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Pose Fair 2013 – Last Call!

Pose Fair 2013 ends on Sunday April 14th! Be sure to stop by before it ends because there are so many goodies to be had, all in one place!

Here are a few more of my favorites. First, from Hopscotch this adorable multipose prop. It comes in a version for regular avs, but I chose the one designed for petites, because it really does seem like the perfect little home for a tiny fairy! I took this pic at Chakryn Forest, one of my favorite sims that allows rezzing. It’s a sim that has a fantasy feel, so I knew it would be perfect for this shot. My petite av is from Al Vulo. Isn’t she cute? She was a gift from my dear friend Lyssa, and I think this is the first time I’ve blogged as a petite!

Dreams of the Fairy

Speaking of Lyssa, I recruited her for this next pic. I fell in love with this Art Dummy/Flowey collaboration for Pose Fair, A Story To Tell A Friend. I just had to have it. Lyssa & I are both wearing items from Collabor88’s April round, too. Check the credits for specific details on that! I took this pic in my cute little Funky Junk schoolhouse, and if you click through to the pic, I have put notes on the various decor items so you know where they are from. If you’d like to know more about any piece, just ask me in comments (here or on Flickr).

Girl Talk

My next pic features another of Hopscotch’s Pose Fair releases, from the Standing Pretty pack. I fell in love with this Magika hair. It’s edgy and sassy, and what can I say… I felt rebellious that night. So much so I even bought the dip dye or ombre or whatever the hell ya wanna call it pack of colors. This beautiful suede dress is from Blacklace, and I must admit, I felt pretty sexy wearing it. My jewelry is from Cae, which I thought added a touch of elegance to my rebellion.

Seeing Green

In the next pic, I’m using one of Adorkable’s Bam poses, also from Pose Fair. For the full body shot, I added my Angelique heels from Gos Boutique. Very sexy, and they definitely suited my mood. Oh, also… did you notice my hands? I finally bought a pair of SLink’s mesh hands. It took me a while because since I change skins so much, it’s a lot of tinting. And I hate tinting. But now Siddean, of SLink has released developer kits and lots of skin creators are making appliers for it, and there are now so many nail polish add ons, too.

Rebel with jewels

There are just so many great stores participating in the Pose Fair, and you definitely should check it out before it ends!


Look 1:
Petite Avatar: Al Vulo – Livia 2 – Fairy tone
Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Petite fairy
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Monique – Gingerbread
Pose/Prop: Little Home (petite)

Look 2:
On Lucie:
Skin: Cupcakes – Emmy – Sunkissed
Hair: Truth – Elisha – Blood w/roots
Eyes: IKON – Ardent – Pewter
Top: Tee*Fy – Rachel’s Ruffle Sweater – Grandmum’s (Collabor88)
Pants: BOOM – Miami Linens – Coral

On Lyssa:
Skin – Belleza – Summer
Hair: Elikatira – Away – Black 04
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Top: (fd) – Button Shirt Side Tucked – Black (Collabor88)
Shorts: (fd) – High Waist Cutoffs – Dark Denim (Collabor88)
Feet: Gos Boutique – Flat

Look 3:
Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx – Smokey (eye A) – Peach – w/classic lipstick – vintage red (teeth)
Eyes: IKON – Ardent – Moor
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Hair: Magika – Awake – Color pack 3
Dress: Blacklace – Tahlia – Lucky Green
Jewelry: Cae – Sakura (necklace, ring & bracelet)
Hands: SLink – Mesh Hands – Gesture
Gos Boutique: Angelina Peeptoe – Silver
Poses: Hopscotch – Standing Pretty 5 (pic 1) & Adorkable – Bam 1 (pic 2)

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Goodbye to Wynter…

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. ~Jane Austen

I love that quote. I’m a homebody. This is true in SL and RL alike. While I love traveling, and a good road trip can make me about the happiest person on earth, at the end I am always happy to come back to my own bed, to the comforts and familiarity of my own home.

In SL, I love changing houses. I love decor. I love the lack of dust and dirt. 😛

In January, I started to use this adorable Wynter Cottage from Funky Junk. It’s the first house I’ve ever had where I retextured the rooms. My BFF Rosa is always retexturing houses, but I’ve always just bought houses I loved the textures in, so I never bothered. I liked this house as it was, but I wanted to get creative and find ways to make it more “me,” so I decided to try it. I honestly expected to fail… but I wound up loving the results, at least I did after hours and hours of internal debate! The textures I used are all from Insight Designs, with the exception of the study, which are from (]LL[) Designs.

