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My 4th Rezzday

I’m sort of blown away by the fact that a. I’ve been in SL for four years today, and b. that I remembered my rezz day for a change. I’m not going to go into too much detail in this post, as I plan to write a bit about why I began SL when I do my piece for Connecting: 365 SL Lives. Suffice it to say, when I joined, I never imagined my Second Life would last this long or be so fulfilling.

So, for my rezz day I created collages. For each of the four full years I’ve been in SL, I selected pics. Sort of the Evolution Of Lucie, if you will. I don’t have credits on all of the old things, but if you see something and want to know where it’s from, ask. I might still know. Without further ado… my evolution. Don’t laugh too much. We all have those “but I thought I looked so good at the time” pics!

I was only about five days old when I bought my first hair. It was from Damselfly. In those five days, I’d worn hair in tons of colors. I ultimately realized I was going to be a redhead. Partly that was because I wasn’t seeing many redheads around, and partly it paid homage to the color my hair was dyed when I met my husband in real life. Though I occasionally blog another color just for fun, my red hair is sorta my trademark. I’m honestly shocked I’ve kept it all this time, but I don’t plan to change it!

In 2009, I wore a hideous freebie skin for far too long. Then I found a skin from Tea Lane. My husband probably still misses the ass on that skin, but alas, you guys do not get to see that! I only wore the Tea Lane skin for a couple of weeks before someone introduced me to Redgrave and I bought a skin from there. Later in the year, I fatpacked the Chloe skin from Redgrave. It wouldn’t be long, though, before that skin seemed to be the most copybotted on the grid. That made me angry for the creator, and annoyed because 1 day old newbs were wearing my skin (and likely, in most cases, had no clue it was stolen).

2009 Collage

In late 2009, finally tired of seeing my skin on so many other avs, and also ready for a major change in my look, I bought my first LAQ skin, Molly. For some reason, I have no headshots of that skin. Maybe because I looked 14 and didn’t wear it long. I bought Elena a few months later and wore that skin for nearly all of 2010. Can you imagine? Me, wearing the same skin for nearly a YEAR? I bought a new LAQ skin in late 2010, but for almost all of that year, it was Elena. I still think it’s a pretty skin, even if my shape at the time makes me cringe a bit now.

2010 Collage

2011 is the year I discovered Curio. All four of these pics are of Curio skins. It’s also the year I finally managed to master editing prims enough to try prim lashes. It’s amazing the depth they add.

2011 Collage

In late 2011, I bought the gorgeous Elly skin from Pink Fuel. I wore it for a couple of months, but let’s face it. 2012 will go down as the year I embraced my inner skin whore.

2012 Collage

And, to start off my fifth year of SL… a brand new pic, featuring the stunning new Belleza skin Ava. I don’t usually buy the “bare” skins, but this might be the most stunning bare skin I’ve ever seen (I do have on the tattoo eyeliner that came with my lashes, though). My eyes are IKON Eternal eyes in tobacco, the lashes are Gaeline Creations Fantasia and my hair is Devina, a recent Truth release in my current red (blood w/roots) shade. The damask sweater (in chocolate) is from The Secret Store.

4th Rezzday

I am looking forward to a great fifth year of Second Life. Thank you to all who share my daily triumphs and trials, and to all who take time out of your own busy days to read my little blog.


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RYCC Week 3!

For week 3 of Raid Your Closet, I went for something a little edgy. I absolutely love this Demi hair from Truth. It’s so different from my usual style preferences, but it’s unique and fun. I paired it with leather leggings from Tres Blah and this gorgeous lace top from Insatiable Fashions. One challenge for me with mesh pants has been the difficulties in pairing pants with shoes! I find it endlessly frustrating at times. I was able to mod the placement and size of these booties from Maitreya to make them work for this picture, but I do want a solution because I love pants tucked into boots… and right now, that’s rarely possible with mesh pants. It would be cool if a designer released jeans with boots all as one piece, sort of like the mesh leggings at Maitreya that have built in booties. But I digress… here’s the pic!

Against it

This skin is Briar from Aura. Recently, the Briar fatpack was available at Knitting Circle Rummage Sale for an amazing price, and I decided I had to have the full line. I love the pouty mouth, and the overall drama and sophistication of this skin.



Skin: Aura – Briar – Valentine w/plum lips – Caramel tone
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Deep Glass
Hair: Truth – Demi – Blaze
Tattoo: V Tattoos – Glamour Slave – Light
Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Sparkly – Onyx
Top: Insatiable Fashions – Lace top – Strawberry Sorbet
Pants: Tres Blah – Leather leggings – black
Shoes: Maitreya – shearling boots – coal
Poses: Embody – Brick multipose prop

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Zenith, Aura & Izzie’s – Oh, my!

