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Alice Project for Hair Fair

Hey y’all! Hair Fair 2013 wraps up tomorrow. Sad, right? But the good new is, there’s still time! You can hurry over tonight or tomorrow and grab some awesome goodies. I wanted to take a minute to highlight the available hairs from Alice Project for Hair Fair 2013.

Alice Project recently released a new Create Your Own color pack option, and I have to say this is some seriously addictive and cool scripting fun. First off, there are probably like a gazillion color options. Secondly, you get five hairs that are pure white and you’re able to customize to suit your needs. Cool, right? You can also still opt for the Infinity option, but I recommend giving the Create Your Own packs a try. I am pretty sure you can spend hours playing with all the options and colors. I know this because, uhm, well… maybe I did? Shh. But how can you blame me? There are roots options, dark tips, light tips, streaks, glitter streaks, glitter dips! It’s intense!

I put the names of each hair right on my mini-collages. Bear with me… I don’t usually do collages, and I know it’s not my strength, but I felt it was the best way to show all six hairstyles. My skin is one of the three gorgeous editions of Lulu from Glam Affair for Love Donna Flora. My top is also a Love Donna Flora item, the Eva bustier in purple by Lark. My eyes are from IKON’s line. I used the same outfit/pose in all of the pics, just to keep it simple. The pose is Peekaboo 1 from Embody.

Oh, by the way… this first collage features Erika. If you click the info sign on the wall near the doorway in the Alice Project Hair Fair booth, you will get this as a gift! As if that’s not awesome enough, there are 2 slightly different versions in there. Erika V2 is a bit longer, and that’s the one I have on here.

Alice Project: Wendy & Erika

Alice Project: Mika & Melissa

Alice Project: Veronica & Megan

You will find Alice Project on Sim 4 at Hair Fair 2013. Be sure to hurry over before it all ends tomorrow!


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Bandana Day & Love Donna Flora

One of my favorite parts of Hair Fair is Bandana Day. This is done on the last day of Hair Fair, where people are encouraged to lose their hair and don a bandana. The SL community works together to make fabulous bandanas, each of which cost 50L and are for sale on the Hair Fair sims in the Bandana Booths. These bandanas help raise more money for Wigs For Kids, and on top of that are a great way to show solidarity with those who have lost their hair, whether due to medical treatment for an illness, or illness itself. For me, this particular charity is especially emotional because it is to help children. Children fill the world with hope, and hope is its own kind of magic.

There are such a wide variety of styles, ranging from quirky to adorably sweet to glam. The bandana I chose was created by Anya Ohmai, and she shared her personal story via a NC that comes with the bandana. I am not going to share her story here. You need to go buy it, and read about it yourselves! It’s powerful and touching, and it really moved me. I bought this bandana because it was so unique, and so elegant. I thought… who says losing one’s hair means you have to give up on being graceful and sophisticated?! When I saw this Ray Of Light dress SAKIDE has for the Black Market, I knew it was a perfect match to the bandana. Not only did it enchant me with a unique style (and a hud to change dress colors!), but the name of it is one full of hope, and that seemed perfect!

Defiant Grace

My skin is from Glam Affair, and is another of the Lulu skins available at Collabor88 this round. It’s so dramatic and elegant, and I thought the pale tone worked nicely with the black dress and dramatic bandana. Oh, and aren’t my elephant earrings cute? They are from HandVerk for The Boutique. I love elephants!

Glam Affair Lulu & Ohmai bandana

Tomorrow an event called Love Donna Flora opens. This event is a fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia, the owner of Donna Flora. I do not know Squinternet, and I will be completely honest and say that I don’t own anything from her store, either. So why blog this event? When I read about it, it broke my heart… but at the same time it made me feel grateful that this stranger I do not know, who is going through something none of us should have to face, was surrounded by so much love and support in the SL community. But it’s also personal… you see, when I was about 10 my beloved great aunt finally went to the doctor about a lump she’d discovered in her breast about 18 months earlier. She’d been too scared to face it, and was living in denial. Then she broke her ankle doing something that never should’ve caused a break in the bone. During that visit, she finally came clean about the lump. It turned out that what began as breast cancer had metastasized into bone cancer. Four years later, after many surgeries, chemo treatments and being a guinea pig for a doctor that exploited her in her vulnerable state, she lost her fight. Squinternet’s story made me remember my Aunt Dorothy’s story… and I so badly want for Squinternet to get a much happier ending. It doesn’t matter that we’ve never met. I am cheering for her. So, here I am… and this is why I wanted to blog for this event, and to do my small part to help spread the word.

