Raid Your Closet

Dear Shopping Addict,

It’s time for another edition of the Raid Your Closet Challenge! I created this challenge for myself in 2011, and my blog was born of it. I revisited it in 2013, and after checking out my inventory I realized it was time for another edition! So, RYCC 3.0 begins May 1st and will run the entire month.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to wear something different in each look for the duration of the challenge. You can have “exceptions” if you always wear the same skin or shape or eyelashes. Just be sure you state those in your very first post.

So, for example, my exceptions are:
My eyelashes
My shape

Just make sure to follow the main rules: a new look each week, and you must have owned every item in the picture before May 1st, 2015. You can also feel free to participate more than once a week (or less, but think of the sad, unused items in your inventory that you will let down)!

If you don’t have a blog, feel free to just share via Plurk or Flickr!

Are you up for the challenge??? If you are, then let’s raid our “closets” together!

Me on Plurk

RYCC flickr group


45 thoughts on “Raid Your Closet

    1. The “official” number of posts is 5… every Monday in October. But I am thrilled and delighted if anyone wants to do more than that. My best friend complained because when I did this last year it was an every day challenge, which she liked more. So, if you want to do more, by all means feel free!

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