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For Amy

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” ~Albus Dumbledore

Amy, you are proof this is true. Your strength and courage and openness as you battle for your life is remarkable and admirable. You are a beautiful warrior. You are all the cliches that are corny but exist because of people like you… because sometimes you just can’t find better words for someone.

My life has been better because you’ve been a part of it. You’re dedicated, determined and devoted in your work, and I believe that this will carry you far in everything you do, especially this.

Your talent has brought joy and light and geekiness and laughter to my SL homes. Your kindness has made me believe that, in a world so often dark and cruel, there is light and gentleness yet. I am honored to consider you my friend.

I sincerely hope Leaf on the Wind makes your London dreams come true… because you deserve to have all of your dreams come true.


My outfit is by Somnia and will be available at Leaf on the Wind when it opens on January 10th. Both the top and skirt include a hud to change the colors, and both are available in lights and darks.

For Amy

London Bound

If you are unfamiliar with Amy’s story, and the goal of the Leaf on the Wind event, please visit the Leaf on the Wind blog for more info.

Belleza: Mae TLC – Fair makeup 5 w/gloss 2
Tableau Vivant: Celestia hair – reds Collabor88
Buzzeri: Lillian eyes – Chlorine
Somnia: Squidgy Jumper – Lights, Cheerio skirt – Lights Leaf on the Wind
Cae: Eternity ring, Interlaced Collar (collar is new for Romp @ mainstore)
Hello Dave: Dark2Nude Ombre nails for SLink
SLink: Mesh hands – casual, Mesh feet – Mid
Livalle: Oxford heels – grape
Schadenfreude: Chibi Cat – Sweetie
Infiniti: Basics pose 10

Alouette: Letter Tiles – Live Love Laugh
Mudhoney: Ophelia Console Table – tobacco
Dust Bunny: vintage frames, twinkley twigs
Dysfunctional Designs: Mountain Lodge Retreat

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Bandana Day & the end of Hair Fair

Hair Fair 2014 is winding down… today is the final day, so please stop by if you haven’t, or even if you have but didn’t get all the goodies you wanted. While you’re there please consider grabbing one of the many Bandana Day bandanas available. This is such a cool project, where designers create bandanas and the money raised goes entirely to Wigs For Kids. I chose a bandana created by lollipopZ because it has owls and I love owls! It also features such bright, cheerful colors. You can also see my SLink manicure, by Somnia for My Attic, which runs through July 31st.

Bandana Day 2014

In addition to showing you my adorable bandana, I wanted to show off one final style. This one is from Exile, and it was perfect for the dreamy, fantasy mood I was inspired to create by this garden lounger from Sway’s and a couple of cuties from Silent Sparrow and Schadenfreude the Wild Things gacha festival, which is now open! The Sway’s garden lounger is part of this weekend’s Dreaming Tree event, which has a theme of daydreaming. For the rest of today you can grab it for 25% off the regular price at Sway’s mainstore.

The Dreamer calls to nature

Finally, I wanted to show you a closer look this gorgeous new skin from Essences… Greek Goddess. I’m wearing it in Pale 02, which is such a creamy, dreamy porcelain tone. You can find The Greek Goddess in the Essences mainstore.


Look 1:
Essences: Tila skin – Medium01
lollipopZ: Owl bandana Hair Fair 2014
IKON: Promise eyes – Metal
Mon Cheri: Falsies lashes
SLink: mesh hands – casual
Cae: Duchess ring
Somnia: Toppled Stars – SLink manicure – Darks My Attic
Repose: Belly – pose 5 (available in August)

Look 2
Essences: TheGreekGoddess skin – pale 02
Exile: Young and Beautiful hair – light reds Hair Fair 2014
IKON: Promise eyes – Mahogany
Mon Cheri: Falsies lashes
Blacklace: Jinger dress – white
SLink: mesh hands – elegant and flat, mesh feet – natural
Flair: SLink manicure – Set 133
Infiniti: Beautiful Day – pose 1, fireflies add-on from Fireflies poses

Turnip’s: Sky dome – Enchanted add on pack
Schadenfreude: Magic Wombat – Rare Wild Things
Silent Sparrow: Roo Rat – Fawn Wild Things
Sway’s: Dreamer Garden Lounger – Meadow
Dysfunctional Designs: Frilly pine trees w/sparkles

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Fashion For Life

Fashion For Life is winding down, and the event has already raised a tremendous amount of money for the American Cancer Society. You can check the current amount that’s been raised right here.

