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Shoetopia is almost here!

Shoetopia has to be one of the year’s most highly anticipated events, and it opens later this week! This is a charity event that benefits Soles 4 Souls, and I’ve seen a preview of the build and it’s stunning. In addition to some of SL’s finest shoe creators, there is a gacha component (because we all need our gacha fix) that will feature a wide variety of items.

I know I am really exited about this event. In this post, I present to you one of the many items that will be available at Shoetopia when it opens November 15th. These adorable flats are from Sax Shepherd Designs, and they come in a wide variety of colors and texture options. They also have a version for SLink feet and a version for system feet, so those of you who aren’t SLink feet wearers can still buy these adorable shoes. They’re like what would result if a saddle shoe and a Mary Jane got together and had a baby. I’m a huge fan of both saddle shoes and Mary Janes, and so I just love these! I am wearing the SLink version, btw.

Shoetopia Preview: Sax Shepherd Designs

I recently bought this beautiful Barnesworth Anubis house at The Garden event (now out at the Mainstore). The minute I saw it, I knew I needed it. I love these rustic style homes, especially for autumn and winter, and I think this will be a lot of fun to decorate for the holidays. Right now you only get to see the outside because the inside, well… it’s cluttered (and not in a good way) with furniture and, uhm, moving boxes (hah).

I am wearing a sweatshirt from Mon Tissu that’s been on my personal “to buy” list for ages. I decided to treat myself to something (that wasn’t from an event, as has been the case so much lately), so I went and checked out my Wishlist to remind me of what I’ve been wanting. I don’t know if you’ve seen the SL Wishlist website, but it’s awesome. I find it an easier way to keep track of the things I want to buy in the future than using the Marketplace favorites list. If you don’t have one of these yet, check it out! With the holidays coming, it can be a helpful thing to use to help friends out with gift buying. I’ve been told more than a few times by my friends that they don’t ever know what to give me because of my blogging. I know it’s hard to shop for my fellow blogger friends, so I figured this is a cool, free and fun way to keep track of my future “must-haves” and if someone is generous enough to give me a gift off it, I’m very grateful. Chrome has an extension for it, and you just click a little box from the Marketplace page to add things to your list. It’s really handy when you’re browsing!


Finally, my new eyes are from A.D.D. Andel! I don’t typically wear mesh eyes. See, I have this nasty habit of wearing folders and I just know me… I’d wind up bald and stark naked with 20 pairs of eyes on. On top of that, I am the world’s fussiest person when it comes to SL eyes, and for ages now (probably well over a year) the only eyes I’ve liked are from IKON. But I have always thought that it might be fun to play with heterochromia, and have different colored eyes in SL. My RL great-grandmother had heterochromia, and she had one grey-blue and one hazel-brown eye. I always thought it was lovely, and I really think these eyes are, too. My gorgeous, adorable skin is Elvi from Glam Affair. This is a Collabor88 release. There are a lot of makeups available for Elvi, in the lovely America tone at the new round of Collabor88 so definitely check it out!

Elvi by Glam Affair for Collabor88

I will have more from Shoetopia soon! Be sure to check back.


Glam Affair: Elvi skin – America 09 G w/moles Collabor88
Magika: Sudden – Color Pack 1
A.D.D. Andel!: Clarity eyes – Hazel & Green/Brown
Mon Cheri: Falsies lashes
Mon Tissu: Oversized shirt – Heart
One Bad Pixel: Flowers jeans – black
SLink: mesh feet – natural, mesh hands – casual
Wicked Peach: Glitter nails
Cae: Alchemy ring
Sax Shepherd Designs: Saddle Jane shoe Shoetopia (coming soon!)
Embody: Footsie 5 – Shoetopia Gacha

Barnesworth Anubis: Bozeman Barn
Digs: Pumpkin Seat – Green – Rare (previous Arcade item)
Rustica: SkyMoon Environment

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HTGT Day 3

Day 3 brings a slightly edited pic… I’m making progress with Windows 8, but I still need to get my ancient copy of Fireworks installed, so ignore the pointy bits I didn’t get to smudge.