Probably not surprisingly, with a name like Wynter, this home has frosted windows, and there’s an option to make it looking like it’s snowing outside, by clicking on the home control system. While we will likely get snow where I live until mid-May (sometimes later), I’m ready for spring! And so, since I know I will want to change houses soon, I decided it was time to snap some pics of this one.

First up is the bathroom. I haven’t had a bathroom in SL in a really long time, and I still don’t have a toilet, since Rosa gave me a cute little outhouse. But I loved the elegance of the Ondine bath set from What Next and wanted to build a bathroom around it. The reclaimed fireplace is also from What Next, but the candles used to light it are from Art Dummy, as is the Silence wall art. You can click through to flickr and hover over this image (or any other in this post) to get details on where each item is from, or you can ask me in comments. Or even IM me in SL. I don’t bite!

Bathroom Collage

The second floor of the Wynter Cottage is a huge attic room, which is a great master bedroom that leaves plenty of room for little nooks. I created a music nook and a comfy little reading nook. I fell head over heels in love with the Chair De Lune moon chair from floorplan. Really, it is called a chair, but it would work as a bed, too. It has sleeping poses and it’s so darn cute. I love anything with moons or stars, so I knew I’d need this one when I saw it. My music nook consists of various What Next pieces.

Attic hang out areas

My bed set is the gorgeous one from LAQ Decor. I’ve used the bed in posts before, and will again… but it’s unlikely it will ever look exactly the same twice. That’s because there are tons of color options. The comforter, top sheet, pillows and even the wood on this bed all have so many color/pattern/wood choices. Then, just to add to it, you can tint all the various parts, which really makes this incredibly versatile. It’s also mesh, and the LI is really low… just 12 for the nightstands (all the stuff you see on them is affixed to them) and the bed! My chair is from Senzafine, and the pile of books are Old Books from Garden Of Dreams.


My living room is nearly entirely What Next. I used the Charlotte set. The cats and the tea and cupcakes are the only items not from What Next in this pic. Well, and obviously the house. It was January, but I wanted splashes of color, and cheer. It’s weird for me, since I’m not really into pink (poor Rosa nearly passed out), but I really wanted to feel like it was almost spring… now, today, it finally is!

Living Room

I turned the screened in porch into my study. Since it was, in fact, still winter I added a cozy woodburning stove from Lisp. I really love how this room came out. My younger sister Ali and Rosa like to tease me about my “clutter” love, but it makes me feel cozy. I’d have even more clutter if I could! My baby sister Isley’s things are in the study, including the What Next chalkboard I always rezz for her so she can study her letters and numbers. 😉


This next picture is from a part of the living room I didn’t photograph, mainly because it involves furniture I’ll soon be using in a new home style blog. But I had to snap a pic of this spool table top from floorplan and the items I rezzed on it. The little box is from Beach Street, and I just adore it. I’ve felt that way about tea my entire life. I don’t know why, but tea has always made me feel comforted and calm, yet sophisticated and worldly… all at the same time. My journal is from What Next, and the teacup lamp is Lisp.


Finally, the kitchen. Again, it’s been a long time since I had a kitchen in SL. I fell in love with this Lisp kitchen, and I knew I had to have it. My art is from a combo of What Next and Sway’s. My little piggy bank is from Sway’s, too. I love her. She has pretty flowers (not visible here) on her side. She also works, so feel free to come by and pay my piglet (just kidding… you’d get kicked if you’re not on my security, lol). My teacups and spoons chandelier is also from Sway’s. I have a bit of a “thing” for spoons because of something called The Spoon Theory. The Spoon Theory was written by Christine Miserandino, and it was how she explained life with a chronic illness (in her case, lupus) to her “healthy” friend. I’ve used it many times myself, since first reading it, to try to better explain life with fibromyalgia. If you talk to me, you’ll frequently hear me say “I have no spoons” or something akin to that. Well, that’s what it refers to, and so between that and my insane tea obsession, I had to have this lamp!

The dining set from What Next is technically intended to be a garden set, but I had to have it for my little kitchen. I loved the fresh feel of the strawberries, and again, despite my usual aversion to pink, I felt the splash of fresh was very welcome in the long winter months.

Kitchen Collage

And now, with the arrival of Spring, I think it’s time to say goodbye to Wynter… you’ve been a great house, and undoubtedly one I’ll return to next year.


Credits: Click through to Flickr to see notes on where each item is from. Feel free to ask specific questions!