For this post, I’m featuring the gorgeous Shae gown from Miamai. Miamai is located on the Wander sim at Fashion For Life, which runs through June 21st. This is a 75% donation item, and it’s really stunning. I love how unique it is, and how detailed. The beautiful prop pose is from Infiniti’s gacha for the Tales Of Fantasy event, which runs through June 30th. My skin is Livy from Glam Affair for The Arcade. I’ve added some mascara tears to it, but don’t worry…I plan to show you a better look at this gorgeous face soon.

The Widow Weeps

The house I’m standing on is incredible, and I plan to show more pics of it in a coming post (I’m still decorating!). It’s Scarlet Creative’s offering for the current round of Collabor88, and here is the truly amazing, remarkable part… it’s just L$88. No, for real. I know, right? Incredible deal, definitely one not to miss. Though what I’m standing on is far more like a pergola, it made me think of a widow’s walk, and the rest of the picture was inspired from there… the dress has this old-fashioned feel I love, and the pose is one that, to me, captures both sorrow and also acceptance, in a truly beautiful and unique way.


Glam Affair: Livy Skin – Asia 06 D The Arcade
Exile: Pick Up Lines hair – Naturals
Infiniti: Had A Bad Day Emo Tears v1
IKON: Promise eyes – Moor
Miamai: Shae for FFL Fashion For Life
SLink: mesh hands – casual
Somnia: Simple polish for SLink nails – lights
Cae: Forever ring
Infiniti: Lakshmi 1 Tales Of Fantasy
Scarlet Creative: Atlantic Gazer Prefab Collabor88
Turnip’s Homes: Skydome w/sandy terrain add on

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Purposeful Pause

Hi lovelies! I have more to share with you from Love Donna Flora!

This adorable outfit is from Somnia for LDF. I paired it with hair from Truth, and my SLink barefeet because, well… it made me wanna run barefoot in the grass! My skin is the lovely Doll skin by Pink Fuel, also for LDF. This sweet little stone I am posed on is from Sway’s for LDF, and as you’ll see in another pic it says “Flora” on it. It has multiple poses, all of which are really cute. It’s a nice little reminder to stop to pause and just enjoy life.

Purposeful Pause

Few things make me feel more fabulously girly than pretty, sparkly nails… fingers or toes! I’m wearing the SLink nail appliers from A:S:S for LDF. They’re such cheery bright colors, and the sparkle is amazing.

Sparkly toes

Finally, you can see it in the other two pics, but here’s a better look at the Playground Roundabout What Next released at their mainstore recently. It’s utterly adorable, and comes in a lot of color varieties, as well as a ton of poses (for both large and small avs). There is also a version with a dirt base for those of you who live on the ground and want to landscape around it! If you click through to Flickr to see the image at full size, you can also get a better look at the stone from Sway’s in this pic.

Merry go 'round

Next, a few pics of various home decor items you can find at Love Donna Flora. This first pic features the gorgeous Pavone set from Kaerri. It’s a must have for all of you who love peacocks! The pieces are sold individually, or as a set, so you can customize to suit your needs.

Kaerri Pavone Set - Love Donna Flora

In this final pic, I’ve featured pieces from the Donna mini-set from Cobblestone. On the table (which is from What Next, and not part of the LDF event) is Donna’s Box, which is Kuro’s offering for LDF. This pretty little box comes with a variety of options, and is a unique piece! Click through to the pic and hover for notes on each item!

By the way, the house I shot those pictures in is from Barnesworth Anubis. You can still grab it at an amazing price for a few more days at the current round of Collabor88. It’s mesh, but unlike some mesh houses you can modify it to change the wall textures (which I did in the above pics).


Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll – Porcelain (Love Donna Flora)
Hair: Truth – Bobbie – Reds04Fade
Eyes: IKON – Ascension – Nymph
Outfit: Somnia – City Scape Day Set (Love Donna Flora)
Hands: SLink – Mesh hands – Casual
Feet: SLink – Mesh Barefeet – flat
Nails: A:S:S – Sparkle Daisy (Love Donna Flora)

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My Favorite Blogs…

So this is a 2 part post… first, I’ve seen this challenge all over Plurk & Flickr. I don’t know where it began, but it sounded fun and I decided to share with you my ten favorite blogs. This was not an easy list to make, as there are so many blogs I love for SL. My choices are in no way in any special order, with one exception. My first blog is one I’ve used so much in the past year. It’s a blog that’s about being a tool and that gave all of us who love shopping a new outlet for information. So, here… without further ado:

