Whatever will be, will be

“…the future’s not ours to see. Que sera, sera.”

Always liked that song, and for some reason looking at these pics made it pop into my head. Though as I was shooting, I was listening to Closer To Fine, by the Indigo Girls, and a line from that amazing song stuck in my head and became the title of the first picture below: “The less I seek my source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine.”

Apparently, I’m feeling a need to just let it all go, and accept and move on without obsessing. Easier said than done, but sometimes a worthy endeavor in and of itself!

But if you’ve got a desire to have your SL fortune told, I’m happy to do it… and with this beautiful set Sway’s did for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and the beautiful, futuristic, curve hugging ensemble ISON released at Uber (which totally feels like something Deanna Troi would wear in her off hours), I feel fully prepared to gaze into my crystal ball and see what it shows. The messy, sexy hair Tableau Vivant released for We <3 Role-Play just adds to the mystique, don’t you think?

the less I seek my source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine

Then, just to add to my musically inspired post, when I looked at Cae’s recent Valentine’s release, I thought of the Kasey Musgraves’ song Follow Your Arrow, which is all about being yourself and having no fucks to give because you can never please everyone anyway. I’ve sort of always held on to that philosophy, at least to some extent. Even as child who was often the verbal punching bag of would-be bullies, I never cared much, and they knew it. Which sort of minimized the impact of their caustic words, particularly since – when provoked – I can have a viper’s tongue, and I’d give better than I got to defend myself (or others that needed it). Which again makes me think, in some ways, of an arrow… something that strikes when unleashed.

The beautiful skin I’m wearing is also at Uber, from Glam Affair. I went for one of the more fantasy inspired makeups, but there are plenty of more natural makeup options, so definitely check it out in person!

Follow your arrow

So… here I sit, with all these heavy philosophical thoughts swirling around in my mind, but hey, at least they have a great soundtrack!


Glam Affair: Ellie skin – Asia 03 Uber
Buzzeri: Lillian eyes – Amber
Tableau Vivant: Lupe – reds We <3 Role-Play
ISON: Celestial bell sleeve top, Celestial maxi skirt (both in teal) Uber
Cae: Cupid’s Arrow
Ploom: B.Y.O.B pose 2 (curvy)
Sway’s: Fortune Teller Set Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Turnip’s: Skydome w/enchanted texture hud add on

Childhood memories

As soon as I saw Dysfunctional Designs We <3 Role-Play release, I was in love. Of course, I’m pretty typically in love with their stuff, but this was a bit of a departure for them, as it’s stuff for a child’s room. I knew I wanted to create an old-time-y feeling child’s room. Then I saw that Frogstar had done a vintage cradle for the same event, and I knew what I needed to do! I was going to write a story or poem for this, but I’ve had a lot of tech issues (fried video card that was only 4 months old, internet misbehaving) and I just wanted to get it blogged.

The hanging stars are also from Frogstar, and are part of the 2nd round of the new children’s event The Play Room, which is brought to you by the lovely people at Seraphim.

Memories of a childhood long since gone



Dysfunctional Designs: Rustic Cabin Retreat Skybox
Dysfunctional Designs: Childhood Favorites Toys & Country Treasure Bed & Toybox set We <3 Role-Play
Frogstar: Hand-Me-Down Vintage Baby Bed
Frogstar: Stars garland – Rare The Play Room
Half-Deer: Goat Bro – Figurine – Rusty

A place for romance

I needed to create a scene for shooting an ad recently, and I liked it so much I decided to expand on it and blog it! It seemed perfect for the Valentine’s Day season, such as it is. It’s just so sumptuous and feels like a room ready for romance!

A place for romance


Trompe Loeil: Attic Skybox + Surround
Trompe Loeil: Snow Day Bed White + Drape
Trompe Loeil: Ines Floor Lamp Red Tiles
Sway’s: Love sign – small with nail
Alouette: Happily Ever After Frame Set
Pixel Mode: Sable Vanity
O.M.E.N: #9 Parfum – Black
tres blah: Vanity – Brushes, Platter of Treasures (past Arcade items)
keke: champagne bubblissimo bucket – silver, champagne glass – coupe (past Arcade items)
Atelier Visconti: Brise’ Red Roses Bucket
Atelier Visconti: Vanite’ Armchairs
DIGS: Etienne Side Table
ISPACHI: The Odyssey – Vineyard Platter
Apple Fall: Open book
Kuro & [Con.] – [Just decor] Her slippers (tinted red)
tarte: snow white rug
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wrapped Roses
Chocolates are from a retired prop pose and are not available

Ruffles & Lace

So, I feel in love with the Dead Dollz dress. And it’s one of those things I could never wear in RL because, lord it would itch. But I love it here in SL where nothing is itchy and everything feels like satin on your skin (or so I pretend). It’s such a crazy dress, with these tiers of ruffles and the tight fit… I loved it on my hips. I wanted to show it in two very different scenes, but I also wanted both to feel dreamy. The first pic I took at The Outer Garden, and the second I took at L’Arc en Ciel. Both places are beautiful, and at L’Arc du Ciel you can join the group for a small fee and get rezz rights. This is very handy for photographers and bloggers.

