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Autumn Knocks

This autumn has been a rough one for me so far. I feel like life is determined to knock me down, but I have never been one to give up without a fight. The pics I took for this post were designed to celebrate tenacity and fight.

This first look is all about casual comfort… warm, cozy and perfect for a stroll on a crisp autumn morning. The sweater is from NiNight Creations, the tights are RezIpsa Loc. The boots are Triumph from Gos (which fits the theme nicely) and the hair is a recent release from Truth. I took this pic at Scribbled Hearts, my current favorite place to go wander when I’m sad and need a pick-me-up.

November Walk

This second look features an adorable arm cast from Izzie’s. I’ve thought about buying these for ages, but finally had a reason. The “broken arm” represents the challenges in my life right now… but I will not be broken, and I will not give up or give in. The necklace is from Maxi Gossamer and is called Rejuvenated Stitched Heart, which again felt appropriate.

Can't break my spirit

This sweater and skirt are both recent Sn@tch releases. Perfect for fall, they look cozy and comfy and yet, somehow still elegant and sophisticated. The boots are from Schadenfreude, and can be found at the new round of Collabor88 that just opened yesterday.

Fight Back

Here’s a closeup of those boots! I love the detail work, and you can change it to plain with a hud. I was thinking of this as my “blue mood boots.”

Blue Mood Boots

Life is unfair, brutal and frequently cruel… but I choose to find ways to meet the challenges thrown at me, even when I’d rather give in, curl up in bed and hide under my blankets. Today I was able to channel some of the negative energy through the creative outlet of blogging. It felt good, and it makes me grateful for the discovery of Second Life nearly four years ago.


Look 1:
Skin: Belleza – Shyla 04 – Medium
Hair: Truth – Sara – Blood
Necklace: Izzie’s – Heart Necklace (Perfect Wardrobe)
Top: NiNight Creations – Loose Shaded Sweater 8 (XY Room)
Tights: RezIpsa Loc – Fall Tights
Boots: Gos – Triumph – Brown
Pose: Oracul AO
Location: Scribbled Hearts (Water Reserve sim)

Look 2:
Skin: Belleza – Shyla 04 – Medium
Hair: Truth – Uma – Blood
Eyes: IKON – Eternal – Pewter
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Fantasia
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Rejuvenated Stitched Heart
Nails: Izzie’s – Metal Stripe Nails
Cast: Izzie’s – Scribbles
Top: Sn@tch – Emille Cashmere Sweater – Grey
Skirt: Sn@tch – Fiona Cord – Grey
Tights: Izzie’s – Sheer – Dark Grey
Boots: Schadenfreude – Amargosa Boots – Denim (Collabor88)
Poses: Oracul AO (Pic 1), Embody (Pics 2 & 3)

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Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry

When I heard that Mon Tissu was holding a contest to find a new blogger, I debated entering. There are so many truly amazing bloggers out there, and I knew the competition would be tremendous and fierce for this contest just from a quick glance at the Flickr group entries. Then I realized there is only one definite way to not win, and that’s by not trying. I hate failing because I was afraid to try, so I reframed my perspective. I adore Mon Tissu clothing. The detail work and quality is superb. I already had a lot of older pieces, and I’d been waiting to add some mesh pieces, and I decided to see this as an excuse to shop. After all, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t look for an excuse to shop?!?

I consider my style quirky. When I was a kid, I liked to wear colors that were considered to “not go together,” like red and purple. Fortunately, I was a child of the 80s, and often would wear something that later became a trend… but since I was seemingly always a step ahead, I was never considered “trendy” or “stylish.” I didn’t really care. I wore what I liked, what felt fun and comfortable to me. I’m often the same way in Second Life. I’ll show my best friend an outfit and before she can say anything, I’ll go… I know you hate it. She laughs and says it’s just not her style. 😉

For this look, I decided to pair the Heathrow boots I’ve been dying for since they were released with shorts, tights and a sweatshirt. I love the shorts with tights look. I do this look a lot in SL, especially in the autumn and spring months. I think of it as a transitional look that works nicely between seasons. I wanted to find bright, and naturally, unexpected colors. I wanted to do what I could to make my look pop against the many contenders, and it’s also just staying true to myself to come up with quirky color combos. The coral shorts with this sweatshirt that’s almost a pale aqua made me smile. First off, peach and aqua were the colors I chose for my high school graduation party. Secondly, they seem like perfect summer-into-fall colors. I bought the Heathrow boots in Ash, and to me they look sort of worn, and well loved in this color. It’s a brown, but not as dark as the chocolat (which I also love and want eventually), and I tossed on a pair of fuzzy JANE tights in champagne. I completed the look with Mon Tissu Readers in cream, and this adorable hair from Exile that I snagged back during the Hair Fair. I consider the overall look one of collegiate quirkiness! I feel smart, cute and sexy in that quirky way that makes celebs like Zooey Deschanel or Drew Barrymore famous.