My Top 10

1. Seraphim: Oh, Seraphim. You’ve been such a great help. As a shopper, creator, event owner and now as a blogger, I am tremendously grateful for what all of the Seraphim bloggers contribute to the SL community.
2. Style Minions: Okay, how do you not love a blog with the name Style Minions? Aside from a name I find very amusing, these ladies post first rate pics and provide lots of detail. It’s a resourceful blog with great photography and writing!
3. Harlow Heslop: Harlow is someone I met through Plurk. She’s unbelievably kind and helpful and puts up with random, goofy IMs from me. I first “noticed” Harlow because of her popular blog. I read it quietly, admired her work tremendously and am very grateful to now consider her a friend.
4. Chance Raynier: Chance creates such great scenes for his blog posts. Often quirky and unique, his sense of style is really awesome. He also tells stories with his pictures, something I want to try to do more of myself. Finally, I know of his struggles in RL with chronic illness, and it’s something we share. The amount of time and energy he still finds to devote to his SL passions inspires me to push when I feel rotten.
5. Shopping Cart Disco: Some love you, some hate you… count me in the love column. I like real, and I think you guys keep things very real. Besides, what’s Sunday without a little side dish of SL Secrets drama to go with my cup of tea? And for those who prefer sweet over tart, there’s Sweet Fridays. I love both and everything in between.
6. Double Exposure: Ayla & Dolly are sassy and sexy… just visit their blog. You’ll have to click a disclaimer to get to it! I love that you both have such awesome, individual looks and work so well together. I enjoy seeing your pics pop up on Flickr and I love seeing the posts that go with them.
7. Flirting With Fashion: I don’t know Lauren Minuet except through her photostream and blog. But I love her style, and her blog is so clean with gorgeous photography.
8. Little Miss Fashion Cupcake: Cupcakes are cute, and so is Maci Restless. I love her pics… even when she’s being adorable, Maci’s style is timeless and elegant. Her blog is so clean and simple, nothing flashy or over the top. And I’m just loving her newly gingered hair!
9. Strawberry Singh: I think Berry’s is the first SL blog I’d ever visited… she is incredibly talented. Her photography is just superb. She is one of those SL photographers who has elevated it to an art form. I’ve also gotten to know her through her Plurks, and from what I’ve seen she lives up to her name. She’s sweet with just a bit of sass – like a perfect strawberry.
10. Sweet Sexy Crazy: Kaelyn Alecto is seriously nice. Beyond that, she’s a brilliant SL photographer… especially when it comes to pics that tell stories. I love her Flickr stream because her Second Life pics, whether or not they seem heavily edited or just off the cuff, are so filled with life. That’s a challenge when working in a virtual world, but it’s one Kae has conquered nicely.

And here I am, working on this post in my Funky Junk fall shed (from a recent Fifty Linden Friday round)… my desk and accessories is sort of an interesting mix of What Next items. The chair, laptop & coffee mug come from the older Blogger office set (ciel), but the desk, lamp, typewriter key pics and rug are all from the newer Novelle set. The Blogger picture frame, corkboard, and journal are from a recent Lazy Sunday item, the Blogger Accessories set. The Novelle set was a Vintage Fair item, and if you’d like to see the full set you can check out the post I did that featured it. I love the vintage typewriter, but for a post about blogging, it seemed a tad anachronous, so I stuck to the laptop for this one! My adorable stove is from LISP… I love fireplaces and wood burning stoves, and those who have visited my SL houses know I add a lot of them! My outfit is from Somnia. It’s comfy and casual and perfect for lounging about in. This adorable hair is a gift for the Summer Harvest Hunt from Alice Project. It’s definitely worth doing this hunt just to grab this hair!


Now for Part 2… This jacket, a recent release from LeeZu, is just incredibly detailed. I don’t usually do 3 pics of one look, but I had to try to show as many facets of this as possible. Let’s start with the back, because it’s pretty spectacular. There are a lot of great color options on this coat, but I fell for the olive. I loved that it had some brown and beige tones, which gave me the chance to wear my slouchy Maitreya boots.

Autumn Night Out

The hair I’m wearing in this look, Skai, is new from Truth. This style is so quirky and since LeeZu is known for couture looks, I decided it just begged to be paired with this jacket. I’m also happy to have an opportunity to show off my metallic gradient nails from Izzie’s… and this stunning ring from Maxi Gossamer. It’s part of the set, and I’m also wearing the necklace from that set.

