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The blogger’s closet

Festival Of Sin II has been so much fun so far! It’s winding down, and closes September 5th, so I wanted to share some goodies from the event before it’s over!

I love the hair MINA did for Lust. It’s so lush and sexy. The shoes from for Vanity are gorgeous, sexy and versatile. I’ve paired them with a stunning new release from coldLogic’s new brand neve (more on neve to come soon!). This dress is so pretty, with its lacy texture and (though they’re covered by my hair here) dainty straps. I’m using Exposeur’s glam Luxury Closet gacha for Greed at FOS II as a backdrop for this look. I thought it did a pretty great job of representing what a blogger’s closet might look like, if SL bloggers actually had closets and not inventories. Though come to think of it, mine would probably be more cluttered and less organized! πŸ˜›

The Blogger's Closet

In this picture, I’m wearing Blueberry’s recently released yoga pants with items from Uber. My top is Miss Chelsea and my hair is Truth, and both can be found at Uber. The gym bag next to me, by Bueno, is also at Uber. My sleepy koala friend is by +Pepper+ and is at Festival Of Sin II in Sloth. The beautiful barn I’m using as my yoga studio is from Pixel Mode’s Arcade release. This release has NO rares! Even this gorgeous barn build is a common. The Arcade is now open, and runs all month so if you can’t get in yet, don’t fret! You have time.

Koalas can sleep through anything

I was honored to be chosen as a Hottie Cooterati staff blogger, so I’ve blogged some pics over there, but I wanted to share them here, too.

This one was taken on the FOS II sim, in the Sloth section with a fellow FOS II blogger.Β The builds are spectacular, and honestly it’s worth going for that alone, but there are so many goodies to be had, too. You can read the full credits on this post here.

Seen at the Sloth Motel

This one features Schadenfreude’s Acedia table, which comes in a clean version, too. I also have one of Anya Ohmai’s free sponsor gifts featured here, a snow globe designed for Hopscotch. You can read all about this post here.

Spiders in the attic

Finally, in this picture I’m wearing Alice Project’s sexy bedhead hair for Lust, Baiastice’s stunning gown for Vanity and Cae’s serpent bracelet for Envy, along with one of her gacha rings for Greed. You can get all the details here.



Pic 1:
Maitreya: Lara mesh body
LAQ: Roxy skin – tone 1.5
MINA: Laila hair – Dark reds Festival Of Sin II
neve by coldLogic: Entwine dress – lace Narcissa heels – Pearl Festival Of Sin II
Exposeur: Luxury Closet gacha, Serenity Pose 1 Festival Of Sin II

Pic 2:
Belleza: Freya mesh body
Lumae: Niska skin – bare – peach
Truth: Olympia hair – Reds Uber
Miss Chelsea: Lena top – Purple Uber
Blueberry: Sylvia yoga pants – white
+Pepper+: Top Koality Hugs – Tan Festival Of Sin II
Bueno- Workout Bag- Black 2 Uber
Cheeky Pea: Divya Yoga Mat – Purple
Pixel Mode: Fall Harvest – Barn, Fall Harvest – Lost Art The Arcade
Studio Skye: Enchanted woods trees
Jian: Beaumont Brick Fence

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Feels like fall…

I began this post like I begin any post. I had pictures done, and a clear direction. It was simply going to be about how today feels like fall, and how my outfit from [MotiAme] for Acid Lily Gallery fit that feeling. Then I began writing, and realized I was doing Katya Valeska’s new challenge, The Writer’s Block. I realized that I was writing the perfect post for the prompt “the colors of me.” The funny part about this is, I fully intended to do the challenge… with a different prompt! Sometimes creativity finds us when we least expect it, so without further ado… my take on “the colors of me.”

For me, the symbolic end of summer has long been the inevitable August morning where I awake up to heavy clouds, fog and rain. The air is heavy with a chill, and autumn is nipping at summer’s heels. As a child, this day would mark the end of the bath-like warmth of the pool I spent so many hours in every day. Oh, I still swam daily (often even in the rain, when I could get away with it), but the water never again reached the same level of sun drenched warmth.

Where I live now, in the mountains nearly two miles above sea level, summer’s are a heartbeat… a few precious moments of time where the days are long and lush, verdant grasses grow untamed. Wildflowers grace the hillsides, and fields erupt in an explosion of color, like a daytime fireworks display put on by nature. I never really liked summer when I lived back east, childhood swimming aside. It was too hot, too humid… and too controlled. It turns out, I like my summers wild, and more unfettered by the footprints of mankind. Here, possibly in part because it’s such a fleeting thing, I love summer.