I have so much to share. It’s insane, really. I’ve been managing, despite our craptastic internet connection, to get some looks together and some pictures taken. I apologize, though, because the venue is limited to my sky platform. I love taking “on location” shots in SL, but right now, it’s just so not an option. Still, I think any pics are better than none, especially with so much amazing fashion to share. And, the good news is… we’re getting a new ISP in a week, so then I can get a bit more creative again. Fortunately, the Vintage Fair runs nearly this entire month (it ends August 29th), so there is plenty of time left for me to share my favorites! On that note… let’s get to it!

I’m starting with pics I finished a few days ago, but haven’t had the chance the blog until now. This adorable mesh dress is from Zenith. I look at this one and think “classic” or “timeless.” I paired it with a very vintage, very 30s movie star skin from Agnes Finney and seriously adorable hair from Vanity Fair. The poses are from a mesh keyhole prop by Hopscotch. I loved this prop as soon as I saw it. It’s quirky and cute – and since it’s simple, it rezzed despite my crappy internet, so double yay!

Sassy Beauty

The shoes I chose for this are the Khan heels from Ingenue. Ingenue is part of the Vintage Fair, too… I’ll be blogging one of the VF offerings from that store at a later date. I’ve had these shoes for a while now, but finally got around to wearing them for a post!

Through the keyhole

My other look for this pose features one of the sponsors of Vintage Fair, Aura. For those who don’t know, Aura and Illusory are merging into one store called Auxiliary, and for Vintage Fair we get a look at some of this new collaborative effort. These Luna Jeans & Vintage Tube Top are awesome and come in a ton of colors.

Aura & Izzie's

I paired them with the 80s rounded nails from Izzie’s, and the 80s Eliza skin, also from Izzie’s.

Aura & Izzie's 2

I love this skin. Like all of Izzie’s skins, it’s so soft and pretty, yet this 80s version has a bit of edge. This time I’m wearing the “yellow” makeup option.

August 2012

That’s all for now… more asap!


Look 1:
Skin: Agnes Finney – Muse – Fair – Vintage*
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Deep Leaf
Hair: Vanity Hair – Cohimbra (w/base) – Nova Black*
Lashes: Beetlebones – Minimalist (MESH)
Dress: Zenith – White/Black Tight Dress (MESH)*
Shoes: Ingenue – Khan heels – Soot
Poses: Hopscotch – Through The Keyhole*

Look 2:
Skin: Izzie's – 80s Eliza – Yellow – Sunkissed*
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Pale Aruba
Hair: Truth – Jean – Sangria w/streaks
Lashes: Beetlebones – Minimalist (MESH)
Nails: Izzie's – 80s Rounded*
Top: Auxillary – Vintage Tube top – Clover (MESH)*
Pants: Auxillary – Luna Jeans – D. Cocoa (MESH)*
Poses: Embody – Flirt 3 (pic 1), Peekaboo 1 (pic 2) & Heidi 3 (pic 3)

*Denotes items at Vintage Fair

For help navigating the fair, check out the Seraphim blog coverage or the Chic Management maps & slurls.

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Exile for Hair Fair

I actually “discovered” Exile hair at last year’s Hair Fair. I’d heard of the store, but never been there. I liked their reds (I’m fussy about my shade, and spoiled by Truth’s Sangria shade) a lot. So naturally, I was very eager to see what Exile would have out this year!

I instantly, and appropriately, fell in love with Crush. The headband is so cute and I love that it’s optional! The red in these pics is not my usual shade, but rather one of the less red reds in Exile’s Dark Reds pack, Tango. I thought it nicely matched up with the medium brows on the adorable Emma skin from Cupcakes.

Emma Skin from Cupcakes

I love the vintage feel of this hair… and the name just suits it so well because it’s cute and romantic, so I tried to capitalize on that with some (hopefully) dreamy feeling images.

Exile for Hair Fair

The other hair from Exile that I snagged was Sea of Love. I had to debate this one at first. I liked it a lot, but I wasn’t sure if it was very “me.” However, then I got this dress from Aura for MySecondBox and realized I needed this hair to go with it!

Sea Shells

The dress, particularly in this color, felt so beachy and I just wanted to play that up with the adorable seashell headband that comes with Sea of Love. Like the headband in Crush, this is a separate attachment. It was the perfect hair for a stroll at the water’s edge.

Sea Dreams

You still have time to go grab these styles – and so many others – at Hair Fair 2012. It runs through this weekend. You will find Exile on the Sand Sim.