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Kudzu Hampton Cottage

I will pretty much always jump at the chance to blog a house, as long as I have the prims available for it. My husband likes to say that I “change houses like most people change socks.” I think that’s a bit of hyperbole, but I definitely enjoy decorating in SL. I have a lot of furniture, houses and decor and I enjoy changing things up. Besides, as I like to point out to him, when I’m busy decorating, I’m not shopping so much. 😉

This Hampton Cottage from Kudzu is a perfect home for a small family. It has two bedrooms, a bath and a big, open living room. I especially adore the master bedroom. It’s in the front of the house, and it has this awesome big window. You can see it from the outside in the below collage, which also features a picture of said bedroom. Evidence of my KittyCatS addiction is present in the bedroom, too. Oops. And those two pugs are BioBreeds pups. I love them because once they are no longer breeding, you don’t have to pay to feed them! They need a dish rezzed, but that’s all. So the pugs are Spike, named in honor of my dad (they were released on his birthday in 2011, which was just a couple of weeks after his death) and the other one is Pugnacious. He was an anniversary gift from my BFF Rosa in 2011. I decorated the room with Cheeky Pea items. Most of them are from the Georgie bedroom set. The shelf is called Vita’s Bookshelf.

Kudzu Hampton Cottage

I enjoyed decorating the big living room. I used What Next’s Charlotte Living Room to make a cozy hangout area near my Laurel Fireplace (also from What Next). On the mantle you’ll see some decor that was part of the What Next New Year’s items. For the front part, I have out my beloved Lisp piano, a table from Art Dummy, my umbrella stand from What Next and some random frames from Dreamscapes.

Hampton Cottage LR Collage

Finally, what home is complete without two cats in the yard? Well, okay so they’re really on the porch. What can I say? It’s cold out there! Meowzers is taking a nice catnap, while Strawberry Milk stands guard. The front porch is so cute and there’s plenty of room to decorate it and make it cozy. I tossed out one of my What Next Oslo chairs and my What Next welcome mat w/wellies.

2 Cats In The Yard

As always, click through to get notes on where everything is from… or you can ask me in the comments!


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Giving Thanks

I wanted to take a moment to write a Thanksgiving post. This one is going to be short, as our dinner’s nearly done… but I couldn’t let this day pass without acknowledging that I have many things to be thankful for as a blogger. First of all, I need to thank the beautiful, talented Rezipsa Luckstone, owner of RezIpsa Loc. I’m not sure if she has any idea how much she influenced me to start “formally” blogging when I did. See, Rezzie had added me to her blogger list. She told me it was because I was “awesome.” I was “microblogging” on Flickr, not even knowing “microblogging” was a thing. Rezzie’s faith in me really inspired me to branch out and begin this blog. So I have to be thankful for her, because without her, I’m not entirely sure I’d be here blogging today.

Next, I need to thank you. Yes, you right there reading this post. Blogs work because people read them. Honestly, I’d blog if I had no audience. I just love it. But I wouldn’t accomplish nearly as much without my readers’ support and encouragement. So thank you so much for taking the time to share in my shopping, writing and photography obsession. I appreciate it more than words could ever say.

There are people who think bloggers just want free stuff. I admit readily, the free stuff is nice. But trust me… most of my fellow bloggers, like myself, spend far more money in SL as bloggers than they did before they began blogging. That said, I am unbelievably grateful to every single designer who has ever given me something to blog. I can’t blog every thing I get. I just don’t have that kind of stamina, but I try to blog as much of it as possible. The confidence you show in my blogging when you share the creations you’ve put so much love, time and energy into making overwhelms and humbles me. I am honestly in awe of the talent that you all have, and I cannot express what it means to be entrusted with blogging your work.

I also have to thank all my fellow bloggers. The amount of talent in SL is mind boggling. So many of you are a daily inspiration to me.

Finally… I have to thank a few people. There are so many amazing people in my life, and I an thankful for each of you. That said, I wouldn’t be who I am today without the endless love and support of my husband Radagast Lexington. I would be a whole hell of a lot crazier without the encouragement and shoulder to cry on provided by my best friend – in either world – Rosalie Bouscario. And my Second Life would be so much emptier without the love, giggles and silliness of my SL sisters Isley Oodles and AliannaMarie GossipGirl.

So thank you all… whether or not today is a holiday where you live, I hope you are able to find love, support and encouragement like I have found in so many.

Without further ado… my pictures. Oh, and yes, I am aware it looks more like Christmas in my house than it does Thanksgiving. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Christmas decor!

In this first picture, to follow up with Pose Appreciation Week, I am holding this adorable turkey platter from Status Poses. This was part of November’s MySecond Box, and just way too cute to not use! My woodburning stove is festively green, and is a recent release from What Next. The kettle on it is from LISP.