Today’s hair is a brand spanking new one from Truth. Isn’t it just adorable? The style is called Zuzka, and I’m wearing my usual shade (blood w/roots). All the other details are the same as my “default” look. You can find those credits here.

HTGT Day 3

Hopefully tomorrow brings with it more blogging, beyond just the basic HTGT look!


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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I decided that since I have so much hair in SL, I should really try a challenge. So, the Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow challenge was born. My goal is to do one very simple post every day. To help keep it easy, I have selected a default look, which includes the outfit, skin, eyes, etc. You can get all the details on this challenge on the page I created for it. Those details include the credits for everything I am wearing in the picture below… except, of course, the hair.

Today’s hair is a fairly recent release from Truth. I fell in love with this style immediately. It’s called Bianca, and it’s one of those I consider a “must have” because it’s so versatile. It could easily be worn casually or dressed up. I am wearing Bianca in Blood w/roots. I like the roots styles, as I feel they add a bit of depth to the hair.

HTGT Day 1: Bianca

Remember, for all the details other than hair, check the HTGT page. You can use the link in this post, or find it in the menu on my home page!

Happy New Year!!!


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Day to night…

I love versatile looks. In RL, I’m a minimalist. I rarely wear makeup, hate shoes (and socks!) and I tend to keep things pretty simple and I’m frugal. That tendency carries to SL, where I tend to look for styles that are going to work with a multitude of looks. I fell in love with this Vintage Fair offering from One Bad Pixel for that reason. This dress, which makes me think of the quintessential 50s hostess, has this adorable jacket, which by day makes it somewhat more casual. Styled right, it’s not overly fancy or formal, but still sophisticated and elegant. This adorable hair from Adam & Eve (also at Vintage Fair) was sleek, yet not overly fancy for my “day” style.


But say you have an event later that night. You want elegant sophistication, but with a hint of sexy and sultry. Change the hair, add some smokey eyes and paint your mouth with rich red… add your finest jewels, and voilĂ  – your inner movie star is revealed. This hair is new from Wasabi Pills for Vintage Fair, and the jewelry is from Eclectica for Vintage Fair.

OBP, Wasabi Pills


The poses from these “night” looks are part of a Vintage Fair offering from TuTy’s – the Chic AO. I really enjoyed playing with this AO. One thing that really stood out about it is that it has some very unique foot positions. This close up of the SLink Vintage Fair shoes that go with the OBP dress highlights one of these poses. This is where mesh shoes come in really handy, because many non-mesh shoes have built in boot fixers that would override these cool positions, and if they don’t, the shoes won’t look right anyway. But since rigged mesh moves with you, it looks great! Shoes were one of the first places where the benefits of mesh were patently obvious to me for this very reason.


I am crazy in love with these shoes… they are understated, but feel so glam. I will definitely get a lot of use out of them!

Stay tuned for even more from Vintage Fair.



Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Dark Leaf
Lashes: Beetlebones –
Dress: One Bad Pixel – Vintage – Forest (MESH)*


Day Look:
Skin: Izzie’s – Dailyn – Sunkissed
Hair: Adam & Eve – Elizabeth – Cranberry (MESH)*
Makeup: Izzie’s – Dailyn Green Eyeshadow, Delusional Green Eyeliner, Natural Lips (darker)
Pose: Embody – Belle 2

Night Look:
Skin: Izzie’s – Delusional – Sunkissed
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Gloria – Rouge (MESH)*
Makeup: Izzie’s – Delusional Smokey 2 eyeshadow, Cat Eyeliner 2, Dailyn Lipstick – Dark Matte Dark Red
Jewelry: Eclectica – Nouveau Leaves Set*
Shoes: SLink – Vintage 2-strap pumps – Forest (MESH)*
Poses: TuTy’s – Chic AO*

*Denotes items available @ Vintage Fair.

Maps & SLurls can be found here.