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More from Skin Fair!

If you haven’t been to Skin Fair yet, you still have time! The even runs through March 31st, so be sure to get there before it closes. Today I have two skins available at Skin Fair to show you. One thing I love about blogging events like Skin Fair is the chance to discover great stores I didn’t know before the event. I wasn’t familiar with either of these stores, but I will definitely be checking them out regularly now!

First up, from Anymore, is Hazel. This skin is so pretty and soft. It has a youthful feel, and I decided to capitalize on that with a quirky, semi-dorky look. My glasses are from Mon Tissu. The gorgeous necklace is from Cae and is called Sakura. It’s currently available at a new event called The Boutique, brought to you by The Liaison Collaborative. The eyes I am wearing in both of these looks are also a new item, from IKON, at The Boutique. Also, if you’re curious about the decor items, they are tagged with notes if you click through to Flickr, and you can feel free to ask questions.

Anymore Dorky

I paired the skin with hair from Exile, the adorable saddle shoes Tres Blah has out at Collabor88. A lot of people have complained the Tres Blah shoes were too expensive. I have to admit I hesitated when I saw the L$388 price tag on them, but I am a sucker for saddle shoes and these are so cute and unique. They are well done, and I am likely going to go back and grab another pair. No, they aren’t “cheap,” but the quality and creativity is very high, and that counts for a lot for me. My pants are from Greymoon and were available at The Outlet. I’m not sure if that round is over, but if it is, Lyssa usually releases her items in her mainstore after, so either way look for them! My top is so cute, right? It’s from One Bad Pixel’s recent release, and I am in love. It has a hud that lets you change the color of the belt and the shirt that’s under the sweater (just to clarify, it’s all one piece – you can’t wear just the sweater or just the shirt). I’m a sucker for any item that has this sort of control. It makes a piece so much more versatile and an “investment.” Oh, the cute pose in this pic is from Grafica and is part of their Pose Fair release called per donna! I’m excited for Pose Fair!


The second skin I want to show you is from Envious. Bella is appropriately beautiful. I love the purple eyeshadow on this one. I love purple. The blushing cheeks on this skin inspired me to blog it as a bride! Plus, I’ll use any excuse to marry Rad again, even if it’s just for pics. 😀 The gorgeous gown I have on is from Sakide. The dress is mesh, but the lacey, sheer top part is a jacket layer you wear under it. The dress works without it, too. But I loved the look, it was so soft and detailed. I felt utterly feminine and girly wearing this gown!

Bridal fantasies

The gown has a secret, seductive side, though… and I had to be sure to show you that, too.

Now and forever

Finally, in this last pic you can see the LaGyo headband I have on with the alternate veiled option. It felt so retro and mysterious, so I knew I had to use it. I will warn you that I had some trouble finding hair that worked, and only came up with this LeLutka option after I saw the lovely Oakley Foxtrot wearing it with the same headband (so ty Oakley!).

I take thee

And last… I have to share this one, even though for blogging purposes you can’t really see anything. I just loved this WL so much, I had to snap the drama shot, too.

You are my dream

What can I say? Our RL/SL wedding anniversary is coming up (April 6th in both worlds)… I guess I was feeling sappy!


Look 1:
Skin: Anymore – Hazel – Honey
Eyes: IKON – Ardent – Parchment
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Glasses: Mon Tissu – Readers – Cream
Hair: Exile – Call Me Maybe – Sin (tinted)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Patience – Heart Watch Necklace
Top: 1BP – Sweater & Blouse – White Cable
Jeans: Greymoon – Swirly Embossed – Light
Shoes: Tres Blah – Saddle Shoe – Blue Floral
Poses: Built into the What Next Novelle Study Chair (pic 1), Grafica – Per Donna 1

Look 2:
On Lucie:
Skin: Envious – Bella – Purple – Sunkissed
Hair: LeLutka – Lillian – Jessica (tinted)
Eyes: IKON – Ardent – Parchment
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Headband: LaGyo – Angelie – Headpiece (both with and w/o veil) – Bridal
Necklace: Cae – Sakura
Dress: Sakide – Pearl River Gown – Cream

On Rad:
Skin: Belleza – Johan 3E – Medium
Eyes: Poetic – Classic – Dark Soil
Tux: Rebel Hope – Carlton – Black

Poses: Embody – I Do (couple pics), Roses By Res – purple bouquet – built in pose (individual pic)

Gazebo & Schoolhouse by Funky Junk

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The Forgotten

So, back at the beginning of this month I did some pics for a New Year’s blog. Then I got distracted. Oops. I do that sometimes. Also, can you believe January is nearly over already?

I got my husband to pose with me for a blog pic. He’s reclusive, so this was a special treat. It was actually taken on New Year’s Eve. I have to be honest… it feels like it was far longer than a month ago! My dress is from NiNight Creations. It comes in tons of color options and it’s just so pretty. The detail work on this is spectacular. Rad’s suit is from Fatewear. Behind us you see the cute decor What Next did to ring in the New Year, placed on my Laurel fireplace (also from What Next).


I also grabbed my BFF Rosa for a photo shoot to celebrate the end of 2012 and the start of 2013. This photo box called, appropriately, Countdown was from the December round of My Attic and is by W. Winx. It’s seriously fun. I am not sure if it was an event exclusive, but since it doesn’t have just 2013 on it, it’s something that I know I can use again this New Year’s Eve! Rosa & I are wearing dresses from SySy’s and hair from Exile.