Look 1:
Skin: Cupcakes – Emma – Copper – Pure
Shape: Embody – Jennie for mesh Standard Sizing Medium (not yet released)
Hair: Exile – Crush – Tango (MESH)*
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Deep Cerulean
Lipstick: Cupcakes – Emma – Beauty Lips – Mauve
Blush: Cupcakes – Emma Blush
Lashes: Beetlebones – Dainty (MESH)
Dress: Evolve – Clementine Dress – Heart on a Wire (MESH)
Pose: Embody – Celebrity 5

Look 2:
Skin: Izzie’s – Estella – Sunkissed
Hair: Exile – Sea of Love – Rouge (MESH)*
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Deep Glass
Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Estella – Rose
Lipstick: Izzie’s – Estella – Nude
Lashes: Beetlebones – Dainty (MESH)
Dress: Aura – Summer Fun (short) Pink – MySecondBox (MESH)
Flip Flops: Maitreya – Lucid
Taken at Fire Beach
Poses: From my Oracul Pure Lady AO


Sex Kittens… featuring my alts

Rad made this awesome new group pose and I knew when I shot the vendor ad that I wanted to do a shot just for the fun of blogging it. I gathered up a bunch of my alts to do this. And before you ask, no I cannot log in five avs at one time! My computer is not that good. I had Rad pose as three of them and I was the other two. One thing that’s awesome about this pose is that the poseballs can be hidden, so you can really use it with one to five avs! And yes, I’m biased, but I just love these poses so much. They are sexy and flirty and fun. Keeping this one short & sweet since there’s so much to follow in the credits!

Sex Kittens

Happy Friday!


(from left to right – click the pic to follow through for notes on who is who in the pic)

Skin: Atomic – Grace – Buff – Fuschia Frenzy
Hair: Exile – Ramona – Midnight
Top: Gawk – Black Lace Top w/white satin corsage
Bottom: Sn@tch Patrona Corset – Black
Tights: Vextra – Opaque Black Pantyhose
Boots: G Field – Will – Black – MESH
Shape: Embody – Deanna

Skin: Aura – Briar – Aqua – Honey
Lips: Aura – Briar – Vixen
Hair: Exile – Nina – Rouge
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Light Grenada
Jewelry: BastChild – Platinum White Pearl Choker & Earrings
Nails: Izzie’s – Glitter Nails
Outfit: LilLace – Flashy
Tights: Vextra – Fencenet – Black
Shoes: Gos – PYP – Point Platform
Shape: Embody – Allie

Skin: Curio – Yum 2 – Juicy Grape 2
Hair: Truth – Mercedes – Blood
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Caramel
Outfit: Sn@tch – Milla Net Top & Panties w/stockings – Purple
Shoes: G Field – Gina – MESH
Shape: Embody – Kadence

Skin: Ploom – Lea – Smoke – Cream
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Dark Blue
Hair: Truth – Jessie – Caramel (group gift) MESH
Outfit: Sn@tch – Electra Corset – Red
Tights: Vextra – Fencenet – Black
Shoes: Sakide – Latex Rubber Pumps – Black
Shape: Embody – Morgana

Skin: Curio – Pout – Whine 2 – Petal Dark
Hair: Truth – Ebony – Macaroon
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Verdigris
Outfit: Hucci – Sequin Bodysuit – Black & Silver
Tights: Vextra – Opaque black pantyhose
Shoes: Gos – Platform Pumps – Just Black
Shape: Embody – Emmaline

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Fibromyalgia Awareness Fair!

Okay, I know I said Collabor88 would be my next post, but this event is only three days long and it’s to help promote awareness of a disease I – and many others like me – live with every day. It’s a small event, but really cute. Every vendor also has a freebie out (some more than one!). It’s definitely well worth a quick visit, especially if you love purple! Purple is the “color” of fibromyalgia, so there is an awful lot of purple to be found at this fair.

I just had to ride the ferris wheel… but it’s big! And I might’ve been a little scared. So, I took my cute little teddy bear friend with me… he’s a gift from Ari-Pari! I’m also wearing freebies from Kosh… the tank and pants are both Fair gifts. I also bought a pack of sparkly eye shadows from Kosh, and the purple eye shadow I have on is one of them!

Fibromyalgia Awareness Fair 2012

Eventually, I worked up the guts to grab a seat… and boy, was it fun! My cute little neck pouch is a gift from Concrete Flowers!

Hang on tight...

After walking around and riding the ferris wheel, I was ready for some refreshments! So, I stopped to grab a snowcone! I got grape, so it would match my adorable nails, which are a gift from Virtual Insanity. There was also a chill in the air, so I threw on this lovely little hoodie from Insatiable Fashions.

Ahhh... snow cone

If you want to grab any of the gifts shown here, or shop the event and get more information about fibromyalgia, please visit the Fibromyalgia Awareness Fair 2012! The event runs through the weekend, and there are festivities to go with the shopping. Also, if you have fibromyalgia and want to be part of an SL support group, look for the Join signs or Subscriber Kiosks at the Fair. The Fibro Aware group has monthly meetings. I haven’t been able to attend any yet, but I do hope to in the near future!