These pics combine items from both Love Donna Flora and Hair Fair. It seemed appropriate to unite these two great causes in one look. The beautiful dress I am wearing is from Miamai for LDF, and it comes in a variety of stunning colors. My hair is one of Clawtooth’s Hair Fair releases. I loved the casual elegance of this hair. It felt like it would be very versatile! The pose is from Pretense, and is another item you can snag at Love Donna Flora.

Miamai for Love Donna Flora

The skin I’m wearing is Katya. Katya new from Glam Affair, and is available at The Boutique. Few people know this, but Katya was my nickname in high school. My best friend Laura and I had nicknames for each other. She was Skye and I was Katya. I still love the name, and it makes me miss her (she’s an “off the grid” type)! She’d approve of this look, I think.


Hair Fair runs through July 28th (that day is Bandana Day, so go grab yours today in preparation), and I will have more from there tomorrow (or maybe later today). Love Donna Flora opens tomorrow and runs through August 11th, so be sure to check out both of these events while you can. You get to shop and help people at the same time, and really… does shopping get much better than when you know it’s supporting a good cause?


Look 1:
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu – Europa 03 B (Collabor88)
Bandana: Ohmai! by Anya Ohmai for Hair Fair 2013
Eyes: IKON – Destiny – Walnut
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Mysteria
Earrings: HandVerk – Enamel Elephant earrings – khaki (The Boutique)
Dress: SAKIDE – Ray of Light Dress
Hands: SLink – Flat
Nails: Flair – for SLink hands – Set 113
Shoes: Gos Boutique – Grace – Bronze
Poses: Ma Vie – Wicked Game 2 (pic 1), Embody – Handoff 2 (pic 2)

Look 2:
Skin: Glam Affair – Katya – America 03 D (The Boutique)
Hair: Clawtooth – Tootsie – Strawberry Cream (Hair Fair)
Eyes: IKON – Vanity – Field
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Dress: Miamai – Guilia – Meadows (Love Donna Flora)
Shoes: Gos Boutique – Lauren d’Orsay – Truffle Collection (The Boutique)
Pose: Pretense – Charm 5 (Love Donna Flora)

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Summer of hair…

Boy, I do love Hair Fair! There are just so many goodies to be had. First up, in my last post I promised a better look at one of the gorgeous skins Glam Affair has to offer at this round of Collabor88. I paired this skin, and an outfit from Collab, with one of the LeLutka offerings from Hair Fair. The fantasy, dreamy style suited the Midsummer Night’s Dream that is this month’s theme at Collabor88 perfectly. The hair is called Alvina, and I am wearing it in the red shade called Jessica. You can find at Hair Fair LeLutka here. Please note that direct landing points aren’t currently enabled, but you can follow the beacon to find the booth!

LeLutka for Hair Fair & Glam Affair for Collab

I often don’t do location shoots for Hair Fair pics, but I really wanted something dreamier than my studio background for this style, so I took the last pic and this next one at a lovely spot called frog’s garden. My pretty, ruffly dress is from ISON for Collab, as are the seriously cute sandals which are SLink add ons.

Sunny Days

Next up, one of the gorgeous styles from Tableau Vivant. This one is called Teichmann. I really like the reds in their color packs. The packs have seasonal names, and mine is from Fall. I’m fussy about my reds (you may have noticed I often write “tinted” next to a color name), so it is always a thrill to find one I like out of the box. My adorable owl tank top is one of 2 clothing gifts you’ll find at the Auxiliary Hair Fair booth.

More Hair Fair!

The skin I’m wearing with this look is another Glam Affair skin for another event! This time it’s for The Boutique, and the skin is called Katya. There are six makeups available. For this look I liked the drama of the bright pink lips and yellow shadow. You’ll find Tableau Vivant’s booth here.

Glam Affair Katya

Stay tuned for yet more from Hair Fair 2013!


