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Isolation of the queen

I don’t generally blog head-wear… be it hats or crowns. I sort of just don’t think to, unless it’s attached to, or included with, hair. But when I got this Framed headdress from Glam Affair (available at FaMESHed), I was instantly drawn to it. It’s so unusual, and it’s beautifully made. I built my look around this one piece, and building a look around an accessory is not something I’ve done much of, either. It was fun, and different… and a bit outside my comfort zone.

I decided to grab the beautiful Guilia gown from Baiastice for Love Donna Flora. My hair is Aria, a recent release from Truth. I love braids, and this hair felt perfect for the headdress. I wanted a location that had a touch of fantasy, but also something like a castle. I found the perfect location at Fallen Gods.

The isolation of the Queen

Here’s a closer look at the headdress.


My skin is the latest release from Essences. It’s called Whisper, and I really love the depth of character in this face. They eyes, in particular, really captivated me.

Essences - Whisper

I really had fun with this look. Sometimes it’s fun to step outside our normal boundaries and explore!


Skin: Essences – Whisper – Sunkissed
Hair: Truth – Aria – Reds04
Eyes: IKON – Destiny – Midnight
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Headdress – Glam Affair – Framed – White (FaMESHed)
Gown: Baistice – Guilia – Blue (Love Donna Flora)
Poses: Pretense – Ticky Tacky 1 (pics 1 & 2), Muse – Astralia 05 (pic 3 – at Love Donna Flora)

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Purposeful Pause

Hi lovelies! I have more to share with you from Love Donna Flora!

This adorable outfit is from Somnia for LDF. I paired it with hair from Truth, and my SLink barefeet because, well… it made me wanna run barefoot in the grass! My skin is the lovely Doll skin by Pink Fuel, also for LDF. This sweet little stone I am posed on is from Sway’s for LDF, and as you’ll see in another pic it says “Flora” on it. It has multiple poses, all of which are really cute. It’s a nice little reminder to stop to pause and just enjoy life.

Purposeful Pause

Few things make me feel more fabulously girly than pretty, sparkly nails… fingers or toes! I’m wearing the SLink nail appliers from A:S:S for LDF. They’re such cheery bright colors, and the sparkle is amazing.

Sparkly toes

Finally, you can see it in the other two pics, but here’s a better look at the Playground Roundabout What Next released at their mainstore recently. It’s utterly adorable, and comes in a lot of color varieties, as well as a ton of poses (for both large and small avs). There is also a version with a dirt base for those of you who live on the ground and want to landscape around it! If you click through to Flickr to see the image at full size, you can also get a better look at the stone from Sway’s in this pic.

Merry go 'round

Next, a few pics of various home decor items you can find at Love Donna Flora. This first pic features the gorgeous Pavone set from Kaerri. It’s a must have for all of you who love peacocks! The pieces are sold individually, or as a set, so you can customize to suit your needs.

Kaerri Pavone Set - Love Donna Flora

In this final pic, I’ve featured pieces from the Donna mini-set from Cobblestone. On the table (which is from What Next, and not part of the LDF event) is Donna’s Box, which is Kuro’s offering for LDF. This pretty little box comes with a variety of options, and is a unique piece! Click through to the pic and hover for notes on each item!

By the way, the house I shot those pictures in is from Barnesworth Anubis. You can still grab it at an amazing price for a few more days at the current round of Collabor88. It’s mesh, but unlike some mesh houses you can modify it to change the wall textures (which I did in the above pics).


Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll – Porcelain (Love Donna Flora)
Hair: Truth – Bobbie – Reds04Fade
Eyes: IKON – Ascension – Nymph
Outfit: Somnia – City Scape Day Set (Love Donna Flora)
Hands: SLink – Mesh hands – Casual
Feet: SLink – Mesh Barefeet – flat
Nails: A:S:S – Sparkle Daisy (Love Donna Flora)

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Lunch Date

I wanted to show you some more of the awesome items you can snag at the Love Donna Flora fundraiser. I adore this top from The Secret Store, which is one of the many lovely items you can buy at Love Donna Flora. I love the cheerful colors, the belt (which is texture change!) and the feeling that it could go from a more professional look to casual very easily. I decided to pair it with these sparkly jeans from Tutti Frutti. My shoes are from SLink, for the medium mesh feet, and are also available at Love Donna Flora. I love these slip-on satin pumps. They are classy and elegant, and helped me dress up my look a bit. I’m wearing one of the newest hair releases from Truth, Qopi. I love the structured messiness of this updo, and the fact that it’s focused on the side, instead of the top/back like most updo styles are. My cute bag is from The Secret Store.

Lunch Date

This also seemed like a good chance to show off the stunning new skin from Pink Fuel. Harley is so pretty. There’s the softness I expect from Pink Fuel skins, but there are so many makeup options and add ons that you can really customize this skin to suit your needs. The bare skin will definitely work for kid and teen avs, but “dressed up” with makeup, Harley is easily sophisticated and sexy, too! Also, check out my pretty necklace! A dear friend bought me this skin as a gift, and I just want to say thank you to her. I love it! This pendant is from Cae for Love Donna Flora. There are multiple metal options, as well as gem colors!


Oh, and here’s a better look at my perfect pumps! I hope Siddean will release these in more colors (there are 3 colors at the LDF event). They are just so cute!

Perfect Pumps

I took these pics at the lovely Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe. When I saw the What Next tables, I knew that I had to end my afternoon with a cool glass of white wine. It also gave me a chance to show off my lovely manicure, compliments of Orc Inc, and also available at Love Donna Flora.

Wine Down


Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley – Peach w/silver +wing shimmer eyeshadow & beestung lipstick
Hair: Truth – Qopi – Reds04
Eyes: IKON – Ascension – Denim
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Necklace: Cae – Flora (Love Donna Flora)
Top: The Secret Store – Peplum Shirt – Delicacy
Pants: TuttiFrutti – I Wish – Skinny Mesh Jeans – Frosty Blue
Hands: SLink – Mesh Hands – Casual
Nails: Orc Inc – Pastel Shimmer Nails (Love Donna Flora)
Ring: Exquisite Jewelry – Radiant Engagement Ring
Bag: The Secret Store – Girly Briefcase – Honeysuckle
Feet: SLink – Mesh Feet – Medium
Shoes: SLink – Boudoir Slippers – White (Love Donna Flora)
Poses: Oracul AO – Bionic Girl & What Next Hampton Set

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Alice Project for Hair Fair

Hey y’all! Hair Fair 2013 wraps up tomorrow. Sad, right? But the good new is, there’s still time! You can hurry over tonight or tomorrow and grab some awesome goodies. I wanted to take a minute to highlight the available hairs from Alice Project for Hair Fair 2013.

Alice Project recently released a new Create Your Own color pack option, and I have to say this is some seriously addictive and cool scripting fun. First off, there are probably like a gazillion color options. Secondly, you get five hairs that are pure white and you’re able to customize to suit your needs. Cool, right? You can also still opt for the Infinity option, but I recommend giving the Create Your Own packs a try. I am pretty sure you can spend hours playing with all the options and colors. I know this because, uhm, well… maybe I did? Shh. But how can you blame me? There are roots options, dark tips, light tips, streaks, glitter streaks, glitter dips! It’s intense!

I put the names of each hair right on my mini-collages. Bear with me… I don’t usually do collages, and I know it’s not my strength, but I felt it was the best way to show all six hairstyles. My skin is one of the three gorgeous editions of Lulu from Glam Affair for Love Donna Flora. My top is also a Love Donna Flora item, the Eva bustier in purple by Lark. My eyes are from IKON’s line. I used the same outfit/pose in all of the pics, just to keep it simple. The pose is Peekaboo 1 from Embody.

Oh, by the way… this first collage features Erika. If you click the info sign on the wall near the doorway in the Alice Project Hair Fair booth, you will get this as a gift! As if that’s not awesome enough, there are 2 slightly different versions in there. Erika V2 is a bit longer, and that’s the one I have on here.