I originally envisioned this picture being taken in a library. I love books, and as a future high school English teacher, I surround myself with them in real life and Second life as much as possible. I will share the library version with you, if only to show off a bit of the amazing library scene from Garden of Dreams. It’s lush, and I really want to get it some day when I have the prims to spare! I also need to say thank you to Kaelyn Alecto who was kind enough to offer to rezz me a copy of hers if I wanted to use it.

Study Time

In the end, though, I felt the picture wanted more. So I wandered to the Water Reserve sim (home of *emm shop & scribbled hearts) and found myself a dock by the water. I rezzed one of the Oslo Chairs from What Next for The Arcade, complete with a comfy blanket, and sat down to read. I used a pile of old books from Garden of Dreams as a makeshift table, made myself some cocoa to stave off the autumn chill, and I was all set. Here’s the finished work.

Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry - Lucie Bluebird

I still do not expect to win against such a tremendous pool of talent, but I am really happy with how my final picture and my Mon Tissu look came out. I had a lot of fun, and feel I challenged myself with this entry. In the end, that means no matter what, I’ve won.


Skin: Izzie’s – Brianna – Sunkissed
Hair: Exile – Crush – Rouge (slightly tinted)
Eyes: Ikon – Utopia – Dark Sepia
Glasses: Mon Tissu – Four Corners Readers – Cream
Top: Mon Tissu – Slouchy Sweatshirt – Sky
Shorts: Mon Tissu – Hanalei – Coral
Tights: JANE – Fuzzy Piggies – Champagne
Boots: Mon Tissu – Heathrow – Ash
Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Tangerine
Ring: Cheeky Pea – Macaron Ring – Peanut**
Pic 1 books: Elymode – Leatherbound Sketchbooks
Locations: Garden Of Dreams – Library Scene (pic 1), Water Reserve sim (pic 2)
Poses: Embody – Eileen 5 (pic 1), What Next Oslo Chair** (pic 2)

** Item from The Arcade gatcha event… for more, check the Seraphim post here!

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Happy Birthday, Truth…

The lovely Kaelyn Alecto sent out a private Plurk reminding us about the RL birthday of one of SL’s most beloved creators, Truth Hawks. I love Truth hair, a fact that has been thoroughly documented. I admire his talent, but more than that, he’s just always been so darn nice. When I was still pretty new, and L$250 seemed like a TON of money, I accidentally bought the wrong hair on my RL birthday. I’m really embarrassed about this now (and today would never, ever do this), but I sent him a goofy NC about it. I didn’t expect a reply. Nor would I have blamed him at all if I hadn’t gotten one. I was the idiot, after all. But he did reply, and he sent me the hair I’d intended to buy. It was such a nice gesture, and it made me a very loyal customer. Every time I’ve had a delivery issue, he has been so nice and helpful. I’ve had Marketplace issues where a creator has never replied, even after multiple NCs were sent. Truth has always responded, and always within 24 hours (often far less). My loyalty is not just because of his talent, though of course that’s a huge factor… it’s also because he has great customer service and is so nice. Even when I was goofy and fan girly, he was nice.

In honor of this event, and for use in a future Embody pose ad, I got my friend Rosa & my alts Sephie & Ashlan.. and naturally we’re all wearing Truth hair! And it’s funny, but unintentionally we’re also all wearing nail polish from RezIpsa Loc and eyes by IKON.


Truth… I hope your birthday is every bit as nice as you are because you deserve it!

Kaelyn – you are amazing. What you’ve accomplished this past week blows me away. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!


Credits (left to right)
On Sephie:
Skin: Filthy – Tina – Cream 03
Shape: Embody – Larissa (for mesh)
Hair: Truth – Ebony – Macaroon w/roots
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise – Light Arabian Blue
Top: coldLogic – carter.blue
Pants: coldLogic – mazza.black
Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Sparkly – Onyx

On Me:
Skin: Izzie’s – Dailyn – Sunkissed w/brown eyeshadow
Shape: Embody – Miri (for mesh)
Hair: Truth – Carment – sangria w/roots
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Gray Green
Lips: Izzie’s – Dailyn Matte Lips – dark matte rose
Top: coldLogic – watts.plum
Pants: Maitreya – zipper jeans – dirty
Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Sinful Pack – Vanity

On Ashlan:
Skin: Filthy – Ayla – Ivory 03
Shape: Embody – Jolie (for mesh – not yet released)
Hair: Truth – Gabriel – Auburn
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise – Bleached Gold
Dress: Miel – Regatta – Natural Solids

On Rosa:
Skin: Belleza – Betty – Sunkissed 05
Shape: Embody – Caralyn (for mesh)
Hair: Truth – Izzie – coffee
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Pale Glass
Top: coldLogic – andersen.purples
Pants: Auxiliary – Luna – Blue
Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Darks – Black

Pose: Embody – Tight Knit (not yet released)
Photo taken on the lovely Water Reserve sim… home of *emm [shop] & scribbled hearts.