But by August, I feel the call of my favorite season. By August, I am ready to revel in the colors of autumn. Much as I hate to awake in the near darkness that comes with the shorter days, I am ready for them. I crave the crisp, chilled air, scented by the rich, earthy smell of wood smoke that billows from chimneys. I long for warm apple cider, and pumpkin donuts. I wait for the perfect autumn morning; the morning when I put on my heavy, terry cloth robe and stand outside on the deck as I drink hot cinnamon tea and stare up at the mountains blanketed in the season’s first snow.

Fall means “back-to-school” for many, and even as a child I reveled in this annual rite of passage. I loved back-to-school shopping. I love notebooks, binders, folders and pens… and oh, the books! Being given my textbooks on that first day of school was such a thrill.

Feels like fall

Books have long been my secret friends, full of worlds to explore and ways to experience adventures I can never have. The smell of books, old or new, sings to me of possibilities, of opportunities. So much to learn! So much to “see,” in a way uniquely my own…. because no matter how many people read the same books I do, I alone create the world and characters described on those pages when I close my eyes and dream of them.

Back to school

I love (nearly) everything about autumn. I love the cool nights and warm – but not hot – days. The nights are made for snuggling under cozy blankets, curled up to my husband, snuggled by the dog. The days are bright with the gorgeous, golden leaves of the aspen trees. The wind rustles the leaves, and the ground is covered with their gilt. The afternoon sun through the whispering leaves takes on a gem-like hue, that of citrine or topaz. The evergreens of the forest take on a deeper green next to the brilliant yellows of the aspens. Sometimes, totally at random, we get an aspen that is orange or even red… but here in the Rocky Mountains, it’s yellow that dominates the autumnal foliage season.

I am tempted at the stores by the rich reds of apples, and the warm oranges of the pumpkins. I love pumpkins, and usually buy a small painted one to keep on my desk. This is my season… these are my colors. As shades of green give way to the golden browns, lush oranges and jeweled reds of autumn, I feel my soul come alive again. There is comfort in these colors, in this gilded world that where I live, will last a mere few weeks before winter sneaks in on a cold, cross wind and covers the world in frosty snows.

These are the colors of me… and today, we woke to the symbolic end of summer I spoke of at the start of this post. That day of misty clouds and rain, and though I will be sad to see summer say goodbye, I also feel alive in a way that only happens when autumn begins. It is my season, my time… and I cannot wait to enjoy every moment.

My UglyDorothy - Acid Lily Gallery


Skin: My Uglydorothy – Berry 02 (Acid Lily Gallery)
Hair: Truth – Delta – Reds04Fade
Hairbase: Eskimo Fashion – Malaysian Lace Front Caps – unparted
Eyes: IKON – Ascension – Forest
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Glasses: Mon Tissu – Four Corners Readers – Black
Jumper: [MotiAme] – Tweed Dress – Brown w/black shirt (Acid Lily Gallery)
Leggings: coldLogic – jessop.taupe
Boots: Maitreya – Stagioni boots – Coal
Poses: Embody – Bookworm 04 (pic 1) & Bookworm 1 (pics 2 & 3)
Scene: Garden Of Dreams – Library

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Goodbye to Wynter…

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. ~Jane Austen

I love that quote. I’m a homebody. This is true in SL and RL alike. While I love traveling, and a good road trip can make me about the happiest person on earth, at the end I am always happy to come back to my own bed, to the comforts and familiarity of my own home.

In SL, I love changing houses. I love decor. I love the lack of dust and dirt. πŸ˜›

In January, I started to use this adorable Wynter Cottage from Funky Junk. It’s the first house I’ve ever had where I retextured the rooms. My BFF Rosa is always retexturing houses, but I’ve always just bought houses I loved the textures in, so I never bothered. I liked this house as it was, but I wanted to get creative and find ways to make it more “me,” so I decided to try it. I honestly expected to fail… but I wound up loving the results, at least I did after hours and hours of internal debate! The textures I used are all from Insight Designs, with the exception of the study, which are from (]LL[) Designs.

Probably not surprisingly, with a name like Wynter, this home has frosted windows, and there’s an option to make it looking like it’s snowing outside, by clicking on the home control system. While we will likely get snow where I live until mid-May (sometimes later), I’m ready for spring! And so, since I know I will want to change houses soon, I decided it was time to snap some pics of this one.