Alice Project: Wendy & Erika

Alice Project: Mika & Melissa

Alice Project: Veronica & Megan

You will find Alice Project on Sim 4 at Hair Fair 2013. Be sure to hurry over before it all ends tomorrow!


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Flirty Friday

I decided I should take another pass through Collabor88 before it ends in less than 2 weeks. I know Collabor88 was “born” in August, and I’m hoping they’ll be doing a special birthday bash edition. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, there is plenty to be found at the current edition, and it’s really one of my favorite themes ever. Soft, dreamy, romantic colors prevail, and the flirty charm just captivated me.

I fell in love with this top from The Secret Store. It comes in some really fun colors and patterns, but I’ve been in need of some more neutral pieces, so I went with the white. It may be basic, but with the lovely lacey pattern, it’s far from boring! I snagged another pair of the cute SLink add on heels from BOOM, too. I had the red, and decided the white pair was in order! My skirt is also from Collab. I liked the versatility of this piece. It’s sexy, but cute. The leather gives it a bit of edge, and also means it won’t be out of place come September. Don’t hit me! I admit it… I’ve been thinking fall in my fashion lately. Brace yourselves! It’s coming to my blog soon. But for now… oh, by the way my cute pose is another from Pretense for Love Donna Flora. I’ll have lots more from that event soon, too. Stay tuned!

Black & White Summer

My gorgeous skin is also from Collabor88, and it’s another version of Glam Affair’s gorgeous Lulu. I admit to possible bias with this skin since I’ve had more than one person give me the nickname Lulu in SL. This gorgeous hair is from SLink for Hair Fair. Isn’t the ginger shade pretty? I know I usually do a more true red, but lately gingers have been speaking to me, too.

Lulu Belle

I fell in love with the Trompe Loeil shower at Collabor88. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and although I am not using the official SL viewer, for those who are it is materials enabled. I look forward to the day Firestorm has materials, but using the official viewer makes me want to rip my hair out strand by strand, so for now, no materials for this chick! Still, it’s exciting to know I have products that will become even better whenever I do have a viewer I can handle that has materials enabled! I’ll just wait here in my beautiful garden shower for that day to come.

Waiting in the garden

You don’t see it well, but my skin in the above pic is the Pink Fuel skin Doll for Love Donna Flora. Not only is this skin gorgeous and supporting an awesome cause, it also is an incredible deal. For L$300 you get SLink appliers (hand and feet, worn here) and appliers for Lolas, Lush and Puffy breasts. Plus, there are dark and light brow options. The stunning hair I am wearing is one of Exile’s offerings at Hair Fair. I loved how romantic and lush these locks were!

Definitely be sure to check out all of these events. Remember, Hair Fair ends on Sunday. I linked to the Seraphim blog post because they’ve sorted their gallery by sim, and you’ll find slurls to all four sims there!

Hair Fair
Love Donna Flora


Look 1:
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu – Jamaica 01 B (Collabor88)
Hair: SLink – Heather – Hazel (Hair Fair)
Eyes: IKON – Ascension – Pewter
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Top: The secret Store – Elsa Ruffle Shirt – White Bloom (Collabor88)
Skirt: Color Me H.O.F. – Leather Panel Skirt – Black & White
Hands: SLink – Mesh Hands – Gesture & Flat combined
Feet: SLink – Mesh feet – Medium
Shoes: BOOM – Locale – Sugar (Collabor88 – requires SLink feet!)
Poeses: Pretense – Irascible – 1 (pic 1) & 4 (pic 2) (Love Donna Flora)

Look 2:
Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll – Porcelain (Love Donna Flora)
Hair: Exile – Counting Stars – Dark Reds (Hair Fair)
Hands: SLink – Mesh Hands – Gesture & Flat combined
Feet: SLink – Mesh feet – Medium
Shower: Trompe Loeil – Rock Outdoor Shower – Gray (Collabor88)