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Sassy 60s…

One thing that has always sort of stood out in my mind when I think of fashions from the 60s is the diversity. This latest Vintage Fair post features three looks from that decade that are dramatically different, but each awesome in their own right!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a style icon of the 60s and even the 70s, but it was looks like this Jackie O inspired look from Purple Moon Creations that really stood out, and for which she is often most remembered. Purple Moon is one of the Vintage Fair sponsors this year, and this mesh set from their Vintage Fair offerings is just so elegant, and sophisticated. I paired it with glasses, also from Purple Moon. The hair is one of the offerings from Vanity Hair for Vintage Fair, and features a texture change band. Something about this look just made me think “Summer Glamour.”

Summer Glamour

I paired the look with Vintage Fair offerings from R+U Dogs. The ring is beautiful, and has a lot of various options scripted into it.

Slightly Incognito

The earrings are also divine, with a lot of gem and pearl color options, and the look was perfected with the VIP group gift skin from Izzie’s. This gift was a preview of her now-released Elena skin (which I bought immediately!), and it’s so pretty, soft and sophisticated.

Vintage Elena

From the chic sophistication of the Jackie O look, I went to the mod look with the Twiggy dress from Evolve. This dress comes in so many color options, but I loved the mix of soft pastels with brights in this version, and I knew it would nicely compliment the Vintage Fair skin offering from SHINE. One of the latest releases from Truth, Liberty, seemed perfect for this look.

Truth Evolves

And here’s an up close pic of the skin… I’m wearing it with a teeth option that is a tattoo layer. Also, notice that in this pic, I’ve turned on the adorable bow that is a feature of Liberty. The bow has a lot of color choices, and obviously an “off” option, too!

Shine on me

This final look makes me think of a stylish (late) 60s housewife. The dress and skin are both Vintage Fair offerings, from CIA and La Petite Morte, respectively. The shoes are by ChaChaDee and are also available at Vintage Fair.

Oh, hi

I love this skin’s subtle dimples! It adds a very cute touch to a sophisticated skin. A lot of skins in SL look very young, which is great, but this one has a more mature quality I like a lot, too. This hair was one of the new releases from Wasabi Pills at Hair Fair. I hadn’t bought it then, but they have it out in their Vintage Fair store, too, and I knew it would be perfect for so many of the possible looks I could create!

CIA & La Petite Morte

I’ll be back with more soon… ❤


Look 1:
Skin: Izzie's – Vintage Elena (August VIP Group Gift)
Hair: Vanity Hair – The Hamptons – Jet Black*
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Deep Wood
Lashes: Beetlebones – Minimalist – Black (MESH)
Outfit: Purple Moon Creations – Jackie Vest & Skirt – Black Boucle (MESH)*
Earrings: U+R Dogs – Cembalo – Gold*
Ring: U+R Dogs – Turandot – Gold*
Shoes: Gos – Pimp Your Pumps – Point Court
Poses: Embody – Rapunzel 2 (pics 1 & 3) Celebrity 2 (pic 3)

Look 2:
Skin: SHINE – Rose Natural – Pale (with teeth tattoo – sexy)*
Shape: Embody – Zoya for medium Standard Sizing mesh
Hair: Truth – Liberty – Macaroon w/roots (MESH)
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Light Brown
Lashes: Beetlebones – Minimalist – Black (MESH)
Nails: RezIpsa Loc – Sparkly – Diamond
Dress: Evolve – Twiggy – Linear (MESH)*
Poses: Embody – Tough Girl 5 (pic 1) & Karolina 5 (pic 2)

Look 3:
Skin: La Petite Morte – Kalika – Medium*
Shape: Embody – Lenara for medium Standard Sizing mesh (not yet released)
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Ichigo – Cinnamon (MESH)*
Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Light Gray-Blue
Lashes: L.Fauna – Pretty & Underlashes (tattoo layers)
Dress: CIA – Vintage Flower Dress – Blue (MESH)*
Shoes: ChaChaDee – 1950s Leather Heels – Black*
Poses: Embody – Charm 1 (pic 1) & Milla 3 (pic 2)

*Denotes items available at Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair Maps & SLURLS

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Zenith, Aura & Izzie’s – Oh, my!

I have so much to share. It’s insane, really. I’ve been managing, despite our craptastic internet connection, to get some looks together and some pictures taken. I apologize, though, because the venue is limited to my sky platform. I love taking “on location” shots in SL, but right now, it’s just so not an option. Still, I think any pics are better than none, especially with so much amazing fashion to share. And, the good news is… we’re getting a new ISP in a week, so then I can get a bit more creative again. Fortunately, the Vintage Fair runs nearly this entire month (it ends August 29th), so there is plenty of time left for me to share my favorites! On that note… let’s get to it!

I’m starting with pics I finished a few days ago, but haven’t had the chance the blog until now. This adorable mesh dress is from Zenith. I look at this one and think “classic” or “timeless.” I paired it with a very vintage, very 30s movie star skin from Agnes Finney and seriously adorable hair from Vanity Fair. The poses are from a mesh keyhole prop by Hopscotch. I loved this prop as soon as I saw it. It’s quirky and cute – and since it’s simple, it rezzed despite my crappy internet, so double yay!

Sassy Beauty

The shoes I chose for this are the Khan heels from Ingenue. Ingenue is part of the Vintage Fair, too… I’ll be blogging one of the VF offerings from that store at a later date. I’ve had these shoes for a while now, but finally got around to wearing them for a post!

Through the keyhole

My other look for this pose features one of the sponsors of Vintage Fair, Aura. For those who don’t know, Aura and Illusory are merging into one store called Auxiliary, and for Vintage Fair we get a look at some of this new collaborative effort. These Luna Jeans & Vintage Tube Top are awesome and come in a ton of colors.

Aura & Izzie's

I paired them with the 80s rounded nails from Izzie’s, and the 80s Eliza skin, also from Izzie’s.

Aura & Izzie's 2

I love this skin. Like all of Izzie’s skins, it’s so soft and pretty, yet this 80s version has a bit of edge. This time I’m wearing the “yellow” makeup option.

August 2012

That’s all for now… more asap!


Look 1:
Skin: Agnes Finney – Muse – Fair – Vintage*
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Deep Leaf
Hair: Vanity Hair – Cohimbra (w/base) – Nova Black*
Lashes: Beetlebones – Minimalist (MESH)
Dress: Zenith – White/Black Tight Dress (MESH)*
Shoes: Ingenue – Khan heels – Soot
Poses: Hopscotch – Through The Keyhole*

Look 2:
Skin: Izzie's – 80s Eliza – Yellow – Sunkissed*
Eyes: IKON – Horizon – Pale Aruba
Hair: Truth – Jean – Sangria w/streaks
Lashes: Beetlebones – Minimalist (MESH)
Nails: Izzie's – 80s Rounded*
Top: Auxillary – Vintage Tube top – Clover (MESH)*
Pants: Auxillary – Luna Jeans – D. Cocoa (MESH)*
Poses: Embody – Flirt 3 (pic 1), Peekaboo 1 (pic 2) & Heidi 3 (pic 3)

*Denotes items at Vintage Fair

For help navigating the fair, check out the Seraphim blog coverage or the Chic Management maps & slurls.