First up is the bathroom. I haven’t had a bathroom in SL in a really long time, and I still don’t have a toilet, since Rosa gave me a cute little outhouse. But I loved the elegance of the Ondine bath set from What Next and wanted to build a bathroom around it. The reclaimed fireplace is also from What Next, but the candles used to light it are from Art Dummy, as is the Silence wall art. You can click through to flickr and hover over this image (or any other in this post) to get details on where each item is from, or you can ask me in comments. Or even IM me in SL. I don’t bite!

Bathroom Collage

The second floor of the Wynter Cottage is a huge attic room, which is a great master bedroom that leaves plenty of room for little nooks. I created a music nook and a comfy little reading nook. I fell head over heels in love with the Chair De Lune moon chair from floorplan. Really, it is called a chair, but it would work as a bed, too. It has sleeping poses and it’s so darn cute. I love anything with moons or stars, so I knew I’d need this one when I saw it. My music nook consists of various What Next pieces.

Attic hang out areas

My bed set is the gorgeous one from LAQ Decor. I’ve used the bed in posts before, and will again… but it’s unlikely it will ever look exactly the same twice. That’s because there are tons of color options. The comforter, top sheet, pillows and even the wood on this bed all have so many color/pattern/wood choices. Then, just to add to it, you can tint all the various parts, which really makes this incredibly versatile. It’s also mesh, and the LI is really low… just 12 for the nightstands (all the stuff you see on them is affixed to them) and the bed! My chair is from Senzafine, and the pile of books are Old Books from Garden Of Dreams.


My living room is nearly entirely What Next. I used the Charlotte set. The cats and the tea and cupcakes are the only items not from What Next in this pic. Well, and obviously the house. It was January, but I wanted splashes of color, and cheer. It’s weird for me, since I’m not really into pink (poor Rosa nearly passed out), but I really wanted to feel like it was almost spring… now, today, it finally is!

Living Room

I turned the screened in porch into my study. Since it was, in fact, still winter I added a cozy woodburning stove from Lisp. I really love how this room came out. My younger sister Ali and Rosa like to tease me about my “clutter” love, but it makes me feel cozy. I’d have even more clutter if I could! My baby sister Isley’s things are in the study, including the What Next chalkboard I always rezz for her so she can study her letters and numbers. πŸ˜‰


This next picture is from a part of the living room I didn’t photograph, mainly because it involves furniture I’ll soon be using in a new home style blog. But I had to snap a pic of this spool table top from floorplan and the items I rezzed on it. The little box is from Beach Street, and I just adore it. I’ve felt that way about tea my entire life. I don’t know why, but tea has always made me feel comforted and calm, yet sophisticated and worldly… all at the same time. My journal is from What Next, and the teacup lamp is Lisp.


Finally, the kitchen. Again, it’s been a long time since I had a kitchen in SL. I fell in love with this Lisp kitchen, and I knew I had to have it. My art is from a combo of What Next and Sway’s. My little piggy bank is from Sway’s, too. I love her. She has pretty flowers (not visible here) on her side. She also works, so feel free to come by and pay my piglet (just kidding… you’d get kicked if you’re not on my security, lol). My teacups and spoons chandelier is also from Sway’s. I have a bit of a “thing” for spoons because of something called The Spoon Theory. The Spoon Theory was written by Christine Miserandino, and it was how she explained life with a chronic illness (in her case, lupus) to her “healthy” friend. I’ve used it many times myself, since first reading it, to try to better explain life with fibromyalgia. If you talk to me, you’ll frequently hear me say “I have no spoons” or something akin to that. Well, that’s what it refers to, and so between that and my insane tea obsession, I had to have this lamp!

The dining set from What Next is technically intended to be a garden set, but I had to have it for my little kitchen. I loved the fresh feel of the strawberries, and again, despite my usual aversion to pink, I felt the splash of fresh was very welcome in the long winter months.

Kitchen Collage

And now, with the arrival of Spring, I think it’s time to say goodbye to Wynter… you’ve been a great house, and undoubtedly one I’ll return to next year.


Credits: Click through to Flickr to see notes on where each item is from. Feel free to ask specific questions!

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Merge of seasons…

I live in Colorado, and I’m at 9,000 feet. Seasons here are somewhat odd, often fleeting (winter aside!), and tend to overlap. I remember one year, on the last day of summer, we had ten inches of snow, and many of the aspen trees were already in full autumn gold. I actually wrote a poem. Since the poem and this blog post share a title, I thought I’d share.