Let the countdown begin

Rosa’s skin is Halo, from Aeva. It’s such a soft and pretty skin, and it suits Rosa so nicely.

My Best Friend

My skin is Lana from Glance. I fell in love with the uniqueness of this skin. It wasn’t quite like any skin I’d seen in SL. I especially love the heavy lidded eyes. They are sleepy and sexy. My necklace is from Maxi Gossamer. I thought a necklace that featured a clock pendant was appropriate for a New Year’s look.


So, there you have it… my New Year’s blog post. It’s still January, so I think it’s in under the wire. Okay, maybe not. But these things were just too awesome to not blog.


Pic 1
On Rad:
Skin: Belleza – Johan 3E – Medium
Eyes: Poetic – Classic – Dark Soil
Shape: Embody – Blake *modified*
Suit: FateWear – Smith – Void

On Lucie:
Skin: Al Vulo – Lyala – Sunkissed – Holiday Pack
Eyes: IKON – Eternal – Bay
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Christy – Rouge (tinted)
Dress: NiNight Creations – Evening Dress With Butterfly – 02

Pose: Embody – Toasted

Pics 2,3, & 4

On Rosa:
Skin: Aeva – Halo – Tone 1 – Linear
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Light Silver + Blue
Hair: Exile – Waiting For Tonight
Lashes: Beetlebones Mesh Lashes
Dress: SySy’s – Sparkle Gown – Teal
Shoes: G Field – Alex – Black

On Lucie:
Skin: Glance – Lana – Fair – w/lip tattoo add on (sold separately)
Eyes: IKON – Eternal – Storm
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Hair: Exile – Waiting for Tonight (w/tiara) – Rouge (tinted)
Earrings: Cae – Timeless
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Patience Heart Watch Pendant – Silver
Nails: Izzie’s – Long Metallic
Dress: SySy’s – Sparkle Gown – Silver
Shoes: Decoy – Lea Pumps – Silver
Pose (solo pic): Embody

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My 4th Rezzday

I’m sort of blown away by the fact that a. I’ve been in SL for four years today, and b. that I remembered my rezz day for a change. I’m not going to go into too much detail in this post, as I plan to write a bit about why I began SL when I do my piece for Connecting: 365 SL Lives. Suffice it to say, when I joined, I never imagined my Second Life would last this long or be so fulfilling.

So, for my rezz day I created collages. For each of the four full years I’ve been in SL, I selected pics. Sort of the Evolution Of Lucie, if you will. I don’t have credits on all of the old things, but if you see something and want to know where it’s from, ask. I might still know. Without further ado… my evolution. Don’t laugh too much. We all have those “but I thought I looked so good at the time” pics!

I was only about five days old when I bought my first hair. It was from Damselfly. In those five days, I’d worn hair in tons of colors. I ultimately realized I was going to be a redhead. Partly that was because I wasn’t seeing many redheads around, and partly it paid homage to the color my hair was dyed when I met my husband in real life. Though I occasionally blog another color just for fun, my red hair is sorta my trademark. I’m honestly shocked I’ve kept it all this time, but I don’t plan to change it!

In 2009, I wore a hideous freebie skin for far too long. Then I found a skin from Tea Lane. My husband probably still misses the ass on that skin, but alas, you guys do not get to see that! I only wore the Tea Lane skin for a couple of weeks before someone introduced me to Redgrave and I bought a skin from there. Later in the year, I fatpacked the Chloe skin from Redgrave. It wouldn’t be long, though, before that skin seemed to be the most copybotted on the grid. That made me angry for the creator, and annoyed because 1 day old newbs were wearing my skin (and likely, in most cases, had no clue it was stolen).

2009 Collage

In late 2009, finally tired of seeing my skin on so many other avs, and also ready for a major change in my look, I bought my first LAQ skin, Molly. For some reason, I have no headshots of that skin. Maybe because I looked 14 and didn’t wear it long. I bought Elena a few months later and wore that skin for nearly all of 2010. Can you imagine? Me, wearing the same skin for nearly a YEAR? I bought a new LAQ skin in late 2010, but for almost all of that year, it was Elena. I still think it’s a pretty skin, even if my shape at the time makes me cringe a bit now.

2010 Collage

2011 is the year I discovered Curio. All four of these pics are of Curio skins. It’s also the year I finally managed to master editing prims enough to try prim lashes. It’s amazing the depth they add.

2011 Collage

In late 2011, I bought the gorgeous Elly skin from Pink Fuel. I wore it for a couple of months, but let’s face it. 2012 will go down as the year I embraced my inner skin whore.

2012 Collage

And, to start off my fifth year of SL… a brand new pic, featuring the stunning new Belleza skin Ava. I don’t usually buy the “bare” skins, but this might be the most stunning bare skin I’ve ever seen (I do have on the tattoo eyeliner that came with my lashes, though). My eyes are IKON Eternal eyes in tobacco, the lashes are Gaeline Creations Fantasia and my hair is Devina, a recent Truth release in my current red (blood w/roots) shade. The damask sweater (in chocolate) is from The Secret Store.

4th Rezzday

I am looking forward to a great fifth year of Second Life. Thank you to all who share my daily triumphs and trials, and to all who take time out of your own busy days to read my little blog.