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Home & Garden Expo: Part II

Here’s the 2nd part of my Home & Garden Expo post. You can see Part 1 here.

I used the little back room of the Hope Cottage as a dining room. The dining set is from Tranquil Homes.They also have a beautiful family home, The Cloverdale, that this dining set was designed for, but it was sadly too large for my platform. The baker’s rack and honeycomb wall art are from Second Spaces, and the cute little sign is Beach Street. The paper lanterns are texture change, and they are from [DDD].

Hope Cottage Dining Room H & G Expo

I loved this cute little table full of clutter from Shabby. The pretty chair is from Dreamscapes Decor and it looks so comfy to me that I want it in RL!

Cozy Corner H & G Expo

What Next never disappoints, and the item they released for the Home & Garden Expo is no different. This gorgeous little garden table, complete with the decor, comes in many colors. The blue is one of the donation to RFL colors.

What Next H & G Expo

This wishing well from Soul Effects actually lets you pay it. It would be a fun tip “jar” for sims or events because of that. The pretty yellow flowers are built into the piece.

SE Wishing Well H & G Expo

Roawenwood has this gorgeous set, complete with flowers, rocks, a log with multiple poses and a self-rezzing picnic for couples… and I just love the big old tree with the huge roots! It comes in a linked version, ready to be rezzed (seen here), but you also get all the pieces individually,so you can set it up however works best for your space.

Roawenwood Picinic Tree H & G

The Home & Garden Expo ends on June 2nd. It’s for a great cause – Relay For Life, which raises money for the American Cancer Society, so be sure to check it out before it is over.

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I have more for you from Fantasy Faire today! First up, from Almost Wonderland I present this really cool chandelier. It has built in poses, which are a lot of fun… but even without the poses it’s pretty neat. Almost Wonderland has all of their chandeliers as their charity items from Relay For Life, so if you’re in the market for a new one, especially one fun for pics, definitely check it out.
You can find Almost Wonderland’s FF store on the Ravenshard sim. My frilly, sexy lingerie is from Blacklace. It had a sort of Wonderland feel to it, I thought. I added hair from Analog Dog and a headpiece from Pididdle.


Okay, so my next set of pics… Peryton… this is such a cool avatar from Wilds of Organica, which is on the Dragonspire sim at Fantasy Faire. I am usually human in SL. Like, by usually I mean 99.9% of the time, probably. And this type of avatar is so outside my normal SL reality, I was a little nervous about doing it justice. Since I’m not one to play a non-human av, I can’t honestly say whether or not I did this avatar justice, but it was so, so much fun to take these dramatic pics of Peryton. I was really happy with how these came out, and I hope you like them, too. If you do spend time as a non-human, I’d highly recommend checking these creatures out because they are stunningly beautiful and have AOs and poses you can buy. In the pic below, I’m using the crouch pose. It made me feel like I was stalking prey.


There’s something very regal about this avatar. I’m not really sure what this creature even is… part bird, part goat, part dragon? I think it’s cool that it’s not boxed in. But whatever Peryton is, I can’t help feel a little haughty dressed as her. Oh, by the way, I have the teal version, but the eyes change colors. I went with lavender because I love purple, and there’s a hint of purple in her plumage.

Wild Thing

I took both pics on the Valley of Ish’Nar sim at Fantasy Faire. This sim is part of the Key Of Hope hunt, which is a pretty cool event that’s part of Fantasy Faire. You can read more about it here.


Look 1:
Skin: Belleza – Ava 0 – Medium
Hair: Analog Dog – Smitten – Wonder (tinted)
Headpiece: Pididdle – Southern Comfort
Outfit: Blacklace – La Femme Burlesque Set – Purple
Shoes: Gos Boutique – Grace Sandals – Black Patent

Look 2:
Avatar: Wilds of Organica – Peryton – Teal

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Fantasy Faire 2013!