On this last day of summer, brilliant golds
mix with verdant leaves on the branches of aspens
As they whisper in the cold breeze,
freshly fallen snow softly slips
to the carpet of white below the graceful boughs

At any rate, I’ve had it “snowing” at my house in SL for a few weeks already, and last week I decided it was time for that snow to accumulate. The result is autumn-meets-winter coziness. I even confess there might be a few Christmasy things about already. What can I say? I’m a sucker for decorating.

My house is the Mt. Tabor cabin, which I’ve dubbed Bluebird Cabin, from Funky Junk. I wanted a version I could use year round, and the owner of Funky Junk (Ulaa Coronet) is one of the nicest builders ever. She graciously made me a version with plain trim, as the “official” version has vivid, Christmasy green trim. My furniture and decor comes from a lot of stores, but mainly What Next & LISP. If you click through on the pictures, you can hover over them on Flickr to see notes about where each item is from. Because of the amount of furniture sets and items used, I’m not naming each specific piece, but if you see something and want to know the name, either leave me a comment here or on Flickr and I will happily share!

Without further ado… my home. In this first picture, you can see my What Next Bear Canyon camp set. I love this set so much.


One thing I really wanted in a house was enough room to have an office area… this is my living room/office area.

Living Room Collage

Fireplace Collage

Here’s another view, of my LISP shelf with a cute little teacup kitten on it. The books you see here, and in many places around my home, are from Garden Of Dreams. You get a ton of styles, and as someone who loves to read, I had to have them.

Living Room 3

This is my dining area, which is also home to my adorable LISP piano. I really wanted room for it, so while it may be an unconventional location, I was happy I could make it work!

Dining Room Collage

This house, like many of the Funky Junk homes, has a cute little loft. What makes this loft special, though, is there are French doors to an upstairs deck! I love that. I have an upstairs deck in RL and it’s pretty cool to be out on it, regardless of the seasons. I use this as a “visiting space” for my SL baby sister Isley, and you can see some of her belongings in the pics, too.

Loft Collage

This is the bedroom, which has an adorable windowseat with a built in pillow that has poses. By the way, the snow you see falling outside is actually an effect built into this home! You can turn snow on or off, without having to use an outdoor particle effect. Those are always annoying since they go inside any buildings. This way, you get snow without the indoor snow!

Bedroom Collage

Finally, here’s the back of the house. One of the things that really drew me to the house was all the porch space, front and back, as well as that upper deck.

Back Porch

If you’re looking for a great little cabin you can use year round, I definitely recommend this one! The prim snow on the outside can be removed, making this cute log home very versatile. I’ll be using this one for a long time to come!


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Three for the price of One…

So, I am a bit behind. As a result, you get a special Three for the price of One blog post from me! First on the agenda, Week Four of Raid Your Closet.

I love autumn clothes. I love layers and tights and jackets. I also love the “smart, but sexy” look, which is what I was going for with this week’s RYCC. I paired this cute skirt from Blueberry with a blazer by House of Fox that I grabbed from the last round of Collabor88. I added some fuzzy tights from JANE, these adorable not-quite-boots shoes from G Field, a sketchbook from Elymode and my Gos Intuition glasses and considered myself good to go. Oh, and the super sexy but softly feminine t-shirt under my blazer is from Sleeping Koala. Anyone who thinks textured clothes are a thing of the past needs one of these t-shirts. The detail work is incredible and they are perfect for layering!

Book Smart

Next up… The Black Market! I loved this outfit from Sakide for The Black Market. It’s really cute, sexy and girly. I paired it with a recent shoe release from Severed Garden. These Nana pumps have a hud and there are so many color combinations. They are some crazy high heels, but that is offset by how freakin’ cute they are! The sheer tights are a new release from Izzie’s. I was absolutely thrilled with this release because I’ve been dying for some “pantyhose” type tights.

Feigned Innocence

The stunning skin is the newly released Jaci from Aeva. Though the Bare and Belle Amie versions have been out for a few weeks, Amesha recently released the full makeup line. This soft, delicate and perfectly autumnal makeup is called Chocolat. My jewelry set is Enchanted from Cae, and it’s so pretty. It’s texture change with multiple metal options. For this look I used the rose gold metal.

