan to explain on my blog at some point… but finally, on January 24, 2009, Lucie Bluebird was born. My life has never been the same.

My husband and I are an odd couple. We spend pretty much all of our time together. When we’re at our desks, we are on the phone (our offices are on different floors). He works from home. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day. In July 2009 we…

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