PS. I may not get to blog again before we leave for our vacation… but there will be more soon!

Pics 1 & 2

Skin: Aura – Briar – Slate – Honey
Hair: Truth – Rhonda – Sangria w/roots
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Purple + Blue
Eyeshadow: Kosh – Starlight – Mebula
Outfit: Kosh – Purple cords & Dora Cami – eggplant (Fibro Fair gifts!)
Nails: Virtual Insanity – Fibro Nails V1 (Fibro Fair gift!)
Necklace: Concrete Flowers – Neck Pouch (Fibro Fair gift!)
Shoes: Elikatira – Flair – Black

Pic 3
Skin: Aura – Briar – Slate – Honey
Hair: Truth – Rhonda – Sangria w/roots
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Purple + Blue
Eyeshadow: Kosh – Starlight – Mebula
Hoodie: Insatiable Fashions – Vintage Love – Purple (Fibro Fair Gift)
Jeans: Cool Beans – Bluebird Jeans – Black (no longer available)

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Culture Shock – the finale

This is my final Culture Shock related post! For this set of pics, I paired the adorable mesh hair from Wasabi Pills with this seriously cute ruffled shorts from G Field (also mesh!). I tossed on some flip flops and a tee from Coldlogic’s recent release and was all set! I decided that this outfit called for some fun, so I decided to stand on my Awesome Blossom picnic table.

More Culture Shock

More Culture Shock

In this second picture, you can see my Funky Junk Lazy Day gazebo and bed… it’s SO cute.

If you haven’t visited Culture Shock yet, you really ought to! There are some awesome creations for sale, and you can help support a great cause while shopping. I don’t know about you, but charity shopping helps alleviate a touch of my shopping addict guilt. 😉

I’m keeping this one short and sweet, in case y’all are already sick of me rambling. 😛 Coming soon… my Collabor88 purchases!


Skin: Aura – Briar – Tang w/coral lips – Honey
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Light Brown
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Shiori – Cinnamon – Culture Shock (MESH)
Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Pastel Frenched – Nude
Top: Coldlogic – flynn.sedona (MESH)
Shorts: G Field – Ruffle Shorts – Denim – Culture Shock (MESH)
Shoes: Maitreya – Flip Flops – Lucid


Well, hi there…

So… I have a blog now. Yay and stuff.

My first post is going to be short and sweet. Sort of a “testing the waters before jumping in head first.”

I love Truth hair. This is no secret to those who know me, or who have been in my store (as it’s used frequently in ads). I also love pretty much all the stores in the Truth District, so when I saw that they were having a contest, I decided to enter. I created two looks for this special occasion.

Killer Beauty - Truth District Contest Entry 2

I always say that my husband is my favorite pose maker in SL. While I’m obviously and unabashedly biased, I love his poses. Admittedly, that may be partly because I have some say in what poses he makes… 😉 I’ve wanted an excuse to use one of his Ballistic poses for a while, and I fell in love with this lingerie from Whippet & Buck during the recent sale at the Truth District, and when I added this sexy, windblown hair from Truth, finally a look was born. I am crazy about Aura’s Briar skins. I feel so sultry and slightly exotic when I wear this line. I think it’s the deliciously pouty lips and dramatic eye makeup, but whatever it is, I adore Briar. And few of my looks are complete without a pair of my Gos shoes from the Pimp Your Pumps series. Seriously one of the best shoe bargains in SL, with all the color options and customization available. The necklace is from Miao, and I just felt the look wanted a big, chunky necklace.

Truth District Contest Entry 1

I really like quirky looks, and something about the amazing Gos Triumph boots with the sexy Aura skirt topped with the Celoe tank (all mesh) just struck me as uniquely, well, me. Again, I’m wearing Briar from Aura… and the hair is Kalle from Truth. I wandered into T Town to take this pic, and I have to go back to explore more soon.

So… there you have it. My first blog post. Credits down yonder.


Look 1:

Skin: Aura – Briar – Stella w/vixen lips – Honey
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Light Forest Green
Hair: Truth – Georgina – Sangria w/roots
Lingerie: Whippet & Buck – Sasha
Necklace: Miao – Angie
Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Black Cherry
Shoes: Gos – PYP – Platform Point
Pose & Prop: Embody – Ballistic 1

Look 2:

Skin: Aura – Briar – Cupid – Honey w/coral lip layer
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Deep Wood
Hair: Truth – Kalle 2 – Sangria
Top: Celoe – Rhonda (Group Gift)
Skirt: Aura – Bullet Proof Ruffled Pencil Skirt
Boots: Gos – Triumph – Brown
Jewelry: League – Coin Collector Set
Pose: Embody – Daisy 1