Aeva Jaci 01 - Chocolat

Next, a bit of homestyle. I used my Anastasia Autumn skybox again for this pic. The chair is from Mudhoney for The Outlet and comes in several color options. I used the teal because I liked the unexpected splash of color. The leather sofa is from WM, also for The Outlet. It’s texture change, and includes an option you can tint. The bookcase and pile of books is by FD Decor for The Black Market. Like the sofa & chair, this is also mesh. I was exhausted from standing in those heels, so I plopped on the Emma chair to relax.

Autumn Living Room

That’s all from me for now. Soon I’ll have more from Cinema!

Pic 1:
Skin: Izzie’s – Estella – Sunkissed
Hair: Truth – Carmen – Blood w/roots
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Dark Leaf
Glasses: Gos – Intuition – black
Book: Elymode – El’s Leather Sketch Book
Jacket: HOF – Scarlet Blazer – Purple
Shirt: Sleeping Koala – My Bra Flashing – Gray
Skirt: Blueberry – Lisa – Black
Tights: JANE – lil piggies – fuzzy – eggplant
Shoes: G Field – Vilda Open Boots – Black
Pose: Embody – Milla 3
Taken in the Garden of Dreams Library skybox

Pics 2 & 3:
Skin: Aeva – Jaci – Tone 1 – chocolat
Hair: Alice Project – Marie
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Light Brown
Outfit: Sakide – Knitted outfit – Black & Wine**
Jewerly: Cae – Enchanted Set
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Sparkly – Onyx
Tights: Izzie’s – tights – Black
Shoes: Severed Garden – Nana pumps
Pose: Embody – Disco 3

Pic 4:
Skybox: A:S:S – Anastasia Autumn
Sofa: WM – Contemporary Love Seat*
Chair: Mudhoney – Emma – Teal*
Books & Bookcase: FD Decor – Bertram Bookcase**

*Denotes items from The Outlet
**Denotes items from The Black Market

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Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry

When I heard that Mon Tissu was holding a contest to find a new blogger, I debated entering. There are so many truly amazing bloggers out there, and I knew the competition would be tremendous and fierce for this contest just from a quick glance at the Flickr group entries. Then I realized there is only one definite way to not win, and that’s by not trying. I hate failing because I was afraid to try, so I reframed my perspective. I adore Mon Tissu clothing. The detail work and quality is superb. I already had a lot of older pieces, and I’d been waiting to add some mesh pieces, and I decided to see this as an excuse to shop. After all, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t look for an excuse to shop?!?

I consider my style quirky. When I was a kid, I liked to wear colors that were considered to “not go together,” like red and purple. Fortunately, I was a child of the 80s, and often would wear something that later became a trend… but since I was seemingly always a step ahead, I was never considered “trendy” or “stylish.” I didn’t really care. I wore what I liked, what felt fun and comfortable to me. I’m often the same way in Second Life. I’ll show my best friend an outfit and before she can say anything, I’ll go… I know you hate it. She laughs and says it’s just not her style. πŸ˜‰

For this look, I decided to pair the Heathrow boots I’ve been dying for since they were released with shorts, tights and a sweatshirt. I love the shorts with tights look. I do this look a lot in SL, especially in the autumn and spring months. I think of it as a transitional look that works nicely between seasons. I wanted to find bright, and naturally, unexpected colors. I wanted to do what I could to make my look pop against the many contenders, and it’s also just staying true to myself to come up with quirky color combos. The coral shorts with this sweatshirt that’s almost a pale aqua made me smile. First off, peach and aqua were the colors I chose for my high school graduation party. Secondly, they seem like perfect summer-into-fall colors. I bought the Heathrow boots in Ash, and to me they look sort of worn, and well loved in this color. It’s a brown, but not as dark as the chocolat (which I also love and want eventually), and I tossed on a pair of fuzzy JANE tights in champagne. I completed the look with Mon Tissu Readers in cream, and this adorable hair from Exile that I snagged back during the Hair Fair. I consider the overall look one of collegiate quirkiness! I feel smart, cute and sexy in that quirky way that makes celebs like Zooey Deschanel or Drew Barrymore famous.

I originally envisioned this picture being taken in a library. I love books, and as a future high school English teacher, I surround myself with them in real life and Second life as much as possible. I will share the library version with you, if only to show off a bit of the amazing library scene from Garden of Dreams. It’s lush, and I really want to get it some day when I have the prims to spare! I also need to say thank you to Kaelyn Alecto who was kind enough to offer to rezz me a copy of hers if I wanted to use it.