Little Bow Chic

This skin is new to me, but it’s an older skin from, yep, you guessed it, Izzie’s. When Izzie Button released Faith earlier this week, I fell in love with it. There are even two versions, with light blonde brows, out now as the VIP gift. I have those, and I’ve made a shape to wear with them and will do a post for it soon. But while I was demoing Faith, Brianna caught my eye. I’ve noticed this skin before, and I even have an eyeshadow set designed for it… I tried it on and just loved it so much that I wound up buying it instead of Faith (for now).


Well, that’s all from me for now. I think I need to get into Second Life and check out The Aracade. I want to be a hamster. 😉


Look 1
Skin: Izzie’s – Elena – Sunkissed
Hair: Alice Project – Keira
Outfit: Somnia – Comfort In The Rain – Green
Socks: Maitreya – Scrunched Prim Socks
Desk & Accessories – What Next (mixed sets, see details in post)
Stove & Kettle: LISP – Smooth Iron Stove – Grey, blue kettle
House: Funky Junk – Fall Shed

Look 2:
Skin: Izzie’s – Brianna – Sunkissed
Eyes: IKON – Kaleido – Forest
Hair: Truth – Skai – Sangria w/roots
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Gold Agate
Nails: Izzie’s – Metallic Gradient nails
Jacket: LeeZu – DouceMan – Olive
Top: Ingenue – Amelie – Camel
Pants: Nyte & Day – Transpose II – Khaki
Boot: Maitreya – Radikal Boots – Suede Chamoisee
Poses: Embody – Bride 5 (pic 1), Cheesecake 3 (pic 2) & Charm 5 (pic 3)

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Archie Appeal Fundraiser

Many of you may know by now, Gospel Voom (creator and owner of the beloved store Gos) has recently been through every pet owner’s worst nightmare. His beloved and beautiful cat – Archibald (aka Archie) – was hit by a car. Archie has been quite the little trooper, though, and he’s on the road to recovery. But, as anyone who has ever owned a pet is well aware, vet care – especially for traumatic injuries – is very expensive. So, some talents designers have offered to help raise funds for Archie’s vet expenses. The event is being held at the wonderful Truth District, and everything in the Gos satellite store on the Truth District sim is 50% off. All the designers are donating 50% – 100% of proceeds to the Archie Fund. This is a great chance to help an adorable little cat – and his deeply devoted owner – while shopping! For those of you who just want to help, there are also donation boxes where you can donate L… I shopped and donated, and I encourage all animal lovers to do the same. We’d want help if it was our beloved pet, after all. You can see a full round up on the Seraphim blog coverage of the event here. And now, let me share my own purchases.

I had to get this adorable set of mesh tops from Somnia. You get a bunch of color choices, but this one was my favorite. Because I’m ready for fall, I put a turtleneck from under it, and I paired it with these cute mesh shorts, which are a recent release from Miel. My nails are the new Metallic Gradient nails from Izzie’s. I love them. They are funky and dramatic. Two of the poses in these pics are from Embody’s Eileen pose pack. I knew I wanted our store to be part of this great event, so we have the male Lean pack and this pack at the event, and 50% of the proceeds from both go to the Archie Fund!

For the love of cats

What makes these shorts especially amazing is they are texture change and HUD controlled. You can change the writing on the butt, and you can also change the color of the shorts themselves. I added a pair of tights from RezIpsa Loc because, well… fall. 😛

For Archie

In this final pic, I am using one of the Eileen poses to lean against the adorable autumn gate from *emm [shop]. This is also at the Archie Appeal event, as is the pretty heart wreath from A.D.D. Andel that is hanging on my Funky Junk cottage. My square toe ballet flats are part of the Pimp Your Pump series from Gos, and I snagged them at the Truth District store. With the sale, they are an absolutely amazing price because they have tons of color and custom options. If you are in need of shoes, you really must go!

Archie Autumn

Definitely be sure to check out this great event!


Skin: Izzie’s – Elena – Sunkissed w/grey & smokey eyeshadows & natural lipstick tattoo layers
Hair: Truth – Vicky – Sangria
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Deep Sepia
Lashes: Beetlebones – Minimalist – Black (MESH)
Top: Somnia – Soft Kitteh – Blue (MESH)*
Turtleneck: – Basic Turtleneck – gray
Shorts: Miel – Fit Shorts – Naturals (MESH)
Tights: RezIpsa Loc – Smarty Tights – Gray
Shoes: Gos – PYP – Square Ballet*
Gate: *. emm [shop] – Iron Fences – Autumn*
Wreath: A.D.D. Andel! – Floral Heart Wreath*
Poses: Embody – Eileen 02* (pic 1), Flirt 1 (pic 2) & Eileen 1* (pic 3)

*Items available at Truth District Archie Appeal.