Fantasy Faire 2013 opened this weekend, and there is so much to see. Spread out over 8 sims, this event is part of the Relay For Life juggernaut helping to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

I love fantasy. I don’t RP but I love seeing other people’s pics for it, and I am really enjoying this chance to explore another side of myself. For Fantasy Faire you have the option of being assigned to four designers, and I chose that option. This blog post features two of those assignments.

First up, the Wonderful World of Meeroos! I am familiar with Meeroos. I had them back when I was breeding everything (or so it felt). I had stopped breeding entirely, but KittyCatS had seduced me back with their Halloween 2011 releases. Now, I have a new Roo! Her name is Meara, and she is a Winecoat Roo. She has lots of kitty friends to play with, and I am going to (try to) behave myself and just have her as a little furry friend, not a breeder. We’ll see how that goes! Regardless, she has reminded me why I loved my Roos so much. First off, they make the cutest sounds. You definitely need to hear Roo sounds if you haven’t. So, so cute. They sort of… Idk, chirp? And they bounce around, too. Meeroo starter packs come in these awesome chests, that when clicked open and play fabulously fantastical music and disperse pretty shimmery blue particles. The pic below is of Meara making her debut into the world from her cute little nest.

Birth of Meara

There are also plants available to help you decorate your Roo’s home! In this second pic, you can see my tiny baby Meara snuggled up near her “stump,” which is her home… and the plants are so pretty and really add a touch of flair and drama.

Sleepy Roo

You can learn so much more about the Meeroos at their website, or by visiting their Faire store on Lumenaria, which just so happens to be my personal favorite of the beautiful Fantasy Faire sims (though it’s not easy to pick!), as seen below.


Another of my assigned stores was Ezura. I got this outfit and just kind of stared at myself for a while. I chose the purple because it is the official RFL item, but the outfit comes in many color choices, too. It’s sexy and sassy and so unlike the things I usually wear. I wasn’t really sure how to style it. Then I saw this hair from EMO-tions for Fantasy Faire and I knew I needed it. I was also sure I wanted to use my Huntress poses from Hopscotch, so that meant flat shoes… preferably boots. Lucky for me, Lassitude & Ennui released these gorgeous boots at Fantasy Faire! You’ll find Lassitude & Ennui on the Crimson Fields sim. Ezura is located on the Lotus Valley Dream sim.

Before the hunt

The headpiece is built into the hair, and I wanted you to get a better look at that, as well as this gorgeous skin from Glam Affair for Collabor88. I am actually wearing the bare version of Margot that came with makeup 04. I went to the Cosmetics Fair where you can find makeups for Margot, and this is makeup 03. EMO-tions is on the Evensong Woods sim.

Dreams of Artemis

I took both of these pics at Skye Castle, which is a lovely place to take pics. There are woods, and castles and it’s really quite beautiful and dramatic. A special thanks to my friend Jessica for recommending it to me!

Fantasy Faire is enormous, but there is a list of all the sims here. If you click on a sim name you can then see a list of every designer on that sim! This makes find things so much easier. You can also find pics of Faire finds on the official Pinterest board or in the official Flickr group. Remember, this is, above all else, a charity event, so you’re shopping for a great cause.

Skin: Glam Affair – Margot – Bare – America w/makeup 03 add on (Collabor88 & Cosmetics Fair)
Eyes: IKON – Ardent – Pewter
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Mysteria
Hair: EMO-tions – Sunburst – Fantasy Red*
Outfit: Ezura – Velnyra – Purple*
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Edenion – Black & Silver
Poses: Hopscotch – Huntress 03 (pic 1) & 02 (pic 2)

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Home & Garden Expo 2

Hello out there… I have another set of pics of things I picked up at the Home & Garden Expo. This time I am featuring two of my favorite SL stores… Cheeky Pea & Funky Junk.