Don't wake me from this dream

The second picture I named Rebekkah. I showed a raw screengrab to my husband and asked what I should name it, and to be a wiseass he said the first name that came to mind… Rebecca. So I decided I’d go with it, in my own way. The crazy, wild, wonderful hair is from Exile for the OMG Unicorns round of Collabor88, and you still have a few days to go by there and grab the goodies. I’m not hugely into either unicorns OR pastels, but I still found plenty I wanted from this round, so even if the them doesn’t sound appealing, I’d say it’s worth checking out in person!


This dress is a limited edition, and you can get it here. Only 100 copies will be sold, and as of right now there are 41 remaining.

On a final note, I was able to make this dress work with Maitreya’s mesh body, Lara. I was pretty happy about that, and figured it was worth sharing!


Glam Affair: Ellie – America 01 Uber
Exile: Windsong – dark reds Collabor88
Buzzeri: Lillian – Hazel (pic 1) & Lillian – Siren (pic 2)
Maitreya: Lara mesh body
Dead Dollz: Ma Petite Gown
Ploom: Kerosene 1 (curvy, pic 1), Remember Me 6 (curvy, pic 2)

My 6th rezz day…

So Saturday marked 6 years since I joined SL. It’s been quite the journey, and the past 6 years of my RL have been, at times, very turbulent. So there’s been a comfort in the constant that is SL. And I’ve made some truly amazing friends, like my smart and sassy SL sister Isley, who is listed on my RL facebook as my sister, too… and whom I consider one of my best friends in either world. Then, of course there’s the wonderfully silly, fun and lovable Charisma, my frequent blogging partner in crime, and she’s also one of my best friends, along with the truly sweet Sanura, owner of Somnia, whose RL birthday is the same as my rezz day! And, of course, there are so many other wonderful people who are part of my SL that I couldn’t ever name them all, because it would take forever.

I’ve grieved for friends who have died in RL. I’ve cried over the end of friendships, and celebrated the birth of new ones. I’ve fought and made up with friends. I’ve co-owned two stores with my RL and SL husband, with whom I joined SL back in 2009. I’ve been an event owner, an event creator and an event owner. We own a sim. My first job was as a stripper when I was less than two weeks old, and lasted all of an hour (before Rad realized he was, in fact, jealous, lol). I’ve been a photographer, doing both studio and wedding photos, with plenty of repeat clients. And of course, I’ve been a blogger for the past almost four years, first microblogging on Flickr, and then starting this official blog in 2012. And last year I even bought my own domain. I figured I’d be bored with blogging – or even with SL entirely – by now, but that just hasn’t happened so far.

I’ve lived quite the Second Life so far… and I don’t see myself leaving any time soon. Thank you to all who have been a part of it, and to my friend Sophia, who let me “borrow” her bedroom for the below picture.

Princess in waiting

I can honestly say I still love SL… I still find creativity and fun and friendship here. I am grateful and happy to have such an outlet in my life.


Glam Affair: Sia Skin – Fairy Tales – America 07 Collabor88
Tableau Vivant: Upshaw hair – Side bangs (B)
Buzzeri: Lillian eyes – Jade
Baiastice: Sarah dress w/tulle – Pearl
Cae: Entwined jewelry set
SLink: Mesh hands – casual
Bed: Ispachi – Florian bed – Rare (past Arcade item)

There is strength in softness

I wanted to showcase the gorgeous Arica armor set from Eudora for We <3 Role-Play, and I decided to pair it with the stunning new Ellie skin from Glam Affair at Kustom 9. I liked the juxtaposition of such a softly beautiful skin and the tough sexiness of the armor. My dramatic sandals are also at We <3 Role-Play, from Bliensen + MaiTai. Oh, and this hair, which I am so in love with, is from Little Bones for Project Limited. A lot of color options may already be sold out, but some are not and you should definitely check it out.

There is hidden strength is softness

I will defend the realm

These pics were shot at Fallen Gods.


Glam Affair: Ellie skin – Jamaica 06 Kustom 9
Little Bones: Birdie – reds Project Limited
Buzzeri: Lillian eyes – Amber
Eudora: Arica armor corset, skirt and top – brown We <3 Role-Play
SLink: Mesh hands – casual, mesh feet – high
Bliensen + MaiTai: Hermes High We <3 Role-Play
Koy: Oaths pose w/sword prop

You shall not pass us!

So last night, my best friend Charisma & I got together and just sort of randomly decided to shoot a pic. It was like 1 am (my time, so even later for her!), but we had on these gorgeous corsets from Enfant Terrible for We <3 Role-Play, and it just sort of grew from there. The final look was one designed to inspire both longing and fear!

You Shall Not Pass Us

We took this picture at Fallen Gods.


On Me:
Glam Affair: Ellie skin – Candy Girl – Jamaica 03 The Kawaii Project
Calico: Melora hair – reds We <3 Role-Play
Buzzeri: Lillian eyes – Amber
Enfant Terrible: Ems corset – Plum We <3 Role-Play
Lassitude & Ennui: Thylacine boots – Purple We <3 Role-Play
SLink: Mesh hands – casual
7mad Ravens: Raindrop crown We <3 Role-Play

On Charisma:
Belleza: Ria skin – med 1
Tableau Vivant: Aida hair
Buzzeri: Lillian eyes – Midnight
Enfant Terrible: Ems corset – Bordeaux We <3 Role-Play
Lassitude & Ennui: Thylacine boots – Black We <3 Role-Play
SLink: Mesh hands – casual

Rack: Defiance pose w/props We <3 Role-Play