Look 1:
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu – Jamaica 02 B (Collabor88)
Hair: LeLutka – Alvina (with crown & pony) – Jessica (Hair Fair)
Eyes: IKON – Ardent – Parchment
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Dress: ISON – Ruffle Dress – Forest (Collabor88)
Sandals: ISON – Leather Strap Sandals – Tan (Collabor88)
Feet: SLink – Flat Mesh Enhanced (needed for shoes!)
Pose: Embody – Stand In 2

Look 2:
Skin: Glam Affair – Katya – America 05 C (The Boutique)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Teichmann – Fall (Hair Fair)
Eyes: IKON – Ardent – Moor
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Top: Auxiliary – Slouchy Tank – Owl Love (Hair Fair gift)
Pants: Maitreya – Leggings – Black
Poses: – sweet.sour 5 (pic 1), Hopscotch – Standing Pretty 5 (pic 2)

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Collab meets Hair Fair

I was in the middle of shooting pics of an utterly adorable outfit, skin and some accessories I snagged at Collabor88 when the lovely Irischka Hotshot of Iren passed me her Hair Fair pack. I fell so in love that I changed hairstyles mid shoot. It’s actually appropriate because the hair I had been wearing, in the pic below, is one of Exile’s Hair Fair 2012 styles!

Snow Red

I utterly love this dress from Tres Blah for Collabor88. I may have to buy some more colors before the round ends in August. If you haven’t gotten to the July round yet, you really need to because this round is absolutely superb. It might be my favorite ever! I have lots of goodies, far more than just in this post, so stay tuned for more Collab/Hair Fair combos from me in the coming week!

I thought this Iren hair was so wonderfully romantic, and it fit so nicely with the Midsummer Night’s Dream theme Collab has happening this round. A Midsummer Night’s Dream happens to be my favorite Shakespearean play, btw, so it’s not really a surprise I loved this round so. These shoes are SLink add ons from BOOM, and oh, they’re lovely! I knew when I saw the blue dress with the red belt I had to have it, and the red shoes. I have to confess, I feel a bit like a redheaded modern day Snow White in this outfit.

Collab Meets Hair Fair

I have been a fan of Essences skins for a while now, but I think the one they did for Collabor88 is my favorite one yet! Her name is Cho, and she’s just utterly adorable. I will be honest, since I am not one to deny my SL vanity anyway (hell, it’s in my blog tagline)… I kept saying “OMG I AM SO CUTE!” whilst wearing this skin.

Essences - Cho (Collabor88)

Just as I finished shooting this look, I was given previews of Miamai’s Hair Fair releases. This one caught my eye because of how dramatic it is, so I decided to throw it on and strike a pose to show y’all. I was apparently too lazy to put on a shirt, though. Don’t get too excited… I may be shirtless, but I’m still relatively decent! This hair is really more about the hat, and you can even hide the hair so it’s a unisex style. There’s a hud and you can change the color of the ribbon and the beads, too. It’s a versatile style! Though you can’t see the gorgeous face, my skin is one of Glam Affair’s Collabor88 releases (a better view to come soon). It’s a stunning skin, and you’ll definitely not want to miss out on it!

In Profile

Hair Fair 2013 comprises of four sims full of wonderful hair goodness! You can check out Seraphim’s gallery here, to help you with your shopping, or you can join the Hair Fair Demo Group in world to get demos to help you make choices without the inevitable lag of a crowded event. Hair Fair’s organizers have done a lot to help reduce lag, but please be patient and remember that any crowded SL event will have some degree of lag! Also, please remember this is a charity event, one that benefits children who have lost their hair due to medical conditions/treatments. Visit the Wigs For Kids website to learn more about this awesome charity.

More from Hair Fair, Collab and other events soon!


Look 1: Skin – Essences – Cho – Light Rose (Collabor88)
Hair: (Pic 1) Exile – Crush – Rouge (tinted), (Pics 2 & 3) Iren – Kiss Me (Hair Fair)
Eyes: IKON – Ascension – Indigo
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Dress: Tres Blah – Frilly Dress – Blue (Collabor88)
Necklace: Noodles – Sketchy Flower Necklace – Silver/Diamond (Collabor88)
Feet: SLink – Medium w/Essences Light Rose appliers
Shoes: BOOM – Locale Heels (for SLink medium feet) – Cherry Red (Collabor88)
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc – Alice Blue (hands), Flair – SLink Appliers 113 (feet)
Poses: Aushka – Asya 09 (pic 1), Embody – Stand By 3 (half body) & Stand In 1 (shoes)

Look 2:
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu – Jamaica (Collabor88)
Hair: Miamai – Latin Lover Gaucho – Onyx w/matching hairbase (Hair Fair)
Pants: Tutti Frutti – Summer Retreat Mesh Jeans – Violet
Pose: Embody – Stand Back 1