Funky Junk had out this adorable outdoor set called Sweet Summer as one of the charity items. I snagged it right away. Hey, a good cause means less shopping guilt, right? And… good cause and all. To be honest, my grandmother is undergoing chemo right now for a rare form of lung cancer, so helping the RFL events financially or through blogging makes me feel like I’m doing something. This set is just so adorable, and it screamed “bikini time!” So, I threw on one of my Cool Beans “Bean-Kinis” and got posing. Alas, Cool Beans has closed, but Anyalia Pearl is working on a new store called Spright, so keep your eyes out for more adorableness from the oh-so-adorable Anya. She has a crazy cute dress out at Culture Shock that you’ve likely seen because everyone and their mommas’ been blogging it! And soon I will be, too. 😀 Now… less babbling, more pictures.

Funky Junk H & G Expo

Funky Junk H & G Expo

Cheeky Pea has a ton of cuteness out at the H & G Expo… I wish I had room for big houses because there are so many cute ones, from Cheeky Pea to Funky Junk and many, many others. However, I only have a small sky platform over our store, so I have to work with that space. But I did pick up this adorable Fairfield desk set! It just seemed perfect for sitting down at as I work on my blog!

Cheeky Pea H & G Expo

I have more things to blog… but I’ve been under the weather, so it’s been slow going. However, you will get to see my 52 Weeks of Color post tomorrow or later today… and I’m doing Harlow Heslop’s Golden Peen blog challenge. Yeah, it’s what it sounds like. Sorta. 😛



Pics 1 & 2

Skin: Izzie’s – Dailyn – Sunkissed

Lips: Izzie’s – Rust

Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Dailyn – Lime

Hair: Elikatira – Melody – Red 09 (tinted)

Furniture: Funky Junk Sweet Summer Set

Bikini: Cool Beans – Bean-Kini – Orange stripe (not available anymore)

Flip Flops:  Maitreya – Lucid

Pic 3

Skin: Izzie’s – Dailyn – Sunkissed

Hair: Truth – Evelyn – Sangria

Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Sparkly – Diamond

Top: Tres Blah – V-Neck tee – White

Jeans: Tres Blah – JuJu – Paint Splatters

Flip Flops: Maitreya – Lucid


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Home & Garden Expo!

The Home & Garden Expo  opened this weekend, and I was thrilled to be able to get a blogger preview on Friday, as well as some generous blogger packs to review. This event consists of 16 sims, including 2 for breedables! To say it’s huge is simply an understatement. It’s a mammoth event that benefits Relay For Life. What is so cool about an event of this size is that there is something for everyone to be found on these sims! I will have several posts for the event, but you definitely should check it out firsthand because there is just so much to see and do! Seraphim did a great post that breaks down each sim nicely and that will make it easier for locate your favorite stores. However, definitely take a look beyond your usual favorites because with so many exhibitors, there are lots of new discoveries waiting to be found!

This blog is going to feature two stores I’d never heard of before… both stores had set out blogger previews and I just had to take pics of the items.

First, this sculpture from Black Tulip… it just spoke to me. It’s dramatic, moving and it’s even scripted! You can change the texture to look like iron, stone or marble. You can make it shiny. You can change the colors. It’s really awesome, and the second I saw it, I knew that I not only needed to blog it, but exactly where I wanted to take it to capture the pic. lolmac Shan’s Lost World! There is something magical about this sim. It’s dark, yet has an ethereal beauty… I’ve often taken pics there and I’m always happy with how they come out because it’s hard to mess up a shot with such an awesome setting!

Black Tulip H & G Expo_002

My second new discovery for this post is a store called Tether’s End, which sent bloggers this absolutely adorable summer home. It comes with a rezzer and is even furnished! Everything you see in these pics is included in the house. I took this little house to a sim I love called Natural Wilderness. I just knew it would fit in perfectly with the natural, fresh beauty of that sim.

Tether's End H & G Expo_001

Tether's End H & G Expo_004

Tether's End H & G Expo_002

For style credits, see my Collabor88 post, as I’m wearing the exact outfit… with one exception. The hair in these pics is new from Exile for the My Attic event! It’s mesh, really cute and only L$95!

I’ll be posting more H & G Expo pics in the next few days. The event runs through 10 pm SLT May 28th, so definitely go check it out. It might take you that long to see it all!