The food you see on my table is the Thanksgiving Dinner from Rasassy Foods. It’s SO cute! My dining set is from What Next. It’s the Laurel Christmas set and it is (at least as of now) only on Marketplace. The cute sign in the background is from Art Dummy. The adorable turkey shirt I have layered over my turtleneck is, very appropriately, from RezIpsa Loc.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


PS. I might have a long definition of short. :p

Skin: Belleza – Shyla 04 – Medium w/lip 01 (sold separately)
Hair: Truth – Cyanne – Blood w/roots
Eyes: IKON – Eternal – Tobacco
Apron: Apponos Apron – Figmint
Shirt: RezIpsa Loc – Brown Turkey Patch-Work T
Turtleneck: – basic turtleneck – chocolate
Pants: coldLogic – gassel brown
Shoes: Elikatira – Secret Boots – Molasses
Pose/Prop: Status Poses – Happy Thanksgiving (for MySecond Box)

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Merge of seasons…

I live in Colorado, and I’m at 9,000 feet. Seasons here are somewhat odd, often fleeting (winter aside!), and tend to overlap. I remember one year, on the last day of summer, we had ten inches of snow, and many of the aspen trees were already in full autumn gold. I actually wrote a poem. Since the poem and this blog post share a title, I thought I’d share.

On this last day of summer, brilliant golds
mix with verdant leaves on the branches of aspens
As they whisper in the cold breeze,
freshly fallen snow softly slips
to the carpet of white below the graceful boughs

At any rate, I’ve had it “snowing” at my house in SL for a few weeks already, and last week I decided it was time for that snow to accumulate. The result is autumn-meets-winter coziness. I even confess there might be a few Christmasy things about already. What can I say? I’m a sucker for decorating.

My house is the Mt. Tabor cabin, which I’ve dubbed Bluebird Cabin, from Funky Junk. I wanted a version I could use year round, and the owner of Funky Junk (Ulaa Coronet) is one of the nicest builders ever. She graciously made me a version with plain trim, as the “official” version has vivid, Christmasy green trim. My furniture and decor comes from a lot of stores, but mainly What Next & LISP. If you click through on the pictures, you can hover over them on Flickr to see notes about where each item is from. Because of the amount of furniture sets and items used, I’m not naming each specific piece, but if you see something and want to know the name, either leave me a comment here or on Flickr and I will happily share!

Without further ado… my home. In this first picture, you can see my What Next Bear Canyon camp set. I love this set so much.


One thing I really wanted in a house was enough room to have an office area… this is my living room/office area.

Living Room Collage

Fireplace Collage

Here’s another view, of my LISP shelf with a cute little teacup kitten on it. The books you see here, and in many places around my home, are from Garden Of Dreams. You get a ton of styles, and as someone who loves to read, I had to have them.

Living Room 3

This is my dining area, which is also home to my adorable LISP piano. I really wanted room for it, so while it may be an unconventional location, I was happy I could make it work!

Dining Room Collage

This house, like many of the Funky Junk homes, has a cute little loft. What makes this loft special, though, is there are French doors to an upstairs deck! I love that. I have an upstairs deck in RL and it’s pretty cool to be out on it, regardless of the seasons. I use this as a “visiting space” for my SL baby sister Isley, and you can see some of her belongings in the pics, too.

Loft Collage

This is the bedroom, which has an adorable windowseat with a built in pillow that has poses. By the way, the snow you see falling outside is actually an effect built into this home! You can turn snow on or off, without having to use an outdoor particle effect. Those are always annoying since they go inside any buildings. This way, you get snow without the indoor snow!

Bedroom Collage

Finally, here’s the back of the house. One of the things that really drew me to the house was all the porch space, front and back, as well as that upper deck.

Back Porch

If you’re looking for a great little cabin you can use year round, I definitely recommend this one! The prim snow on the outside can be removed, making this cute log home very versatile. I’ll be using this one for a long time to come!



Home Sweet Home

I’ve become rather addicted to SL decorating lately. This is my third house this year, but I’ve spent far more time decorating this one than any of my previous homes, so I think it might stick around a while (I say that even though I was looking at more Funky Junk houses yesterday). This house is Starlight by Funky Junk.


I adore this house… and I tried to decorate it with my favorite things in mind. Books, music, writing, tea and comfort! I am not going to give detailed descriptions of each item, simply because there are so many pieces involved. But if you click the pics to see them on flickr, and hover over them, you can see where each item is from… and if there’s a piece you love, just ask me the name! I’ll happily share. 🙂

Front Door

Living Room

Breafkast Nook & Fireplace

Piano & Reading Area


Bedroom 2


I really love all of the stores I used to decorate. Lisp, Cheeky Pea, What Next, Art Dummy… they all provide things that really fit my sort of cottage, shabby chic tastes!


(Click through on the pics to see notes on flickr for each item)