Study Time

In the end, though, I felt the picture wanted more. So I wandered to the Water Reserve sim (home of *emm shop & scribbled hearts) and found myself a dock by the water. I rezzed one of the Oslo Chairs from What Next for The Arcade, complete with a comfy blanket, and sat down to read. I used a pile of old books from Garden of Dreams as a makeshift table, made myself some cocoa to stave off the autumn chill, and I was all set. Here’s the finished work.

Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry - Lucie Bluebird

I still do not expect to win against such a tremendous pool of talent, but I am really happy with how my final picture and my Mon Tissu look came out. I had a lot of fun, and feel I challenged myself with this entry. In the end, that means no matter what, I’ve won.


Skin: Izzie’s – Brianna – Sunkissed
Hair: Exile – Crush – Rouge (slightly tinted)
Eyes: Ikon – Utopia – Dark Sepia
Glasses: Mon Tissu – Four Corners Readers – Cream
Top: Mon Tissu – Slouchy Sweatshirt – Sky
Shorts: Mon Tissu – Hanalei – Coral
Tights: JANE – Fuzzy Piggies – Champagne
Boots: Mon Tissu – Heathrow – Ash
Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Tangerine
Ring: Cheeky Pea – Macaron Ring – Peanut**
Pic 1 books: Elymode – Leatherbound Sketchbooks
Locations: Garden Of Dreams – Library Scene (pic 1), Water Reserve sim (pic 2)
Poses: Embody – Eileen 5 (pic 1), What Next Oslo Chair** (pic 2)

** Item from The Arcade gatcha event… for more, check the Seraphim post here!

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Home Sweet Vintage Home

As soon as I saw the house Ulaa Coronet of Funky Junk made for Vintage Fair, I knew I wanted to blog it. It reminded me of a more stylish Brady Bunch house! I’ll be honest, my personal style runs towards shabby chic, but this was a fun change of pace for me and gave me a chance to stretch my decorating muscles. The house is called Salinas, and just look at it! It’s adorable.

Salinas Front

I had to take a closeup of the front door because I totally love the working doorbell on this house. It’s such a realistic touch! I put out my What Next welcome mat and Wellies, and it feels so charming and, well, welcoming!

Salinas Entry

It has this absolutely awesome sunken living room, with lots of built in shelves. I also grabbed the Vintage Shelf from Funky Junk to put in the living room. This shelf is really cool and has two options. One has all the decor already out and linked. Another one is scripted, and you can select what you’d like to display. You then can click the item to delete the script, too, which is a feature I felt worth mentioning. I had this Sophia sideboard set from What Next already, and realized it would be perfect in the living room. This texture-change rug is from Zigana, and the Old Books on the shelves below the fireplace are a new find from Garden of Dreams.

Salinas Sunken Living Room

The fireplace itself is really awesome because it’s visible from the front parlor, too! I put my Mirabelle tea set from What Next in the front parlor. It made it feel cozy and the fireplace just added to that.

Salinas Parlor

There’s a dining room off the kitchen, but I set it up as a music/study area. It felt like the perfect place for my Upright Piano from Lisp… and for a new desk set What Next has out for Vintage Fair called the Novelle Study.

Salinas Dining Room

And here’s a closeup of the Novelle set… it’s mesh, so be sure you have a mesh capable viewer. It’s also texture change! You can change the desk, chair, rug and even the typewriter!

What Next Novelle Desk

The kitchen is so cute. I love the checkerboard floors. I put my Amelie dining set from Lisp in the kitchen, along with some kitchen furniture I got from Estetica a while back. The light is from the What Next Cafe collection, and I loved the aqua color with the floor.

Salinas Kitchen

Take a stroll out the kitchen door, and you’ll find this charming patio area. I put out my RFL Summer Deck Furniture from Funky Junk, and through the window behind it you can see into the garage. Since I don’t own a car in SL, I put some furniture and a lamp in the garage, creating a cozy little reading area. With the window and a door, the garage is easily converted into an additional bedroom, too. There is also a version of the house without the garage.

Salinas Patio

And speaking of bedrooms, here’s a peek into mine… my bed & nightstand are part of the Shabby Attic set from Fuzzy Bee. My little lounging couch is the Mixed Couch from Zigana.

Salinas Bedroom

This is an adorable family home, with a lot of classic touches. It’s versatile, and can easily be made more modern, if so desired, but personally, I love the vintage flair.


PS. Click through to the pictures for notes on what items are from where. At Vintage Fair, you’ll find Funky Junk on the Classic Sim & What Next on the Chic Sim.