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Home Sweet Vintage Home

As soon as I saw the house Ulaa Coronet of Funky Junk made for Vintage Fair, I knew I wanted to blog it. It reminded me of a more stylish Brady Bunch house! I’ll be honest, my personal style runs towards shabby chic, but this was a fun change of pace for me and gave me a chance to stretch my decorating muscles. The house is called Salinas, and just look at it! It’s adorable.

Salinas Front

I had to take a closeup of the front door because I totally love the working doorbell on this house. It’s such a realistic touch! I put out my What Next welcome mat and Wellies, and it feels so charming and, well, welcoming!

Salinas Entry

It has this absolutely awesome sunken living room, with lots of built in shelves. I also grabbed the Vintage Shelf from Funky Junk to put in the living room. This shelf is really cool and has two options. One has all the decor already out and linked. Another one is scripted, and you can select what you’d like to display. You then can click the item to delete the script, too, which is a feature I felt worth mentioning. I had this Sophia sideboard set from What Next already, and realized it would be perfect in the living room. This texture-change rug is from Zigana, and the Old Books on the shelves below the fireplace are a new find from Garden of Dreams.

Salinas Sunken Living Room

The fireplace itself is really awesome because it’s visible from the front parlor, too! I put my Mirabelle tea set from What Next in the front parlor. It made it feel cozy and the fireplace just added to that.

Salinas Parlor

There’s a dining room off the kitchen, but I set it up as a music/study area. It felt like the perfect place for my Upright Piano from Lisp… and for a new desk set What Next has out for Vintage Fair called the Novelle Study.

Salinas Dining Room

And here’s a closeup of the Novelle set… it’s mesh, so be sure you have a mesh capable viewer. It’s also texture change! You can change the desk, chair, rug and even the typewriter!

What Next Novelle Desk

The kitchen is so cute. I love the checkerboard floors. I put my Amelie dining set from Lisp in the kitchen, along with some kitchen furniture I got from Estetica a while back. The light is from the What Next Cafe collection, and I loved the aqua color with the floor.

Salinas Kitchen

Take a stroll out the kitchen door, and you’ll find this charming patio area. I put out my RFL Summer Deck Furniture from Funky Junk, and through the window behind it you can see into the garage. Since I don’t own a car in SL, I put some furniture and a lamp in the garage, creating a cozy little reading area. With the window and a door, the garage is easily converted into an additional bedroom, too. There is also a version of the house without the garage.

Salinas Patio

And speaking of bedrooms, here’s a peek into mine… my bed & nightstand are part of the Shabby Attic set from Fuzzy Bee. My little lounging couch is the Mixed Couch from Zigana.

Salinas Bedroom

This is an adorable family home, with a lot of classic touches. It’s versatile, and can easily be made more modern, if so desired, but personally, I love the vintage flair.


PS. Click through to the pictures for notes on what items are from where. At Vintage Fair, you’ll find Funky Junk on the Classic Sim & What Next on the Chic Sim.

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Zenith, Aura & Izzie’s – Oh, my!

I have so much to share. It’s insane, really. I’ve been managing, despite our craptastic internet connection, to get some looks together and some pictures taken. I apologize, though, because the venue is limited to my sky platform. I love taking “on location” shots in SL, but right now, it’s just so not an option. Still, I think any pics are better than none, especially with so much amazing fashion to share. And, the good news is… we’re getting a new ISP in a week, so then I can get a bit more creative again. Fortunately, the Vintage Fair runs nearly this entire month (it ends August 29th), so there is plenty of time left for me to share my favorites! On that note… let’s get to it!

I’m starting with pics I finished a few days ago, but haven’t had the chance the blog until now. This adorable mesh dress is from Zenith. I look at this one and think “classic” or “timeless.” I paired it with a very vintage, very 30s movie star skin from Agnes Finney and seriously adorable hair from Vanity Fair. The poses are from a mesh keyhole prop by Hopscotch. I loved this prop as soon as I saw it. It’s quirky and cute – and since it’s simple, it rezzed despite my crappy internet, so double yay!

Sassy Beauty

The shoes I chose for this are the Khan heels from Ingenue. Ingenue is part of the Vintage Fair, too… I’ll be blogging one of the VF offerings from that store at a later date. I’ve had these shoes for a while now, but finally got around to wearing them for a post!

Through the keyhole

My other look for this pose features one of the sponsors of Vintage Fair, Aura. For those who don’t know, Aura and Illusory are merging into one store called Auxiliary, and for Vintage Fair we get a look at some of this new collaborative effort. These Luna Jeans & Vintage Tube Top are awesome and come in a ton of colors.

Aura & Izzie's

I paired them with the 80s rounded nails from Izzie’s, and the 80s Eliza skin, also from Izzie’s.

Aura & Izzie's 2

I love this skin. Like all of Izzie’s skins, it’s so soft and pretty, yet this 80s version has a bit of edge. This time I’m wearing the “yellow” makeup option.

August 2012

That’s all for now… more asap!


Look 1:
Skin: Agnes Finney – Muse – Fair – Vintage*
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Deep Leaf
Hair: Vanity Hair – Cohimbra (w/base) – Nova Black*
Lashes: Beetlebones – Minimalist (MESH)
Dress: Zenith – White/Black Tight Dress (MESH)*
Shoes: Ingenue – Khan heels – Soot
Poses: Hopscotch – Through The Keyhole*

Look 2:
Skin: Izzie's – 80s Eliza – Yellow – Sunkissed*
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Pale Aruba
Hair: Truth – Jean – Sangria w/streaks
Lashes: Beetlebones – Minimalist (MESH)
Nails: Izzie's – 80s Rounded*
Top: Auxillary – Vintage Tube top – Clover (MESH)*
Pants: Auxillary – Luna Jeans – D. Cocoa (MESH)*
Poses: Embody – Flirt 3 (pic 1), Peekaboo 1 (pic 2) & Heidi 3 (pic 3)

*Denotes items at Vintage Fair

For help navigating the fair, check out the Seraphim blog coverage or the Chic Management maps & slurls.